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11 MILLION VW cars used Dieselgate cheatware – what the clutch, Volkswagen?

Joe Greer

Well, what about the cow shit.. NOx!

yes it is true, cow sh!t is NOx emissions


The NOx BS is way too much.

Malware menaces poison ads as Google, Yahoo! look away

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Your add will not work unless the DNS has been valid for 30 days... no content delivered if the time stamp is newer than x days.

Why can't we sandbox the damn browser?

EU Commission looking for ways to DECLARE WAR on Google

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Hmmm... Search engines and malware...

The last several machines I have had to fix because of Malware from advertisements were from Yahoo News and Microsoft's MSN news. So I suggest the Government blast the seach engines $10 million per virus infestation that happens because of allowing shoddy ADs from un-reputable companies(Scammers).

You actually think that the MS Suface 3 does not use Bing! to track your every move... Come on now, are you a noob?

Say cheese! Europe's antitrust chief has Google boss in her sights – reports

Joe Greer

Idiot Squad....

and Microsoft tells the UK prices are going up 29% this year and 43% if you want on prem with no MS Cloud services... Hmmmm

VMware puts VDI in the woodchipper

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in 10-20 years...

we will have the same feature in Hyper-V, until then MS will say we really don't need that feature.

Hi-torque tank engines: EXTREME car hacking with The Register

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That old tech is heavy and slow, you can do the same with COTS

Well if you consider a Cummins Powered Dodge 1 ton truck COTS you have your engine.

All the torque and power you need, a straight 6 with lots of cast iron, albeit 1/2 of those old war engines.

The correct clutch, transmission and differential and if you want to can make as much power as you want, i.e. factory is 400 hp and 800 lb/ft of torque. The aftermarket guys get up to 1,500 hp and over 2,000 lb/ft of torque when trying to race those same displacement engines.

Apple’s $700 BEEELLION market cap makes it more valuable than Switzerland

Joe Greer

And in other news MicroSoft is posed to make $200 billion this Christmas

they plan on selling a metric shed load of those $99 cheap Win8.1 tablets at Walmart...

Intel teaches Oracle how to become the latest and greatest Xeon Whisperer

Joe Greer

this sounds like something VMware would want...

This makes more sense in the data center with server load or VDI load. VMware licenses the product by socket, so it would not cost any more or less, just that you could change the configuration based on needs. Neat idea, not sure I would pay any extra for it.

Microsoft lobs pre-release Windows Phone 8.1 at devs who dare

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Joe Greer

Re: "Risk wrecking their phones" ???

LOL, then you charge them for fart bags so they can contain the contaminated air! LOL

Windows Phone? I am guessing they will start paying people to use those things and signing a contract that you WILL use the damn phone. LOL

Windows Phone 8.1: Like WinPho 8, but BETTER

Joe Greer

Lock screen content??? Spice it up more

Maybe show it in a different language and switch the words around???

WTF? why rotate it and make it harder to see and have to rotate you phone or head?

Maybe they should require NO buttons as your just going to leave it on all the time... LOL Does anybody use this or are all the focus groups groupies that are fan boys and will not offer real criticism?

I for one want my device to have a home button, some of the previous generation Android devices had a soft home button, back and something else. That wasted screen real-estate on a 1024x800 display. Now on the 1920x1200 displays I care less but still prefer a few navigation buttons like samsung has. And samsung is successful in the designs they sell...

One Win 8 to rule them all: Microsoft talks up 'universal apps' for PCs, slabs and mobes

Joe Greer

the ship is sinking....

I am sure on the Titanic there were some that thought the ship would never totally sink even when it was listing and breaking apart... There are some that have to get wet before they think the ship will sink...

No developer I know cares about the windows desktop, even in the enterprise we are focused on web apps that use JAVA and database backends. No more damn desktop apps. Fat clients are DEAD!

My phone and tablet run IOS and Android and work with almost everything and the apps work perfect. I have no need to spend money on the legacy Microsoft product line.

AMD teases workstation pros with 16GB FirePro W9100 graphics card

Joe Greer

VMware VDI?

sounds like a LOT of RAM for VDI sessions, 256 meg per user would be 64 users per sever with just one card. :-)

Nvidia, VMware join to pipe high-quality 3D graphics from the cloud

Joe Greer

Finally, but we need cards with more RAM, i.e. 16GIG????

The only users that need a workstation are the ones that really should be using a mini cluster or supercomputer time for clock cycles. All other workstation tasks, like 3D CAD are interactive and the hardware goes 99.9999% under utilized during the day.

VMware has the best bare metal performance and we are so happy with how it runs our servers with ANY load. 10 beefy servers are WAY less expensive to maintain and upgrade as opposed to 100 engineering workstations.

So we will see even more of a nose dive in the number of PC's sold per year. And consumers are quite happy with the iPad. So I guess there is no market for Windows 8.1 licenses. :-) Our users have been asking for Mac OS X in a VM as a lot of them have Mac computers at home now...

Microsoft frisks yet another Android gear maker for patent dosh

Joe Greer

The Chicago Outfit had a similar ploy in the 1920's... It worked VERY well for a while. ;)

Microsoft courts mobe-makers, tweaks Windows 8 for WIMPs

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We have so much money....

We can sit on our a$$es for a whole year and party like a rock start! We are so glad you suckers bought DOS, Windows and Office over the years.

Next year we will make things 10x as expensive just to see how well things sell at an insane price!

