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Microsoft GPL violation hits memory hole

Glyn Simpson
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Hey I used to work for Hey

Back in the Heyday

Microsoft abolishes Money

Glyn Simpson

@David D. Hagood

Yeah, aware of that one. I've been a Microsoft MVP for Money for many years, hence still have some love of the product in its various versions. My pain is that Ihave 20 years worth of data (although I suspect I could bin at least half of that), and I continue to run a website on Money which is showing a little bit of extra traffic at present :), so am not quite ready to abandon it yet :-)

Glyn Simpson


Inevitable decision which I heard about yesterday. Money had been withdrawn from sale in all countries apart from the US and Japan, and they didn't release a version to the US last year which was quite telling at the time.

17 years of the product, I'm trying to decide where to go next, perhaps downgrading myself to one of the versions I know and love the best (95, 97 or 99).

In the UK, there is little choice on what to do next. In the US, Quicken has always been the market leader and that will be the migration path for most over there, should they wish to continue to use a PFM.

Microsoft guns down 13 unlucky products

Glyn Simpson

@Ken Jongsma

Definitely appears to be culled in the UK, although still in-life and supported in the US


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