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HP targets supercomputers with Project Apollo

colin dente

Re: What OS for Apollo

At last - a use for my old sysadmin skills!

Strange how numbering goes - I'm guessing that this new Apollo 8000 might have a little more grunt than the old Apollo 10000...

Microsoft braces for Surface RT feedback storm

colin dente

Only if you're American

Just tried to fill in the survey (I actually quite like my Surface) - but you have to give it a valid US zipcode. And there was I thinking that the US had finally woken up to the fact that there was a whole planet out there beyond their borders...

Final Office 2013 for ARM may not ship until January

colin dente

Office on WinRT is *the* app

Perhaps others have made this observation, but to me it seems that having a tablet which allows me to run proper office apps (not DocsToGo or such like) is the reason that Win8 tablets will be successful.

I travel a lot, and I can *almost* do everything on an iPad (I'm management, so I only really need shiny toys to keep me amused) - but the killer is that, if I need to update a document, or change a presentation, I'm forced into the almost-but-not-quite-compatible world of Apple's Pages and Keynote apps - guaranteed to break the formatting in some subtle way that leaves me cursing in my hotel room late at night.

I will buy a Win8 tablet solely because it supports Office properly.

Oooh-la-la! 'iPhone 5' bares all, strokes tiny nano-SIM in pics

colin dente

Re: How I'd design a smartphone...

Nice idea, but one fatal flaw: the Chinese control 96% of the world's supply of awesomium.

What were they thinking of with the new docking connector. The one thing that made me certain to buy another iPhone to replace mine was compatibility with docks. Now it seems I have the whole world of Android to choose from too.

Fasthosts' email fails

colin dente

Are they telling the truth?

Fasthosts are claiming that the problem is fixed, but I haven't had access to email all day today (Monday). Earlier this afternoon they said they'd phone me when my email was fixed, but now their technical "support" phone number just rings forever.

Does anyone know of a decent web & email hosting service? My company will be changing their provider...


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