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Why Java would still stink even if it weren't security swiss cheese

Daniel Gerson

Trashy article. FAIL!

Any discussion of Java should separate out the language from the VM.

This article fails to do so, so immediately makes it bogus.

The Java language is used to write Android apps (does the author hate those?), it's used to write GWT apps like the the Adwords web interface (not trivial), which is all coded in native java (but compiled to javascript).

However, if he wants to poke fun at the VM, he should remember that the VM runs countless backend applications like Jira and Confluence (fantastic products) and modified VMs run Google Appengine alongside python.

If he wants to write about how the Java VM failed to be productive inside the browser, he can write an article about that... but that's not an argument about Java.. and really demonstrates the failure of Sun.. A knowledgeable sysadmin should know better...

Why British TV drama is crap – and why this matters to tech firms

Daniel Gerson

Good article in general... & Re:crap American television

I think one of the things you could have focused on, is that Americans produce such top rate shows BECAUSE they produce so much crap!

I.e Scale is important, The more shows in production, the greater supply of production, the lower the production costs.... This in turn makes it cheaper to experiment, which ultimately produces the good shows, even if entirely at random (South Park creators didn't predict THAT particular experiment was the one that would succeed, same as angry birds). So, put another way, the UK doesn't produce sufficient crap, probably because of the CROWDING OUT of the BBC, but that's just speculation.

P.S. As good as the article is, it's not clear how bad shows clearly link to consequences for the Tech sector.

Libertarian leaning South African.

Spotify coining it at home in Sweden: But are artists getting any?

Daniel Gerson

Copyright fees are a losing battle...

The cost of enforcing regulation in this space is greater than the benefit gained from copyright theft. Thus copyright enforcers will lose this battle, as they've lost the war on drugs.

Told you I'd subscribe... Mr Libertarian ;-)

Standing NEXT to an HTML coder is like standing NEXT TO GOD

Daniel Gerson

What nonsense!

Yes, it's got easier for script-kiddies... but this article is utter tripe.

There's a reason that Angry birds HTML5 game, which is really the cutting edge of HTML5 was programmed in Java in GWT, with a solid testing environment, IDEs and supported various software patterns. Because it makes sense! Computer science, and the necessary leverage that you get from type checking (that enabled GWT) will never go away. This article represents the new ignorance, smugness and self-satisfying rationalization.

Google Wave - a developer's eye view

Daniel Gerson
Dead Vulture

Java not javascript.

You have to learn javascript to use Wave?

Although I may be wrong here because I haven't looked at the code of the wave project. I know from the video that Wave is built 100% using GWT. If this is true and it's all open source, then I don't see why the GWT components aren't reusable as is. In which case, you could do all your Wave integration in Java not Javascript... as GWT is meant for Java developers.

Ellison pits Sun and Oracle against AJAX and Google

Daniel Gerson
IT Angle

Google is backing Java in a fashion, so the statements need clarity.

You gotta distinguish between the Java Language and the Java Virtual Machine.

Google Wave, an incredibly impressive interface, is programmed completely in Java by Google.


It also uses common Java toolsets available, but it is not the JVM.

Google is backing the Java language (or at least a pretty big subset) big time with GWT and Android. But Googles moves don't back the JVM or Sun's libraries.