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Ubuntu 17.10: We're coming GNOME! Plenty that's Artful in Aardvark, with a few Wayland wails


Unity, Unity, Unity......

Unity, where art thou Unity.......

I did my migration from Unity to Gnome this morning and now I know why I hated Gnome and why Unity was damned good.

The amount of screen real estate wasted at the top with empty title bars [four in Evolution, three with Firefox...... Two in Unity] and up down / north south nonsense instead of the logical left right / east west, Synapse no longer working......

I have some more gripes but will be spending the evening looking at alternative desktops. Mate / Cinnamon ? I know Unity is there in the 17.10 download, but Canonical aren't going to be supporting it... So, pastures new.

World's shortest international flight: now just 21km in 7 minutes


Re: Wanna bet?

Liquids ARE allowed on board, as long as they are purchased after security.



Re: 66.1kms

You've never been to / seen Lake Constance, or Bodensee as it is called locally.

You are missing so much my fictional Greek friend.



I've done a shorter international flight.......

.... but only once.

Kinshasa to Brazzaville. Seven miles.

My company flew me from Jo'burg to Brazzaville but wanted me to stop over in Kinshasa, They didn't really understand the geography. Kinshasa and Brazzaville look at each other across the river. The staff in the Kinshasa office thought I was odd when I said I was then flying on to Brazzaville.

After that single trip, I made the journey a few more time, but using the more exciting and far more frequent river boat crossings.

I will never forget the first time I saw my first Congo croc'.

Some of the best times of my working life were in the two Congos'.


Jolla chief quits: Fawning Putin lickspittles to take over?


Jolla hardware and Sailfish software.....

I've had my Jolla now for almost two years [since the first tranche of deliveries] and have to say it's excellent. Still my main device. Not the best screen by current standards but the following features make it an excellent device:

A removable battery

SD Card slot

2/3/4G support

Sailfish UI is excellent

Not Android

Sandboxed Android support meaning the BBC application works, LinkedIn et al

And excellent soft keyboard

Non chargeable applications meaning no Android style crap-ware.

Will there be a Jolla Two device ? Not sure. I hope so.

Sailfish development, certainly.

Perhaps the best way to go is to run Sailfish 2.x on bang up to date hardware.

And about Marc Dillon, a shame. A high profile front man who showed guts, energy and just what can be done even when fools like Elop try to kill great software.....

That DRM support in Firefox you never asked for? It's here


I'm glad I use.....

..... SeaMonkey.

Lightweight, clean, small[ish] footprint.

All the fun of the fair and none of the big boys issues.

EC probe into murky cross border e-commerce kicks off


Has it not occured to anybody that.....

.... the reason the Belgians don't buy from a Spanish site is they don;t speak Spanish.

Or is the Commish' going make everybody speak .... er, English ?

EU Digital Single Market plan: We will compromise fast, and compromise early


Personally, I'm in favour of Geo IP Blocking.

Like Trigonoceps occipitalis I work in Euro land, or at least my company sends me there a lot. I can not reasonably watch the BBC. A little grumpy about that. But then again, neither can 350million other europeans who don't pay for it.

If they want to watch it, let them pay for it, either through the Beebs commercial arm or by giving the UK £100 Million / year to watch the BBC, or listen to the magnificent BBC Radio.

European Parliament mulls law on use of blood metal in tech


I saw "blood metal" and thought.....

.... wow ! A new blood based liquid metal for /stuff/ that would have a never ending supply !

Then it turned out to be another DRC story with aimless bureaucrats trying to justify their existence by driving up the end consumer price while allowing the Chinese to carry on buying all the minerals they want, further undermining Euro' based production.

Agree 100% with @MichaelHawkes.....

Jolla launches Sailfish 2.0, now with added security


Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....


Not sure I would say "dumbed down", more, enhanced, streamlined. I've migrated from N9 to Jolla and the only thing missing [not yet delivered?] is a SIP client. Still, the N9 was exceptional by dint of having a SIP client.


Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

@ NinjasFTW There is support for MS Exchange through the Exchange application. I won't say it will work in /your/ work world, but it does work in mine.

Sky Go, never heard of it, but...... Sailfish does sandbox Android applications. For example, I use the BBC News stuff, which works wonderfully. The stuff that does not work are the very specific Google things that require the Google back end. But then, if you /need/ Google, you probably should have an Android.


The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

I have had my Jolla ‘phone for about 16 months now and I have stumped up the cash as part of the first round of funding for the Jolla tablet. The ‘phone is brilliant.

