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US may disable all in-car mobile phones

Kay Tie

Goodbye to cellular data traffic management

All those telematics projects, snuffed out. Marvellous.

Cops taser Somerset chap's nether regions

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Re: As a rule ive never seen a cop pull a taser as routine

This is the kind of discussion that goes on in the USA, not Britain. I don't even want to get into "the officer was intimidated so he shot the suspect" nonsense. It's not up for debate. I want my country back the way it was, and that starts with tasers in the hands of trained firearms officers ONLY.

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This has got to stop

We don't want cops that pull tasers as a matter of routine. Our entire policing system rests on consent, and I don't consent to having an armed overlord caste roaming amongst us like cheetahs prowling through grazing gazelles.

Oklahoma granny sues cops over tasering

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Taser. Oxygen line. Hmmn.

Oz customs search lappies and mobes for smut

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None so pious..

.. as the descendents of criminals.

Bathroom scale plugs into Google Health

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And the power supply?

WiFi runs on a coin-cell battery. NOT. So where in the bathroom are you going to plug in its power brick?

Sony Alpha A550

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Wow, SD cards supported..

.. the grip of Dr. Evil at Sony must be weakening.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-WX1

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Oh wait, it's made by Sony. Of course.

Yes, of course. Sony made the only MP3 player that didn't play MP3s too. Are you going to tell me I took mine back to the shop because I like bitching about Sony?

No, my friend, I bitch about Sony because they deserve it: they want to bully the world into doing things their way. Well they may have a few gimps who like it, but the rest of us who have a choice in cameras, music players, laptops, PDAs and phones will go with the solution that (and I repeat for emphasis) everyone else uses.

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No SD card, no sale.

"But what PC card reader doesn't have a MS card reader slot?"

My camera doesn't have an MS card reader. So I can't re-use SD cards there. And my laptop has an SD card reader built in, but won't read MS cards. And I have an SD card with a USB snap out tab on it so I don't need a reader. Never seen an MS card that can do that.

Sony needs to stop attempting to bully customers, even the gimps commenting here who apparently enjoy being dominated.

Kay Tie

Bitching at Sony

"You need to buy a stick of some sort"

No. I don't. I already have plenty of SD cards. I bought them over the years to use with all kinds of devices. And why? BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE USES SD CARDS.

Kay Tie

No SD card support, no sale.

Are you listening Sony? ARE YOU LISTENING? No. Apparently not.

Home Office advises Police to break the law

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Judge Dread style police

"...we need Judge Dread style police."

I think I'd prefer Judge Dredd.

Kay Tie

Post-Enlightenment era of idiocy

"So what you're saying is that it's the EU that is trying to save us from our own government."

No. The European Court of Human Rights, the ultimate court for the European Convention on Human Rights, a treaty signed after WWII and drafted by a British civil servant. So a case of a less-hysterical era trying to save us from an post-Enlightenment era of idiocy.

Kay Tie

Cluebat needed

"I would think that the net result of this could be the UK's departure from the European Community"

it's called the European Union now.

And anyway, the European Court of Human Rights is nothing to do with the EU (it in fact predates it).


But then you knew that already, didn't you?

Slovakian flies to Dublin with 90 grams of explosive

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What about the residue?

The poor bastard is going to have RDX residue over all his clothes, and in his flat. Whenever he goes through an airport with a gas chromatogram sniffer (which all will soonish, thanks to Underpants Boy) he's going to get the free prostate exam. I don't know how long residue will continue to trigger the ultra-sensitive tests, but I bet it's years.

Intel staff 'fired' in ring piece stunt

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Yes, I know about the Finno-Ugric language branch..

.. being non-Indo-European etc. I was ribbing the Finns. But since all the replies come from people that have vowels in their names, it doesn't seem as if the Finns rose to the bait.

Kay Tie

Something of the CGI about that

I'm not sure which is more suspicious: the not-quite-real trajectories or the mumbo jumbo countdown words.

iRiver Story

Kay Tie

Riddled with bugs

Doesn't work with large books (mine all come O'Reilly Safari). The headings are garbled, then after a couple of page turns the reader hangs and then reboots. Garbage. Mine's going straight back to Amazon. I suggest everyone avoids until they get the software working.

Royal Mail lawyers demand closure of postcode lookup site

Kay Tie

Loses money, not makes it

"In 2007 the Royal Mail made about £1.6m from licensing the Postcode Address File (PAF) database."

And how much would the Government have made if the database was freely accessible and companies using it made extra profits and paid a third of that in extra tax. It's such a short-sighted approach (but then, it's government).

Amazon Kindle to burn into to UK next week?

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Network operator?

"But one question remains: which UK network operator will Amazon sign to provide access to Whispernet, Kindle’s e-book download service."

Please be O2, please be O2, please be O2... (I'm an anarchist).

Microsoft assaults our senses with 'viral' Bing video

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Christ on a bike!

Copyright cops raid Filesoup admin

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.. how can FAST be allowed to do a criminal-level of forensic exam? It's like passing over to CND details of police assaults on demonstrators: hardly going to get an unbiased report back.

Spotify: iPhone sideloads for £120 a year, unlimited

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"is no-strings-attached MP3 format a deal-breaker for you?"


Cost of seconding workers to the UK could soar

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Tax rises all round

"You think we need more non-doms earning £100,000s and fewer seasonal minimum wage fruit pickers?"

The top 1% of earners pay 25% of all income tax. If you make these people go away then the rest of us have to pay more tax to make up the shortfall. Quite frankly, I don't want them to go, so I think you should have to make up the shortfall on your own.

Please don't eat your horse, EU asks owners

Kay Tie

I've had horse..

.. only I thought I was eating beef: I read in the local paper that the butcher was fined for selling horse meat as beef.

Law lord lashes out at ID cards

Kay Tie


"there was no attempt to introduce identity passes in the US."

Apart from the REAL ID Act, of course..

Snow Leopard kisses ZFS bye-bye

Kay Tie

Time Machine

"Mac desktops and notebooks don't need it at all"

If you saw Time Machine's attempt at taking a snapshot of the disk then you wouldn't say that.


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