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Norman Conquest, King Edward, cyber pathogen and illegal gambling all emerge in Apple v FBI

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Norman Conquest, King Edward, cyber pathogen and illegal gambling all emerge in Apple v FBI

Another issue is the definition of "court". Is it federal courts, state, county, town? IRS,? Public opinion? FISA? Or in the case of you Brits, the bin police?

Furthermore, this is an issue that the United States Congress to debate and decide what needs to be done. Followd by the inevitable Supreme Court decision. Not local and all to often correct or grudge bearing law enforcement who may want revenge because your BBQ sauce won the Blue Ribbon at the State Fair.

We survived a five-hour butt-numbing Congress hearing on FBI-Apple ... so you don't have to

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It is Congress not congress

If the editors want to "print" stories about the American system, try capITalizing things correctly. It is the US Congress not the us congress.

Confused as to WTF is happening with Apple, the FBI and a killer's iPhone? Let's fix that

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Time is Apples ally

By the time this gets all the way up the judiacial quagmire to the Supremes, the question will be moot. Firstly, the iPhone5c will be obsolete and Apple will no longer be supporting it. Secondly, all of the "non-work" information on the iPhone will be so out of date it will be almost useless.

Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

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Re: The game is up Microsoft

Ever hear of a VAX? Way older than Alphas. VMS was coded in a mix of languages including BLISS.

Windows NT was designed by David Cutter(sp?) but was not a port of VMS. In VMS, graphics drivers were NOT run at kernel level.

Windows NT was also ruined by marketing and trying to add features without the time to implement them well.

Merry Christmas

Think about the things he later said.

Get ready for the El Reg Storage Winners-n-Losers super chart

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Graph Enhancements

On graphs like these the use of dotted lines and dashed lines as well as colour would be quite helpful for all, especially we over 50, never could tell colours apart males.

Google FAILS in attempt to nix Gmail data-mining lawsuit

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Re: The Mote in Google's Eye

Would be amusing if Google started sending the jihadist brothers and sisters adverts for illegal ordnance though.

Would be amusing if Google started sending the jihadist brothers and sisters adverts for porn though.

There, fixed it for you.

All rivers flow into the sea: Apple holds TEN PER CENT of corporate America's dosh

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Re: Half Time Oranges

Actually this arithmatics. Not real analysis, statistics, euclidean geometry or other mathamatics(maths).

Fujitsu to push 28 nanometer limits with Sparc64 X+

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The chip is 24 by 25 millimeters (600 square meters)

That is one huge chip.

Apple dodged all UK corporation tax in 2012

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International Tax Accounting vs Global Climate Change Models

Isn't it amazing what one can do with computers these days? There may be lies, damned lies, and statistics, but they pale in comparison to those two.

Health pros: Alcohol is EVIL – raise its price, ban its ads

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Re: @Rocket888

You obviously haven't sampled the likes of Iron City Beer, Lone Star, or Old Milwaukee.

IBM brains ponder universe, say kids will go nuts for STEAMPUNK

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Re: we're completely over it now

The Foglios are stuck in a time warp. They have been stuck in "Adventure with Boris" since about October. But we shouldn't complain, they do this in their spare time from working as rocket surgeons.....

Privacy winds blow through Clouds towards Switzerland

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So, who are these Swiss Cloud providers?

Inquiring minds want to know. And to see if they also have facilities in Canada.

Apple supremo Tim Cook's pay packet slashed 99% in 2012

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Charitable Donations

How much did Tim Cook give to charity this year? Anyone know?

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Trevor, with your already displayed people skills I think that it is fair to say that you will not have to deal with the issue of being highly placed in a large organisation.

US judge SLAMS both IBM and the SEC over bribery settlement

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As a non-yank who the fsck is the SEC?

As all the Brits like to tell the Yanks when this kind of a question is posted, "Have you tried googling it?"

No increase in droughts since 1950, say boffins

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Re: hold on a minute there bald eagle!

If you actually think about what you quoted, Romney was saying is not contradictory.