OK, spec wise, it may not be top of the list when doing the numbers comparison, but that is not the point. The UI on Sailfish is superb, quick, slick and very easy to use. The UI makes a mockery of the numbers arms race that Apple and the Android makers seem to think is how to do things.

When I read Ives comments about design a few weeks ago it beggars belief that just how poor the Apple UX is when Jolla can produce the beauty that is Sailfish.

For anybody who wants a secure, solid device, with a UX that /is/ years ahead of the dross that is Android and IOS, I will recommend the Jolla / Sailfish combination from now until Hades develops an ice cap.

Post-modem Ericsson wobbles thanks to flat sales and falling profits


Re: Shamefully..




Do some research before you post a story.....

This line "The company, which was once known for handsets, has moved to infrastructure – " could not be more wrong.

Ericsson has /always/ been an "infrastructure" company. As well as other things.


Snowden shouldn't be extradited to US if he testifies about NSA spying, says Swiss gov


Is there a direct flight from Moscow to Zurich / Bern [No.] Genf or Lausanne..... ?

Basel almost certainly not.



Re: Adverts.....

I do indeed.

Which is why, no, I don't have an Android thing.

Mobile is Jolla, searcg engine is DuckDuck. Computer is Linux / Ubuntu.

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Is this it? Is this what we have become; advertising fodder ?

I'm pretty sure I do not want any Apple thing, but if this is correct, I want one even less now.

Three floats Jolla in Hong Kong: Says Sailfish is '3rd option'


I have a Jolla.

It is superb. Sailfish is what a mobile OS should be. By comparison Android is a dog, IOS is a toilet brush.

Buy a Jolla.

That's my recomendation.

That's all.

Cameras for hacks: Idiot-proof suggestions invited


Panasonic Lumix TZ 60/61

I have the 61 version. 30x optical zoom, solid as bricks, as simple or as complicated as one wishes.

Smallish, lightish, a rubber grip on the front.

I'm more than happy with it.

Twitter rejigs layout, opens wide to swallow SLURRY OF ADS

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Ad Block Plus.....

.... will be on overload for Firefos users.

MWC: The good, the bad ... and the Galaxy S5


About the Jolla......

I havge to say, on this occasion, the author is just about as far from the mark as it is possible to get. I have had my Jolla now since the turn of the year abnd, apart from a little learning curve at the beginning [isn't that always the case with something new ?] I have to say it is an excellent device and superb UI.

It is slick, easy to use, fast, smooth and the "eye candy" of being able to see three things through each other is fr more than eye candy; it is a genuinely useful tool to make the most of the screen resolution and size.

The N9, my previous device, was very good and I still have this, but my Jolla is, well, excellent.

MtGox: Yup, we're pretty sure your Bitcoin were stolen. Sorry about that.


No sympathy.......

If somebody invested their money into "left handed sky hooks" and then lost it all, where would the sympathy be ? Nowhere.

Likewise, for those who spend their money on fake money in the hope of making money...... tough.

Probe of Hollywood-Euro Pay TV contracts: What happens next?



As long as the BBC remains exclusive to Blighty, then I don't care what the Germans / Spanish / French do. If by some odd twist the UK is forced to give up the exclusivity of the Beeb, I hope the UK Gov' has the balls to reject the EU's advice.

PGP wiz Phil Zimmermann and pals tout anti-snoop mobe – the Blackphone


Two devices......

I may have missed something, but, for this level of encryption to work, I am assuming the communication has to be between to "Black 'phones" ? And if that is the case, then the main target market /will/ be commercial / business et al.

Consumers simply won't buy it because they don't know anybody else with one.

Like me and BlackBerry Playbook: brilliant 7 inch tablet, but the video link is pointless because I don't know anybody else with a Playbook. Even my wife has a Googlly Androidy thing......

Google stabs Wikipedia in the front


Fact, Opinion and the Victorian Curve.....

The truth is, Wiki-pedia, will like every company / organisation before it and every one that follows, have a bell curve of popularity,. A company / service does not exist, it rises to it's peak and then drops off. Nokia is the biggest recent example. Apple could be the next. Wikipedia.... now ?

ok Google is a massive behemoth that is [possibly?] too big, but is the suggestion that views [are these nuggets of inforation on Google or wikipedia always fact or more often just opinion ?] should be somehow managed to force people where to take their inaccuracies of choice ?

