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Incendiary MacBook blamed in house conflag inferno suit

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A Deep Thought

Has there been an Apple product that did NOT have a spontaneous combustion issue?

Fanbois howl as OS X update bricks PGPed Macs

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but that's what you get when you play with an OS with small market share. You get d*cked around like this time to time.

First official HTML5 tests topped by...Microsoft

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Oh no!

What will MS haters cling onto now!?

Microsoft concedes on blank-screen operations

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Another failure of theReg

WP7 *already* allows 3rd party apps to run under screen lock. Under the old rule, those apps required prior user consent. Under the new rule, you don't need the user permission.

From the very CNet article you linked to...

"Until now, applications that wanted to run when the screen was locked had to get the user's explicit permission. Under new rules announced on Friday, programs can do so without permission"

Microsoft holds Androids hostage in open source wars

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No long article needed. It's not that complicated.

Did they or did they not steal intellectual properties of MS? That's the question in hand, not all this nonsense talk of "hostages." If Acer and Asus think there is no infringement, just tell that to the judge. Otherwise, just pay up like HTC did and become a fair player. Let's not over analyze this.

Gosling blows lid off Jobs Java nonsense

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Simple solution

Just don't bother with Macs. The world can go on without Macs.

Opera: Can someone free Korea from IE?

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Not advanced enough

"My classification: Advanced User"

Hate to break it to you but you are not advanced enough. Once you reach the next level, you will finally see how foolish and naive you were wasting time with Linuxes, Macs and Operas of the world. I know because I've been there.

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"doing 'sh*t' is all IE is good for."

Comments like that make me laugh. Do you really think 2/3 of the world would be using IE if it were that bad? I think not.

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listen everyone

All I know is that IE works fine for most people despite what you geeks say. If you trust MS, which 99% of businesses do unlike many amatuers here, what you do is you embrace the MS ecosystem including IE and just use them to get things done fast. You let other people waste time figuring out which browser has better acid score, is 0.1 sec faster or can block flash ads.

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Did it occur to anyone that maybe Korea is more advanced *because* of IE and ActiveX? If you use them properly, you can actually get sh*t done pretty efficiently.

Can Windows Phone 7 help Microsoft come from behind?

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The author is reading too much into Verizon guy's statement. He's not going to praise WP7 until it becomes available for Verizon early next year.

Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished

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Is it just me

or do all the WP7 articles here really have decidely negative tone to it? Feels as if Reg (and the usual MS hating commentators here) is bitter and annoyed that MS came up with what seems to be really good mobile OS. C'mon, if uber ifanboi John Gruber thinks it's awesome, it can't be as bad as people here think, right?

Google's Microsoft browser outlives Wave nonsense

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happy with ie8

On my setup, IE8 is just as fast as Chrome for most sites. It also lets me see more sites than other browsers. To top it off, experts have said IE8 is probably the most secure of them all. I think IE8 bashers are just a bunch of nitpicking geeks with too much time on their hand. Looking forward to IE9 release later.

Microsoft pulls plug on search bribery machine

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BCB was good

Bing Cash Back saved me over US$400 over last year or so. It was a great way to shop for those who knew. I'm now a full time Bing user and BCB was the reason I first tried Live/Bing. FWIW.

Security bug bites 64-bit Windows 7

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You just have to accept that some people are just, um, stupid.

Microsoft acted on Opera's modified browser proposal?

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It's pretty amazing EU is letting Opera get away these ridiculous arguments. Just wow. Personally? I think there should be an investigation of EU commission members for possible financial interest with Opera. Things just don't seem right here. Besides, Opera browser is a crap. They should at least make it a decent alternative like FF before making everyone else's life difficult.

Microsoft offers EU choice on Windows browsers

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Congrats, EU consumers!

Looks like your EU bureaucrats have finally succeeded in forcing you to waste more time setting up your PC! What's next, a ballot screen to choose a media player and a email program? How about the calculator? I know there are lots of alternative calculator programs and other little Windows programs in download.com. Don't they deserve it also?

Seriously, all EU is doing is giving huge free advertising to all MS competitors at MS expense. That's as unfair and stupid as it gets in my opinion. If they are going to force the ballot screen, at least they should make it a paid spot where companies have to bid for it. In fairness, MS should keep the money. But in EU's spirit, maybe the money raised can go to schools or something. (I know EU would rather funnel the money straight to Opera folk's pocket but hey, they can't be too obvious.)

Microsoft's Windows 7 price gamble opens door to Linux

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Wanna bet?

So Windows 7 netbook will cost $50 more. So what? Wanna bet if people will buy Linux netbook (and suffer its shortcomings) to save 50 bucks on a $300 purchase? Haven't we been on this road before? Two years of netbook history says Windows has already KO'ed Linux in the netbook ring . Early versions were all Linux, remember?

People seem to forget that netbook vendors will have added cost of support and returns with Linux netbooks. Because of this, linux netbooks will have actually *less* operating margin than W7 netbooks, not the other way around as the article suggests.

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

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Who the hell uses Opera anyway these days? I tried it once on my Desktop a year ago and hated it. It had couple unique features but is a big yawner overall. Uninstalled it after 1 day. Heard the phone version gives the full HTML look so I tried that also on my Blackberry Curve. It was slow as hell. Dumped it for Bolt right away. Bolt is faster and easier to navigate.

Opera can't make a product worth my time so they cried uncle to EC. Losers. There's no need to boycott. Just leave them alone and they will fade away in no time.

Behind Microsoft's IE-free, Windows-for-Europe ploy

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Oh shut up you anti-MS shill

I also live in the Bay area and I see so many "techies" who hates MS with passion because they or their company lost to Microsoft in the past. What a bunch of whining losers. Yeah, that also includes Opera, EC and others. OS is a built-in monopoly business like Ebay. MS won. Get over it, losers. If you want your browser shipped with OS, build your own OS, damn it. Why should MS advertise your browser on their product? If you can't build your own OS, then spend your own money for ad campaign or create a really unique product that users can't afford to ignore. The fact is all browsers are about the same. That's why people just go with IE. These losers (especially the Apple and Linux camp) have created sort of a "it's hip to hate MS" meme and now you see novice techies in US or EU repeating the same BS not realizing that they are just being tools for the Apples, Googles and Operas of the world.

Microsoft to bomb Europe with IE-free Windows 7

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Europeans can now look forward to the hassle of installing IE on their own. Or uninstalling redundant browsers that OEM might ship. Thanks EC!

Seriously, I find it pretty amazing that EC is getting away with this kind of abuse of authority. For christ sake, how can you claim MS is anti-competitive when so many users are able to download free alternative browsers so easily? EC is a bunch of whining assholes. You european should be ashamed of having them in power. Boy am I glad I live in US.

Acer: Android netbook to come with... Windows

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How much?

I bet Google is paying them to ship with Android. $15 per netbook would be my guess.

Anyhow, I seriously doubt Android will get much traction. WHo wants to muck with another OS with limited capabilities? (That's right, Linux and Mac are the others.)

EC pressure on Microsoft grows

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Are you kidding me?

Firefox already owns 30+% share. In Europe, I heard it's more popular than IE. Now, why does anyone still think MS must be forced to ship with competing browsers? Should all popular software vendors ship with competing softwares to promote competition? And Google should provide links to Yahoo and Bing search results?

I can understand some anti MS sentiment but this is ridiculous. You EU folks are living in a weird world.