Microsoft Surface Touch keyboards self-destruct – and more

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Re: It just keeps getting better,

Dana W - all that you have done here is to be vitriolic and childish. Your post has far too many errors for any one to think that yours was a well reasoned response.

British judge: Say you're sorry Apple... this time like you MEAN it

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Apple FOLLOWED judges ruling

Apple did what I expected of them. Attempt to minimize the UK damage. The quoting of the judge was perfect. If the judge cannot issue a clearly stated order( as to eliminate confusion) then the judge should be replaced, or at least undergo remedial judicial order writing 101. I would have thought that Apple would have had an apology on the apple.co.uk site but that site would have no links to apple.com, but place a cookie one the user's computer so that when someone checked out apple.com after visiting apple.co.uk , they got a page full of acerbic digs at the UK justice system.

Mad Apple patent: Cloneware to convince trackers you don't like porn

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Re: Tinfoil hat theory

What would this do to Google's worth?

Top US Senator to Apple, Google: 'Curb your spy planes'

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Building Inspectors

Here in the City of Brotherly Love L&I have photo flyovers of their own and then match the photos with tax registers. No need to obscure Google/Apple, it is already too late...

Republicans shoot down proposed ban on Facebook login boss-snoop

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Re: Well said...

Please don't come to Philadelphia - One of our mayors coined the word "disirregardlessly". Our hospitals may be good but ....


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Great. Does that mean the lawyers will get larger?

Hey Commentard! - or is that Commenter?

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Re: Re: "most Brits find it hard to understand why "Jap" is a racial slur in the US."

Jewish American Princess

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Commentard or Commenturd?

Can we vote?

Australia, US agree to space junk talks

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US is afraid of Iran

throwing lots of space junk up with a rocket. I wonder how many nuts and bolts a good Iranian payload could contain?

Stratfor so very, very sorry in wake of mega-hack

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Use credit cards to

make donations to US political parties. One REALLY good use of the info - it will cost the pols more to get money.


Snowbound Alaskan survives on frozen beer

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Alcohol - theres no alcohol in Coors Light

Nor is there any taste - and this from a Merkin...

UK.gov to require you to opt out of data-sharing plan with drug firms

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anonymisation doesn't work

For that that think anonymised data is safe, do a Google search on Mass. Governor Weld. Mass. did a similar thing and a journalist was able to get Weld's medical data with a few simple searches. If you know a few details about someone, such as gender, age, specific medical conditions(diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy, etc) as well as even a general location, you may be able to generate a complete profile of individuals and discover what they have been hiding, such as HIV status, anti-depressant use, STDs, and so forth. I am sure that no one will mind all this information being sent to pharma companies, and all the outsourcing companies that they use./sarcasm

Insulin pump hack delivers fatal dosage over the air

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The wireless function is for the PARENTS of a young diabetic to adjust dosage without having to keep said child still while making the modifications.

Libel reform vows to slay anonymous trolls

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unidentified postings are not to be treated as true, reliable or trustworthy.

****** Anonymous or unidentified postings are not to be treated as true, reliable or trustworthy. ******

Adding a disclaimer would also seem to advance the spirit of this proposal.

****** Anonymous or unidentified postings are not to be treated as true, reliable or trustworthy. ******

The only question I have is how often such a disclaimer needs to be poseted.

****** Anonymous or unidentified postings are not to be treated as true, reliable or trustworthy. ******

It would be effective unless someone used a "disclaimer remover".

****** Anonymous or unidentified postings are not to be treated as true, reliable or trustworthy. ******

Oh well.

****** Anonymous or unidentified postings are not to be treated as true, reliable or trustworthy. ******

German states defend use of 'Federal Trojan'

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"Net security firm F-Secure hasn't seen the Trojan in the wild"

Or one of those government security folks called them...

Amazon accepts Kindle Fire will be rooted

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Currency conversion again! + VAT + cost of recycling +...

Amazing that you Brits are that clueless.

