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Microsoft blasts sueball at Samsung over Android patent royalties


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Correction,Yes Samsung owed Microsoft big time even more than their agreement

Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove

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backward step by apple

This is a backward step to when cellphones did not use slim cards. This will not go well with people in the US. Think of it this way, carriers dont care what the slim is in , just want to make money by you using their network. LIke the apple store for apple mobile product, Apple has began to move to restricting their products only to them and this will give Androd device a greater edge on the market

Samsung turns hostile on SanDisk


not a clone

Remember LG Had a phone which Apple IPHONE is a cloneof

Dell touts Windows XP to 2009 - and 'likely longer'

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Linux coming.

Vista is another windows Me, a rush job that has it's problems. Yes we support Dell and it's choice of XP or Vista............ not new from dell who supplied windowss 3.11 with windows 95 as a choice. Linux give you way more features on it's GUI ( Ubuntu Linux) than Windows Vista. It's time that people have a chioce of OSes rather than a one man show hogging the market. Data exchange can happen accross cross platforms.......forget Windows go to Linux

AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell


AMD IS a better design 8080 cpu


AMD CPUs were 64 bit when they (intel)brought out the PII . Now a 64 bit CPU can operate as a 32 bit cpu as well as a 32 bit CPU. Intel cpu's use two registers to do 64 bit stuff. AMD Core was 64 bit, Alpha cores were always 64 bit. I still trying top figure out is Intel CPUS are 'real 64 bit' . I am at a computer that is dual core Intel. I have a 64 bit sigle core AMD Sempron computer at home. There is no difference in performance in the system. Tell me how can Dell sell a system with Intel CPU the same price as a system with AMD CPU when the Intel CPU cost $60US more than the AMD? There was signs of unfair pratices and in the US anti trust suits deal with that.

Let look at it this way, the reason we have so many Microsoft base systems out there becasue an Anti trust suit made IBM open up the architecture. The technology is made by any company that can do it: the technology became cheep. Yet computers such as COmmadore Amiga , which did the Terminator movies on 16MB Ram and lest than 500MB hard disk drive space (Video was not even 5MB and the quality was first class).......... a close architecture, no cheep reproduction of that product; the company fold up because it cannot complete with the cheep IBM architecture. Apple went to Intel to bring down price, Power technology is way advance than an 8080 sup-up-;Pentium set of cpu ( an 8086 is an 8080 rewired with bigger internal register , a pentium is a 8086 with even bigger registers). So the AMD CPU is a better develop 8086 than Intel.

Obituary: HD DVD 2002-2008


HDD and Flask will kill blueray

There is a box availible to add alaptop HDD and plau your movies onto you television set. It is cheep and is becoming popular. This si so with the TIVO boxes. So sooner than later no one will use disk but flash hddds. So i ent worry about blue ray. Now with the cheep DVD doal layer, I still have to keep am in=mmage of the DVD on my hard disk drive because after time the dam disk wount work. Using Virtual Drive software work wounders. So I now giving my verdict on Blueray. rest in peace too.

Man uses mobe as modem, rings up £27k phone bill


what the add says

If it says unlimited then it unlimited and he should not be charge, even if the contract say unlimited for a set amount of band width. For example, it is wrong to say the Sun is an unlimited source of light and say then it willl go out in 50 million years, a contradiction. If any adds say unlimited , he should not pay. Get proof and a lawyer and deal with it.

Dell laptop explodes 'like fireworks'


defalt in laptop design

Why only Dell laptop. Is there suppose to be a a circuit on the laptop that sense taht the battery is fully charged and disconnedt the charging circuit from the Battery? I believe that is the problem with Dell laptops.

JP Morgan's iPhone Nano report is rubbish


it is to happen

in order for apple to compete it has to bring out an Iphone that is budget price (us $120 -299). the big problem with Iphone is that it's only on AT&T network. An unlock version will sell. Now there is a reason for that. The technology is too high. According to market theory , it's a new product of it's types and the 'Idealer' buy it first. It does not run applications such as an office suite or productivity software and apple will try to keep it's os close. AS i had said in an article earlier , i hope it's not like the apple pda, a great product but not market.

PS the thing that propaganda material do , especially in the us is to tell people what they think they want. for example the x box and the ps3, they are selling poor now . because after the idealer get the product, word of month determain weather the Achievers will buy the product. these person depend on opinion leader and the experience of idealers to determain if to buy the product.

already being available on one cell carrier is a big negative for the iphone

UK firm preps iPhone unlocking software


let's not unlock em

let apple pay for using AT&T . every other carrier sell their expensive phones to us eon any network. it is that the technology worth more than it's $500 us price. so you will still pay for it on AT&T. Get a Sony p900 or a Treio phone unlock, they can do hat the iphone can do. what the hackers can do is create the zoom software for the p900 or the trio to allow the phones to zoom the same way as the iphone, this will end the i phone.

Microsoft-Novell partnership hooks Dell


dell better not go with it

There needs to be more anti trust suits against Microsoft. Like Intel with AMD, here is a great product that is at the level to give microsoft compitition and what do they do, buy into the compitation. Dell should forget about Novell and give customer the choice between Ubuntu Linux and Microsoft pain in the you know where os.

Ballmer: Apple's iPhone will be a niche player


touch screen phone with software was here already

sony has the technology already . You can use your finger instead of the stylist. Palm tero has a large library of software. Ipod is a mp3 player that's why many people can download the songs from apple and play them on almost anything without conversing them. My stepson does it with his Sony W810i and Iwith my Konka A26M. Application such as net surfing is now on nearly every cellular phone coming out last year. I hope this phones not another Apple Newton...fantastic technology with no market


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