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Data watchdog clears mobile phone directory

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Use technology

I have my mobe configured to divert calls from numbers not in my phone book directly to voicemail without ringing - it's easy and I recommend it.

If you ring my home phone you will get a message that says you will need an access code to get through ... "You will shortly be given the access code, however, please note that if you are calling from any organisation other than an employer of someone who lives here, use of the following access code will be considered an offence under the UK Computer Misuse Act (1990). Ok, if you're sure ... the access code is 8362"

Only when you put in the access code does my handset actually ring. The number of unsolicited calls I have had to take since I got this system in place is zero.

An even easier strategy is to record the dah dah dee tone for number unobtainable on your answering machine ... that'll cause most predictive diallers to drop the call.

Big Ben squeezes into your iPhone

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Picture please

Pic of Big Ben please? Rather than just the clock tower in which it is housed? Thanks


12 of the best... mice

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L/R switch?

How about (any) mouse with a switch to change the buttons from LH to RH? Some operating systems are VERY BAD at easy, rapid and CONSISTENT changeover when you change the handedness of the mouse. Mentioning no names, Microsoft, who also seem to think that when I remote desktop to a server that for some reason my personal kb layout needs to be installed on the target.

Microsoft Bing rehosts Wikifiddling as 'Reference' material

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It IS reference material

Anyone who thinks ANY reference material is beyond question has no business citing (or even looking at) it. This is the true strength of Wikipedia - it reminds the sensible that all information (yes, even in old fashioned print) is unreliable. Those who are not sensible enough to realise this aren't worth bothering with anyway. Yes, I know that includes hoardes of journos and other pundits, but it is still the truth.


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