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Pioneer Kuro KRL-37V LCD TV

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"Setup is simple enough – though as you plug in your Sky+ HD box, Blu-ray player and PS3 you’ll notice you’ve just used up all the HDMI sockets. For the price premium this set commands, a fourth socket on the side of the TV would have been expected, but no, three’s your lot."

You want four HDMI sockets? Why? Please explain why it should have 4?

1. Blu-ray

2. Cable/Satelite

3. Games console

What you plugging into the fourth that wouldn't actually replace one of the others?

Try finding an amp with 4 HDMI inputs for a reasonable price because that's what stands in between most sources and a high end panel.

It's as if you're just trying to find something to bitch about.

Re:Blu-ray AND PS3?

No, the PS3 does not piss over all but the very top end blu-ray players. Not even close. True when it first came out but not even close now. sony 350 and Panasonic BD35 both rated higher and both nowhere near top end.

US unemployment rate growth slowed in May

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Another problem

Another fly in the ointment is that most figures have been revised upwards in later months so don't read too much into this. As 1st post noted, the auto industry is completely tits now so it won't be calming down just yet.

Ballmer clashes with Obama over US tax rules

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@A key point missed amidst all the hot air

"Hedge funds that are still alive are thinking of moving out of London fearing the EU regulations (currently in draft). I hear of new funds being set up in Geneva and Singapore, even Australia - but not London."

Geneva - check.

Singapore - maybe, but harsh punishments and less than tolerable regime compared to west may limit this. A regional play at best as cheaper than Hong Kong and Tokyo

Australia - let me pick myself up off of the floor. This is a country with punitive tax rates and socialist envy taxes such as the fantastic "luxury car tax" that cuts in at the equivalent of around GBP20-25k. I can really see uber-capitalists such as hedge funds going to a tax control freak economy with a socialist envy agenda. Why do you think Rupert Murdoch pissed off overseas.

Switzerland the only viable play here.

Gaming the tax system within bounds is fair play - we'd all like to reduce our tax if we could. It's when you get the piss taking cross border charge backs that someone ought to go in the clink as that's tantamount to evasion.


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