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Fibre broadband is good for you, Conroy tells Aussies

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@Mark 65

I, Sir, have lived in Oz all my life. The reason we don't have much in the way of wireless hotspots at the moment, is because there are no Unlimited plans, so people can't leave their wireless routers open for fear of some bugger using up all their download limit. I also understand that the NBN will in no way automatically negate this, but am making a bold prediction that the NBN will change the whole dynamic around all this for a number of reasons, which I will leave up to your own imagination to arrive at. Regardless of that particular bold prediction, I stand by my post, and I think most of you will be eating your words in a few short years.

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Conroy is not a luddite, the internet filter is just politics. I bet any of you any money, that in 6 months time, when the new senators take their seats in government, and Steve Fielding no longer holds the balance of power, that the internet filter will suddenly disappear as a Labor party policy.

The NBN is great policy, and will set Australia up for decades, for the mere price of ~$2k for each person in the country. Wireless hotspots will become fast, plentiful, and cheap, and will crap all over 3G/4G etc. It will be used in ways we haven't even thought of yet. It is a bargain, and the opposition is on a dead set loser trying to oppose it. As it rolls out and is switched on in each country town, it will win vote after vote.

Jobs offers relief for iOS 4-running iPhone 3Gs

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Oh how I larf reading all these sad morose comments from the broken fanbois. The funniest one was the luser who upraded his hardware, talk about a slow learner. Surely Apple has no cool points left.

Google hints at native code in Chrome Web Store

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Java bashers

are living in the dark ages. 10 years have passed since Java was too slow for anything serious. JVMs are faster and smarter, computers are faster, RAM and HD sizes now dwarf so called bloat. Sure, you wouldn't write your life support software in Java, but then you wouldn't run it on Windows either. "Real time" just means that processing lag never exceeds data input and output frequency, and for most applications on modern machines, Java is now a perfectly capable choice. It is much faster and easier to develop in than C or C++, and thus it's success.

And as for Google not backing Java, what the hell is GWT then? I think Google are fine with Java, they just don't put it highest on the to do list is all.

3TB Seagate disk drive ahoy

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@Mr CriZ

Not standard thickness. The 1TB and 750MB are 12.5mm thick and won't fit in most laptops. 640MB is the current max for a standard 9.5mm thick 2.5" drive, AFAIK.

Discounts damage for Microsoft Windows 7 PC boost?

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Waaaay too expensive for what you get

1) OK, so I have XP. If someone said you could either upgrade to 7, or have $120 of beer, which would you have? It's a no brainer. What does 7 give me that XP doesn't? Nothing. I have read a lot about 7, and can't think of anything off the top of my head that 7 has that XP doesn't.

2) My 2yr old laptop runs fine, but is prob only worth $100-$200 if I tried to sell it. So why would I pay $120 to upgrade to 7?

3) Hardware is so cheap now that Win7 is now one of the most expensive components of a new system. So if someone says I could either have Ultimate, or have Home Premium and $100 of beer, which would I have? Again, a no brainer. What does Ultimate give me that Premium doesn't? Even less than 7 gives me over XP. Nothing plus the feeling of being a ripped off victim loser.

4) When 4GB laptop ram chips become cheap, I would be willing to pay $10 or $20 to upgrade to a 64 bit 7. But only because I run a custom made app, that is pushing the boundaries of 3.3GB.

Beer please.

Google flirts with new-look home page

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don't be evil + industrial design... would be unstoppable...

If only google would employ some decent industrial designers, they woudl be unstoppable!

99% of Apple's success is due to beautiful design. Unfortunately ruined by a lack of "don't be evil" mentality. They are unlikely to ever change their mentality, so will always produce products that are both awesome and suck at the same time.

Google has the correct mentality, but is run by a bunch of clueless nerds with no taste for good design. This is at least potentially fixable.

Oh, and their new google page is still ugly, and always has been.

Kiwis slap 'vacant' sign on Paris Hilton

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Paris, vacant? I doubt it.

One more vote for Paris clearly being an intelligent, entertaining, imaginative, fun, and enterprising individual. Anyone who thinks otherwise probably hasn't paused to have an original thought on the subject, and is merely parroting the mainstream opinion. I suspect she would be a fabulous dinner companion.

Israelis offer unmanned robo smart-missile 8-pack

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Hey isn't that the hill in the background that M$ used as its default windows desktop theme?

Apple says jailbroken iPhones endanger cell towers

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Wow, I want one!

Didn't know an iPhone could be so much fun!

Apple ends Palm Pre's iTunes charade

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unsophisticated users

"unsophisticated users for whom connecting a USB drive is akin to rocket science."

You're kidding aren't you? How is drag and drop from USB harder than trying to work out how the hell to synch an iPod from iTunes without having it wipe over you iPod playlist?

Tesla cashes multi-million dollar govt cheque

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There is no bog standard version yet because batteries are still too expensive. You could make a low quality, simple electric car, but the batteries would make it so expensive no one would remotely contemplate buying it. However, top end electric cars are price:performance competitive with top end petrol cars.

There is currently massive research efforts into cheaper and better batteries, and these successes will slowly lead to electric cars aimed at the lower end of the market.

SImilarly, as volumes increase, economies of scale will reduce costs of all the electric components.

This is money well spent (or no worse than any of the other rescue packages) on R&D for electic cars in general.

In other words, the Tesla S *is* the bog standard version.

Microsoft cries foul over Google Outlookware

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Don't Be Evil

...so much for...

Microsoft's Bing feeds you, tries to keep you captive

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I thought Bing was quite a clever choice of name... "... hang on, I'll search for it... there it is... bing!". Or in the UK case "beta bing!"


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