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Nude swimmers warned of GONAD-GOBBLING FISH ON THE LOOSE

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Re: SIZE of these things

That pic is very fake. I'm not saying that the fish don't get to that size but that is a photoshop job.

Elon Musk unveils Hyperloop – the subsonic tube of tomorrow

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Re: Yeah, good luck.

I rode it last year. IIRC it did 450kph (there's a digital speed display inside) and what surprised me most : it was dam noisy, it rattled like an old style tube train! It didn't seem that fast from the inside, until the other train passes at the hallway point : blink and you'll miss it.

US town mulls bounty on spy drones, English-speaking gunman only

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Re: Jim Booth

I think you missed the tongue-in-cheek nature of the post..

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Re: "What you can do to protect yourself"

"Ingested at high velocity" that has to be my QOTW!!

Giant human-powered quadricopter wins $250,000 Sikorsky Prize

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IT Angle

Me too, at 0.26 there's a shot that shows some sheaves right under the pedals so I thought it must very thin light drive belts and the round things below the rotors pulleys but then at 0.51 there's a shot that show lines to below the pedals with knowts that are not moving

I'm wondering why they kept the bike rear wheel and a drive to it unless it's a part of the transmission.

New nuke could POWER WORLD UNTIL 2083

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Nothing new here, been squashed since the 60s!

The US Oak Ridge National Laboratory ran one of these reactors for some years back in the 60s (a small one) but it was killed of by Washington, possibly at the behest of the vested interest of the solid nuclear fuel producers (what industry would choose to allow their customers to reduce their consumption by say 95%?)


A few years ago I started an no10 ePartition asking for the UK to research this, can't remember how many votes it got, few 100 I think.

There some technical issues to solve but the safety and environmental advantages are enourmous

Congrats to this lot for getting some publicity and hope it gets somewhere but expect the same vested interests to kill it. :-(

Sadly the world is ruled by greedy rich people and stupid politicians .

HTC share zoom prior to Apple peace pact under investigation

Chris Glen-smith

re Greg D: sounds like my HTC Incredible

(now18 months old) which was great until it received the ICS update, since then it has been crap. I've been an HTC customer since my G1 but (buitl by HTC IIRC) but I won't be buying HTC again,

I might follow Greg D's example and have a go at rooting it.

As to whoever said you're not tied to Sense, what are you talking about? Short of rooting it how do you get rid of it?

NASA's Curiosity rover will try risky landing near Mount Sharp

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Re: John A Blackley

Soccer is an abbreviation of Association

Thanks - didn't know that.

Spy under your car bonnet 'worth billions by 2016'

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"no matter how hard I push the pedal." If it's the same as our old Renault (and I'd bet good money it is) then that's actually not true, if you push the pedal in to the second stage of spring tension it will overide the limiter.

Grab your L-plates, flying cars of sci-fi dreams have landed

Chris Glen-smith

Mythbusters endith the dream.

And of course their science is unimpeachable! Ever noticed that any "myth" that would increase dangerous or illegal activity on the road is ALWAYS busted?

Anyway, doubtless they were using an American car with a massive engine that uses most of it's fuel just to keep the engine warm rather than actually moving the car so any saving was lost in the noise.

In my first car (knackered 1.1L Ford Escort Mk1) I used to tailgate lorries, it was the only way I could do 60 without having my teeth shaken out from the racket! From the reduction of throttle and engine noise it was significatly less work for the engine and I was a lot more than a meter from the lorries. Happliy my current car can do over a 100mph comfortably and other car has a V8 engine. :-)

Biologists create synthetic DNA capable of EVOLUTION

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Re: Evolution?

I was with you until you blew it with "Also, Vista actually worked pretty well." LOL

Chris Glen-smith

He was standing on a small ball of rock composed of stardust bought together by gravity about 4 or bllion years ago. There, simples!

Cosmic ray source riddle mystery now even more mysterious

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Re: James Bond

I was thinking Thunderbirds, right down to the dark image. Uh oh! Is the crude looking mechanical reactor temperature indicator moving up rather jerkily?

Finders of lost mobes can't resist staring at privates

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Don't expect the operator to help.

When I lost my Google G1 (slipped out of my pocket in a Taxi in Singapore!) I bought a second hand replacement on Ebay, it duly arrived and I put my replacement Sim in it. Didn't work, seemed to be blocked (though strangely I could still access internet), I called T-mobile to enquire and they said registered stolen but wouldn't help futher!?. I contacted the seller - no reply, I raised a dispute on Ebay including saying the phone was stolen and would you belive it they said I had to send it back to the seller for a refund!!!! I didn't, meant to give it to the police but never got round to it.

Oh and the phone had pictures of the the previous owner,( a rather cuddly black girl), her face and, yes, her t*ts and her p**sy!!! Unfortuanately not my type so not w*nk worthy

SUNKEN LINER Titanic iceberg riddle answer FOUND ON MOON

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I re-read the article and retract my post, doh!

fail for me

Chris Glen-smith


And how does this lead to more icebergs in the path of Titanic?

I guess the intimation is that the extra high tides would break off more icebergs but the iceberg Titanic hit would have been drifting south from wherever it calved for quite a while, weeks probably? So the celestial alignments on the day are meaningless.

Spam crashes to historic low as malware explodes on mobiles

Chris Glen-smith

"Despite the drop in global levels, spear-phishing and spam are as dangerous as ever,"

Yes, well, they are hardly going to say "...dropped to irelevent levels so they is no need to buy our products any more.".

Anyway like others here fron the odd occasion I take a peek in my Yahoo spam folder there seems to be as much spam as ever.

LOHAN's flying truss: One orb or two?

