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WD drops 4TB whopper

Mark y

Drive format

AC wrote "That Apple format thing is a bit disappointing - reformatting a 4TB drive takes a lot of time"

At the end of the day someone will need to reformat the bastard. Perhaps, just perhaps, this drive is being targeted at Mac users in particular or that they buy most of these particular WD drives and therefore deserve the attention?

Makes sense given XP's limitations and poor Vista take-up.

Apple takes Snow Leopard for walk

Mark y


"On a Hackintosh I built, CS3 for Windows runs faster on Win7 than CS3 for Mac on Leopard. Not bad for a late Beta, Microsoft."

So let me get this right, Windows ran CS3 faster on a machine you built than Leopard did? This is proof of what exactly?

Two things: compare the speeds on a Mac Pro of both OSs; use CS4

Get back to us when you've at least tried OSX on a system it was designed for rather than your own Frankenstein creation.

Webhost hack wipes out data for 100,000 sites

Mark y


"I am a small web host, that had primary services hosted with VAServ and I expect that if I am not on-line within another 24 hours, I will have to dissolve my company.

I also know another person who's entire hosting infrastructure has been compromised and taken down by this attack.

I am surprised that they did not mirror data on their servers, and do understand that the challenge they face now to restore that many websites and servers. Is indeed no small job."

If your time line is only 24 hours from when you posted I take it you made sure your SLA with them for restoration of service was well within this time-frame when you signed up?

I doubt you did and I can have very little sympathy for someone who appears to be sent under by this because they failed to address the issue of tail events and business continuity.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Mark y

A little FYI

"The only real distinction for between the 1Ds and 5D was the cost"

Not to be too pedantic but the other difference is that the 1-series cameras are built for pros and their accepted rugged usage. Better seals from the elements and more forgiving when they get the shite knocked out of them. Dual cards as well (jpg to SDHC and raw to compact flash etc).

Canon normally advise 5D for top of the range for most people, 1-series for journos etc.

I've found the video to be far superior to that of my HV30 camcorder. Primarily I'd say it's because the lens in front (24-105) costs more than the camcorder did. Amazing clarity and sharpness. Got to remember to turn the image stabiliser off though as the mic picks it up.


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