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How Rogue One's Imperial stormtroopers SAVED Star Wars and restored order

Steve Sims

Re: Not seen R1 yet but...

Engage pedant mode...

In the spirit sequence at the end of ROTJ, the original actor in that scene for Anakin was actually Sebastian Shaw, and not David Prowse.

Amazon Prime Music opens – but where's the streaming music?

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Re: Warner is part of the problem as well.

Different Warner.

Warner Music Group is owned by Access Industries, and has done since 2011.

Warner Bros (the music studio) is owned by Time Warner Inc.

Time Warner spun out Warner Music Group as an independent company back in 2004. This was a complete sell-off, with Time Warner not retaining any ownership at all.

Dell exec: HP's 'Machine OS' is a 'laughable' idea

Steve Sims

Changing times

Typical Dell nonsense, but what more should one expect from a box-shifting outfit.

Also the usual backwards thinking from many, with a "must have backwards compatibility" starting point.

The big issue I have with the cry for backwards compatibility is the fact that this new machine has a fundamentally different hardware architecture to that which current OSs were designed for. It's an opportunity to think again - to come up with something new that can best exploit the new architecture, rather than forcing an old paradigm to work.

To best exploit this new hardware architecture everything needs to change, and one will need new software architectures to do that. When what you have is a machine that essentially has a massive amount of persistent RAM and no disc storage concepts like "booting", "starting an application", "saving a file" or even "disk filing system" can go out the window, as does issues like "seek time" and "disk latency". Carrying those over from a legacy OS will just bring inefficiency with them.

Of course backwards compatibility is important, but the way to provide that is with virtualisation/emulation. Machine OS could provide a virtual environment to a *nix OS that looks like there is a regular disk and memory system. It would be very sad though if that's the only way to run software on such a system, as most of the benefits would be lost.

Apple to stage 'Tech Talks' roadshow

Steve Sims

Way back...

Way back in the mists of time Apple would occasionally hold Tech Talks all over the place, outside of North America, although usually at their offices. They weren't exactly frequent things, but they also weren't terribly uncommon either.

I've attended a few at Apple UK before at their Stockley Park offices. This was in the fairly early days of Mac OS X, I think one may have been after the release of betas, and others following announcements of 10.1 and 10.2. I'm fairly sure that they also held similar events in Paris too.

Apple's new Safari snubs older Macs, drops Windows version

Steve Sims

Windows version

I can't tell you whether or not there will be an official Windows version of Safari, but it doesn't really matter.

I can tell you that you can go to webkit.org and download a Windows build of the latest WebKit Nightly.

WebKit Nightly builds are basically Safari under another name. They tend to be very stable indeed and, being nightly builds from the WebKit source, they're even more up to date than Safari is.

Apple pulls in TomTom, kicks Google off iPhones

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If OSM didn't have your road on it, you know what you should have done?

Added your road to the map.

Steve Jobs speaks from beyond grave: 'iPads are toys'

Steve Sims

Re: We look at the tablet and we think it's going to fail.

MS did not see tablets as oversized PDAs. They saw tablets as laptops without keyboards but with a pen. MS tablets of that era ran full-blown versions of Windows and not the PDA-oriented version of Windows.

Steve Jobs was right - those tablets did fail to capture a significant market.

Apple pilfers rips off student's rejected iPhone app

Steve Sims
Big Brother

Guidelines change

Guidelines aren't fixed in stone, and they can change.

Given that Apple have now announced that their own camera app will allow photos to be taken with a volume button, I expect that if Camera+'s developers submitted a new version of their app with that feature restored then it would now be approved.

Citing "potential user confusion" was not necessarily "a load of bull" - they likely genuinely held that opinion at the time. Their opinions have clearly now changed. An inability to change opinions is the domain of politicians, not rational people.

Apple 'spaceship' awaits landing clearance in Cupertino

Steve Sims

Not quite...

Which part of "and this structure is a 4-storey parking facility" did you not understand?

The majority of the parking will be underground, but there's a long building by the side of the highway that's going to be parking. So you'll struggle to see the donut from the highway, but you'll still be able to see it from most other directions, if you can spot it through the trees.

Opera uncloaks browser for Apple fondleslabs

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Restriction eased

The restriction on code interpreters had since been eased. This is why the C64 emulator app had to remove/disable BASIC, but have since been permitted to re-enable it. IIRC this change happened 6 months back.

Intel puts x64 in a parallel universe

Steve Sims


Really, you've gotta laugh at "ease of programming that comes from using a co-processor based on the x64 instruction set".

I can't wait for ARM to get serious and start playing in this area. Much easier instruction set to code for...

Apple adds 'S' to iPhone 3G

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O2 rip-off

Damn you O2.

I bought a 16GB iPhone 3G just after launch for £159. Cost now for a 16GB iPhone 3GS has gone *up* to £184.98. If you want the 32GB version you've got to fork out a whopping £274.93. I'm not sure what the 8GB model cost before, but it's £96.89 now, far more than the $99 it costs in the US. Also I'm sure the cheapest tariff used to be £25, and that's been raised to nearly £30.

Tethering also seems very expensive to me, and more costly for consumer customers than business customers.

Additionally, when the iPhone 3G came out O2 let original iPhone customers upgrade straight away. Seems that this time round you have to wait until your contract is up, or buy out your contract.

That's not just lousy, that's very lousy. We're being gouged. :-(


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