Isn't this how state religions are created.....?

Got a one-of-a-kind N9? Get ready to adopt Meego's baby Sailfish


Re: Battery

Show me where, on a Nokia N9, the screws are.... ?

If you have one you would know.....


Re: Christmas Pressie

See the posts from Piloti, above./

For me, despite the inane ramblings from the Android fans, it is just about the best device out there.

OK, yes, the range of software for the N9 is less than most, but it is a /'phone/, not a computer.

Battery life is the only issue, but mine is almost two years old.......

Cheerio and enjoy your N9.


Re: Probably

Oh my Anonymous Coward.....

Just how wrong you are. It is in constant use. Skype, Google Talk and WhatsApp are in constant use. Of course, I use Opera to read the news on the way to work and home again [the Bern Tram system is very relaxing] , occasionally as an MP3 player and let's not forget, it is also a 'phone.

No, the reason it feels "like new" is because of the excellent build quality, the excellent screen colour saturation and the intrinsic quality of the build materials. Basically, Nokia know how to make a decent 'phone.

It is true that the N9 does not have the range of software available as, say, Android. But, how many "fart apps' " does one need ?


My N9 is still running like a brand new device. The battery is fading, but it is 24 months old, but call quality is excellent, the depth and "blackness" of the screen is still just about as good as it gets, the size and weight is wonderful and frankly, I still think is it one of the most beautiful 'phones ever released.

It is a shame Elop killed it and went with MS instead.

When the Jolla goes "mass market" later this year, I'm on the list to get one. The spiritual successor to Nokia......

The king is dead, long live the king......

Boffins devise world's HARDEST tongue-twister


Assume "worlds hardest in English....."....

....becuase there are some devlish ticklers in other languages.

Try these out from our Saxon cohorts.

Im dichten Fichtendickicht picken die flinken Finken tüchtig.

Jauchzende Jubeljodeljauchzerjungen jubeln jauchzend Jubeljodler Jauchzende Jubeljodler jubeln jauchzende Jubeljodeljauchzerjungen.

Klitzekleine Kinder können keinen Kirschkern knacken. Keinen Kirschkern können klitzekleine Kinder knacken.

And my favourite :

Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid

Pop OS X Mavericks on your Mac for FREE while you have LUNCH


Apple and Linux......

Apple are starting to see the value in Linux. OSX is basically locked down UNIX with a bastardised BSD [if my memory serves me....] desktop. With eyecandy to boot.

Now they are following the Libra Office model, with a modicum of GIMP and a few other "free" items. The Linux world has been free, and for that matter, free, for years.

And Linux is still seen as a hobbyist environment [don't shout, I use Ubuntu] and Apples are much the same.

I work for a global company. 80k people in 140 countries. Each and every one of us has a laptop. Running Windows. With MS Office.

When somebody bod from Apple says ""When you combine this announcement with the announcement that Craig made earlier that OS X upgrades are free," said Apple CEO Tim Cook, "we are turning the industry on its ear." ", then no. They're wrong.

Not until Apple breaks into the Corporate world. And that will not happen until they're kit is at least 50% cheaper, /and/ the office applications we all use are included.


Nice job, technology. Now we have to work FIVE TIMES HARDER



I don't buy this, I have to say.

There is a certain machismo in the "always on" culture that people, men and women, really do love to complain about. "Look at me, I'm doing my emails at ten pm......."

If technology really were that invasive, if it really were that controlling, more people would be pressing that OFF button.

For me, when I leave work and my work mobile gets turned off, my private one is the where my wife knows she can get me.

Works for us both......

What the CUFF? Nokia shows how a smartwatch really OUGHT to work



I bloody love this..!!!

Custom ringback tones: Coming to your next contract mobe?


Really.... ?

"but the failure of custom RBTs outside South America is unfathomable"....

Because they annoying, it's as simple as that. And, when you think about it, the "customer" get no benefit, because it is the caller, not the receiver, who hears the RBT.

I worked in different parts of Africa for a number of years and they are quite popular there too. Except, of course people forget they have them and therefore forget that their callers are hearing some annoying, naff, tinkly, horrid pop song from three years ago......

Basically, I don't care what music you like, as the caller, I just want to hear Brrrrr Brrrrr.....

Yo, mall rats: Facebook and Cisco in Wi-Fi hookup to track your retail, social life


""which in turn will help them do a better job with targeted ads. ""

The only "good job" with targeted adverts is..... no adverts.

