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Met 'studies Chinese bugging tactics' for 2012 games

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@Eddy Ito

Surely, as he is the only man from Mars he qualifies to take part in the Olympics. Being in the top 5% of his Country or whatever the stupid rule is.

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Yeah it'll start in 2012

It will start in 2012, bugging taxis, then we'll get a news story along the lines of....

2 whole terrorists were captured during the olympic games this year by the bugging of the capitals Taxis, used by over a billion people during this period.

The scheme originally caused outcry amoung readers of popular IT news website "The Register" but has now been realised as a boon to the security services.

UK police commissioner said:

"We can't believe we managed to catch that many, how many could we capture if we bugged the UK's Taxis"

PM said

"With the power that bugging Taxis gave us against terrorists, how can we not press home this advantage and bug Busses, Trains and Planes too. If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear"

The security services plan to run opt-out trials of the bugging in certain areas, but you can only be excluded if you have a packet of 'Phorms chocolate chip cookies' on you at all times, even if you may want a new packet, or binned the old one.

Inside USB 3.0

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@ Simon Ward & unexpected Bill

They should follow unreal tournaments announcements

I think it should go Monster Speed followed by Godlike