Insulin pump maker ignores diabetic's hack warnings

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From a Medtronics user

I don't believe how many arrogant b*llsh*tters there are commenting. First and foremost, Medtronics does provide excellent customer service. I was away from home and a short visit turned into an extended stay, and as a result, I ran out of reservoirs. They over-nighted four complete sets of res. and canulas at no charge to me. And no, they didn't charge the insurance company because I don't have one. Furthermore, a few years back they had a problem with one batch of canulas and recalled all of them even though the error affected less than 1% of them. Since all you blowhards out there are such fantastic engineers you know how trivial it is to reproduce errors that occur that frequency.

Insulin pump attack prompts call for federal probe

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Medtronics Pumps

Mine can only talk to my glucose meter. No worries there for me. Meter doesn't make the pump do anything.

Microsoft's MS-DOS is 30 today

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MS-DOS 2017

There are not many who remember

They say a handful still survive

To tell the world about

The day that MS-DOS went out

And keep the CLI alive

Apologies to Billy Joel

EU cloud data can be secretly accessed by US authorities

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Re: Cat amongst the pidgins

And it won't stop Microsoft from moving data in the EU to the US so that the FBI et al can peruse it.

Amazon throws tax hissy-fit, dumps California affiliates

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Screw your state legislators, NOT Amazon

Amazon gave fair warning to California about the results of passing this law. Go complain to your duly elected officials who just stabbed you in the back.

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Taxes are more convoluted than you think

It is not just a 'simple script' that needs to be run. California taxes clothing, Pennsylvania does not. So the script has to take into account the variations by state, by city( Philadelphia PA has a sales tax surcharge which Harrisburg PA does not, and what the city taxes may be different than the state taxes. Philadelphia wants to place a heavy surcharge on certain beverages, both alcoholic and non). The permutations of all the taxes would be a real headache. Shipping an item is rather simple. Add up the weight of all products being shipped, how many miles it is going(use zip/post code) and us a simple look-up table to determine shipping cost.

Researchers find irreparable flaw in popular CAPTCHAs

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Riddles should be good

Such as:

As I was going to St. Ives

I met a man with seven wives....

Sarko to Schmidt & co: 'You can't escape' net regulation

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Goose meat Gander

I would have thought that governments have a moral imperative to be honest and forthcoming to their voters, so that they could listen and respond accordingly to the democratic process.

Oh crud - I've forgotten to take my morning meds....

RadioShack gun giveaway: A clarification

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You can't shoot what you can't find

By the time you find someone to shoot you have forgotten why you wanted to shoot them.

Intel and HP defend honor of Itanium

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Where next?

Do big enterprise folks move to DB2 on AIX or Postgres on Linux?

Fukushima's toxic legacy: Ignorance and fear

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Thanks for the actual data

So much of the MSM has simply stated 'radiation for in spinach' without any aactial measurements. Thanks Lewis for the data. Perhaps now the debate can be meaningful.

Ex-General Electric boss unleashes bile on HP board

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Welch bitches

I wonder how many shares of HPQ he had.

Color ebook reader for 200 clams? Yup

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Time to toss Hardcopy Documentation

I can finally get rid of all my old documentation for VMS and MVS! This will be much handier than carting around orange and gray binders and much less expensive than losing another laptop!

Phillies fan tasered for field incursion

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Disirregardlessly of tasering

Remember that the fans booed Santa Claus in Philly.

Amazon sues US state on customers' privacy

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US States and Privacy

North Carolina, as with other states, believes deeply in privacy, as long as the state is solvent. Once the trough is empty, politicians, like hogs of all ilk, will stop at nothing to fill their insatiable hunger.

Think software patching is a hassle? You're not alone

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Was I the only one to read the subtitle as " Hell is on its way" ?

Council backs down on CRB checking grown-up lecturers

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Jecks and Knight will choose not to appear as a subtle way of saying "Stuff it"

Compulsory perv scanners upset everyone

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100 middle aged men in Speedos

and make sure that you get the news cameras there as well.