Firms fined $350,000 after yogurt sting uncovers review rigging



..... has a "U" in it. So does 'neighbour', 'flavour' and 'harbour'.

Oh and 'yoghurt' has an "H" in it.

Official crackdown on Apple fanboi 'shanty town' ahead of London iPhone launch


Re: How sad

Why, what's going on at the end of November ? Apologies for not being bang up to date with every minor event on the retail calendar, but I have life.....


Trin Tragula......

.... had a sense of perspective.

These two t1t5 seem to have lost this completely. This is 'phone we're talking about here, not the worlds first brain transplant, of a water powered car, or proof of sentient life on Mars, or a perpetual motion machine.

It's a 'phone. OK, less copper wire than Bell or Meucci had foreseen.....

But a 'phone none the less.


Mid East undersea fibre telco hacked: US, UK spooks in spotlight


All too easy......

..... to say "foreign spooks".

"The circumstances look that it might be cyber-espionage but it might be something completely unrelated."

So, what they seem to be saying is "actually, we don't know, it could be anything.". But point the easy finger at the quite target who won't confirm or deny anything, blame GCHQ because we /know/ they won't comment.

And as we know, for conspiracy people, no comment is as good as saying "we did it......".

City of Munich throws Ubuntu lifeline to Windows XP holdouts



.... that Germans would be leading the moral high ground on Open Source and we lazy Brits still keep handing over money to MS for tied software.

Well done Germans....

Paypal not sure if its bargepole is long enough for crowdfunding


Re: Why Pay Pal... ?

OK, replying to my own post, and the comments above, which I've read and re-read.

It seems then that the point of PayPal is for the retailer and not the consumer. Nigel commented that the need for PCI compliance disappears. Ok, fair enough, as this keeps down the retailers cost and complexity. However, there seems to be the missing item of /consumer/ safety in this, the "mandatory" credit card fraud protection.

If I have a dispute on my credit card, my bank will take this up with the retailer, the "amount" is removed from my balance until the "dispute" is resolved, either for me or for the retailer [maybe I "forgot" or was being a bit thick that day..... it happens !]. My understanding is that this is a "legal requirement" through the Consumer Credit Act, or similar. I could be wrong.....

However. with PP where is the "enforcement" of the consumer rights ? I see PP on my visa statement, I say "woha, steady on there.....". I call my bank, they contact PP and PP are obliged to do what ? As far as I can see, they /could/ turn around and say "we've done our bit, of moving money from A to B"; that is what PP are, money movers.

With respect to the honourable Reg posse below, I still don't see how PP helps me, the /buyer/ even though it may help the retailer.....



Why Pay Pal... ?

Never really seen the point of Pay Pal. It simply adds a level of complexity that is not needed. Make the payment directly via credit card and sorted. No need to make the payment through a third party : Visa > Pay Pal > Retailer when the model of Visa > Retailer does the job.

And, is Pay Pal regulated in the same way that credit cards are ? Where is the consumer security against fraud ? Probably non existent.


Nokia's 41Mp Lumia 1020 'launches' in UK - but hoi polloi must wait


Re: Game over already

"There /are/ a few comparisons......"

El Reg rocket squad poised to select Ultimate Cuppa teabag



SAinsburys... "almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea".


Re: Yes, Altitude

Soft and clean water.

I'm in Bern right now and the tap water is better than any bottled water. Some of the best teas I've had have been here,


Bettys Assam


Only available in Yorkshire, which, when sitting on the moors near Goatland, is the best place to take a cuppa.....

Apple at WWDC: Sleek new iOS, death of the big cats, pint-sized Mac Pro

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So, Apples version of radio no Radio Four then?

Not much of a radio service if you can't get actually radio stations,'eh.

Rogue Nokia splinter cell drops its Jolla phone A-BOMB


N9 Meego....

I have an N9 and am very, very happy with it. The only thing I want it to do that I'm not able to is Viber or Whatsapp. And that is only because the 'phone came before the software. Not the phones fault really. Everything else works like a dream, including Skype and GTalk.

Jolla ? Will certainly consider when it comes to new device time.....

Cisco gobbles UK mobe mast maker - you know where this is going


Re: Not sure I agree with this.....

Have a read of the link's you've sent, and the links within.

ATT are, it says, spending $14 billion on network infrastructure. THat includes small cells, whioch is the Alu' solution, which is a combination of a femto and pico.

The point is, the femto solution might be 1% of ATT's spend. 1%, that is a small market.