Chris Glen-smith

Why have verticle launch?

Other than for the beautifull symboligy of thrusting between the magnificent orbs of course.

Launch enough above horizontal to avoid losing height then have the autopilot convert to verticle.

The idea of using the truss as a launch rail sounds good to me.

70 London 999 calls lost due to clock-change IT glitch

Chris Glen-smith

Re: Re: @ Vic

Vic - quite agree.

nsld - bollocks.

If the court can't handle the concept of UTC (or GMT) then it is not competant to try the case.

Chris Glen-smith

Re: Well it could have been simple

What, you mean like people who know the difference between to and too? ;-)


Boffins unimpressed by LOHAN's sizzling thruster

Chris Glen-smith

You could be more ambitious

How about a scaled down version of this:


or save that for Lohan's sucessor?

NASA finds first Earth-sized planets outside the solar system

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@ Graham. I don't think you needed to tell us you are not a science geek

even conventional bombs don't need oxygen: they carry their own if they use oxygen, and nukes are well, nuclear i.e. not chemical, no oxygen involved.

But to answer your question (at my best guess as a lay science person, amateur boffin) I suspect that on Venus we would not even be able to see 100 nukes go off at the surface and on mars I guess it would be interesting to see what size crater it would make.

I'm fairly sure it would not make much, if any, difference to their orbits.

But the idea of making other planets in this solar system habitable is probably more realistic than transporting significant proportions of the population across interstellar distances.

Apple's founding contracts sold for $1.59 MILLION

Chris Glen-smith


Ron Wayne : "Doh!"

British garbage worms survive in space without human help

Chris Glen-smith


So not actually in space, just on board a space station. I was expecting some astonishing story of worms crawling about the outside of the space station :-(

Reg. please try not to overhype your stories in the title.

Colossal dead black neo-sphere approaching Earth

Chris Glen-smith

'fraid not..

It's going too fast, we can't get a probe up to sufficeint speed to soft land on it without years in space doing gravity assists round massive planets like the Voyager probes did. i.e. catching a lift on a passing space rock is pointless as you have to be able to go that fast anyway.

OTOH, I guess we could have put something up to get splatted like a fly as it wizzed by.

Fixing Android mobes costs telcos millions

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Paris Hilton


I've held off buying an Android phone for my wife for this very reason - she might not understand why it wouldn't do some of the stuff my Incredible S does. She uses PAYG - so it would have to be paid for up front, my HTC is contract (and pretty good value at £100 plus $15 a month with enough calls and "unlimited" data) - I'm working on converting her to go contract...

Paris because my wife looks like her - well not really! - only in my eyes :-)

Wooden Mars ark voyagers set to step out on Earth

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Jubtastic - excellent name!

Indeed, no way they can test the psychological stress of knowing that if anything goes wrong you are dead, or that the cosic rays are making you sterile or giving you cancer.

Flying a real mission - expensive. Knowing that there are people nearby and that they will let you out in an emergency - priceless.

Massive study concludes: 'Global warming is real'

Chris Glen-smith

I'd like to see what correlation there is between AGW deniers (hate that accronym btw!) and people who belive in sky fairies.

After all:

a. We put billions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere by burning carbon that would otherwise have stayed burried.

b. The concentration on CO2 in the atmoshere has risen.

Obviously a. has at least contributed to b. so if b. is contributiong to warming then then we are at least partly responsible for the warming.

What I don't understand is why the deniers are so inststant that we carry on regardless:

If the "GW Alarmists" are wrong but we go with all the alternative/low carbon tecnology then we've wasted a load of money developing technology - so what, the technology will probably pay for itself and generate jobs * whatever happens.

If the "Deniers" are wrong and we do nothing then we could be f**cked - another Venus?

* like the last _waste_ of money - the space race - did

‘We save trips to the library’ – Google

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You forgot the FAIL icon so here it is.

First snap of giant asteroid Vesta from orbiting probe

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Dissapointing, seems rather fuzzy.

I wonder what the cammera the sensor size and focal length are (unless it's some sort of scanned sensor). By my calculation 16000km away 530km diameter should cover approx 1.9 deg which would roughly fill a 36mm frame with a 1000mm lens.

Paris, another heavenly body! (so I'm told)

Planet with British weather found 20 light years away

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these are notthe titles you are lookingfor

Well a few more years of burning fossil fuels, burning forrests etc and by the time they get here our atmosphere will make the Bebo incensed invaders from 581g feel right at home.

My I be the first to welcome our CO2 breathing overlords and point out that social networks hold no interest for me.......

We can only hope that as they get closer the replacement of the 80s TV that attracted them by reality TV will send them home....

Swiss jetwing backpack-birdman flies the Grand Canyon

Chris Glen-smith

This is a title

And how do you know he is the only man alive who can fly it? Has anybody else tried? I'd give it a go :) It could be that it's easy and all the mishaps are pilot error, who'd know?

Ps where are the women that flock to "my hobby is tolling the internet"???

The landing looked particularly uncomfortable!

Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory

Chris Glen-smith

I don's see the problem..

because they don't appear to have me in their scummy database, phew!

My name is long and probably unique, and I tried with every shortened/ abrieveated version of it.

Their site says they txt your victim asking them to call you. From some comments I was thinking their scam is to claim to have almost anybodys number and claim to have texted them for you. How would you know? Apparently not, unless thier DB/site was broken.

Getting cold calls, esp from autodialer silent calls is infurieating even more so if your abroad and/or on voice mail, MAKES ME ANGRY!, you won't like me if i get angry.

Fortunately I reckon they'l die, trouble is someone will buy their DB from the administrator.....


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