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The best netbook-friendly Linux distros

Mike Tahylor


runs anywhere, on anything, but not for n00bz. Actually I am kinda disappointed that I don't see more slackware supporters or references.

Google Wave - a developer's eye view

Mike Tahylor

@looks good

"Nice thouch not using IE (still the worlds most popular browser) presumably it breaks."

please people, IE is NOT the most popular browser, it is the most populace browser. Its not favored, it is simply numerous.

mines the one with "follow me, I am jumping off a cliff" stenciled on the back.

Who will win the epic battle for the kitchen OS?

Mike Tahylor

somebody forgot to tell jobs...

"Arc's platform is based on its own chips, its own OS and its own stack - the kind of proprietary solution that used to be so popular but now risks finding itself standing alone in the kitchen at the end of the party, at best."

Like, for example, Apple??

Ballmer clashes with Obama over US tax rules

Mike Tahylor

Please Do.

Mr Ballmer, take ALL the Microsoft jobs and move them to china. Then we can stuff a heavy import tariff on them and never have to deal with that POS you call an operating system again.

flame on fanbois.

all kidding aside, remember when "made in [insert your country here]" actually meant something (good or bad, it meant something). Now it's just a shipping label, everything is equally craptastic, no matter where it is made.

I totally understand the global economy thing, but telling your workforce that they are unemployed because you found someone who lives in a mud and twigs hut that will do their job for bag of crisps and a bonus biscuit, thereby increasing their profit margin is just wrong.


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