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RadTech's iPhone lust revival kit

James Grinter

Original iPhone bezel was stainless steel.

and the back was anodised aluminium.

Read the impressive work of analysis here - http://www.macmod.com/peripheral-mods/iphone/1562-iphone-custom

(I can't find any sign of the planned analysis of an iPhone 3G that the above article mentions.)

Digital Spy struggles to pin down tainted ad infection

James Grinter

DS is often flagged by google

This is not a new problem they're having- Digital Spy is often flagged in Google searches as being a source of malware.

Google Docs caves to MS Office 2007 file formats

James Grinter

Useful to avoid the Microsoft Office tax

This is useful for handling the occasional Office 2007 document, as my copy of Office V.x otherwise works perfectly fine thankyouverymuch and I'd happily do without paying another wodge of cash to Microsoft.

(and there's always OpenOffice if I get really desperate!)


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