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Google Squared - the Cuilest search app ever

Allan Rateliff, II
Paris Hilton


Hey, Ted, can we count as a FAIL that you actually installed the Comcast software and branded your IE?

Paris, because she's joshin' with you, too.

Hulu headed for subscription service scheme?

Allan Rateliff, II
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He's just blowing smoke out his ass

Why Hulu Is Winning the Online Video Race


Estimated $65m in revenue with $12m in profit last year, and estimating $175m in revenue this year.

Not enough, Miller? The reason why you do not see any reason why Hulu would not move to a subscription service is because you are holding on to an antiquated business model.

Just the same as cable customers have screamed for a-la-carte services for many years, only paying for the channels used rather than bundles, Internet users like myself are only interested in "paying" for the content which we consume. And we pay in watching advertisements.

And we have proved to you that this model works. And yet you still cling to the Old Ways. Your sad devotion to that ancient religion has not helped you conjure up news paper subscribers, or given you the clairvoyance enough to find the rebels' hidden fortress.

I support, and advocate for, Hulu because finally someone got it right; finally someone is able to offer free content and turn a profit. And you will surely phuq it up.

Paris, turning profits by phuqn things up.


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