Microsoft carves out 'niche' in tablets, says numbers chap

Joe Greer

I have had enough!

I am sick and tired of paying the MS tax. They push sh!t out the door and want all the android distributors to pay tax HIGHER than the price of putting Windows Phone8 on your tablet. It is time for the open and free market to be the platform for the next computing platform! Linux or Mac OS X :-)

VMware busts through billion dollar quarter

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They are growing...

because they make a product that does what they say. How do you get windows to run? Run Windows on Linux, or in this case VMware. VERY GOOD SOFTWARE.

Is HyperV good enough, no, and HyperV may never be as good as VMware.

Microsoft aims at VMware with System Center 2012

Joe Greer

VMware ESXi has a free version for Labs and the SMB

VMware ESXi is fast and they have a free version.

VMware ESXi is simple compared to this complicated mess from MS.

VMware ESXi is fast and stable.

We have VMware in the Enterprise and are happy with it and the cost is manageable. Why switch? Why should we change? If I am happy with the iPhone why try a Windows Phone? The reason we ditch products is because they suck, MS-DOS, Win9x? This is very clear in that Windows XP still is a viable OS for many users....

Yahoo! blames quarterly tumble on Microsoft search pact

Joe Greer

U make a deal with the Devil...

you gotta pay the dues, u lost the bet and now he gets your soul!

Intel charges premium for Xeon E7 scalability

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AMD has them beat for Virtual Machines

Hyperthreading has to be turned off on those heavily packed machines running virutal servers, virtual desktops, Oracle, MS SQL, Exchange or Terminal Server.

So the Dell R815 is still king of the VM hill with 48 cores...

Dell, HP badmouth Apple's iPad

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HP, seriously?

Well, HP is crap in my book. They bought neoware and converted from the HP thin client OS to Neoware OS, you think things would be better, NOT. Tech support is terrible, speak poor english and have all kinds of issues, like WIFI not working on the Linux versions and the wired port taking 60 seconds to get a DHCP address. So they can't even make a thin client worth a damn. We are moving to all Wyse because they can do Linux thin clients and they can make all the features work, heck they even have tech support!

Why US antitrust regulators should probe Google search

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Google is bad, then what is Microsoft???

I can see the reason to regulate monopolies, but Microsoft had done more damage in the last 10 years than any company will ever do in the next century.

SGI talks Windows on Altix UV

Joe Greer

Windows on a super? VMware ESX?

Well, Windows is dead, who cares. If it ran VMware ESX then you might have something.

Microsoft buffs Silverlight for HTML5 video contest

Joe Greer

Foot 2 A$$ for the Anonymous Coward

Dude, who in the hell is still thinking the future is MS and MS dev tools? Didn't you get kicked in the balls over Active X on ie 6? If not just close your eyes and put a patch on your crotch that says kick me if you hate Active X plugins on the Internet!

If you want to make money the apple platform is where it is at, iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Corporate America took hook, line and sinker the MS crap and look where they are at. Stuck with IE 6.

Microsoft slings mud in VMware living room

Joe Greer

MS is about to get pushed out of center stage

When you can run your apps on VMware with NO OS Microsoft is very concerned. VMware is close to doing that for applications and server services. What do users use daily? Applications. They do not care about the OS. Windows just gets in the way, at least with a MAC computer the OS is there but is not in your face all the time with errors and dialog boxes...

Microsoft's time is over, they assumed for too long they would be the only mafia in the USA, now the russians and the chinese are doing a beat down on Microsoft.

Microsoft's Silverlight 4 - more than Flash envy

Joe Greer

Adobe Flash is bad but silverlight is worse

Two words:


Microsoft can go fly a kite, I am ready for standars so if I decide to buy an Android phone or iPhone to replace the Blackberry it should be a great internet experience, not some POS Zune phone that can get viruses!

The decade or two of MS is gone, all the high school and college kids want Macs and iPhones. Microsoft is not cool and they cannot buy cool. IBM was smart and did not try to buy cool when they were loosing the war to the PC generation. MS, not so smart.

-The Average Joe

McAfee false positive bricks enterprise PCs worldwide

Joe Greer
Black Helicopters

We had some systems at other offices damaged

Our EPO server only gets updates once per day, so we were still distributing 5957, other sites were not so protected. Some admins have the EPO server getting updates every hour and distributing these to the machines every hour, useless.

With EPO if you need a new dat you manually pull it down and push a new managed update job to all your machines to get the new dat for a critical 0 day.

I agree McAfee needs to do some better testing and checksum the OS files that are NEVER rogue.

They also need an option to quarantine/copy a file, so later IT can look at the file attributes to determine who and what downloaded it. Auto deleting viruses is bad. The user downloading the virus needs to be dealt with.

Now I would like to see one of those comparisons on the TCO between Windows and Macs or Windows and Linux machines. :-)

The Average Joe

Adobe man to Apple: 'Go screw yourself'

Joe Greer

They only want the iPhone, no Mac Apps???

Where is all the goodies for the Mac fans? i.e. Hardware accelerated flash?

Oh yea, this is a windows only world, but lets bitch we cannot get our code on the iPhone.

I say flash had it's time, now move over HTML 5 is here and all browsers should support that natively. Developers can now make pages to a standard and not have to worry about what version of 3rd party plug-in is installed.

Flash sucks, it makes the fan on my macbook go nuts. The video quality compared to a windows box is not as good. You can really tell they just want to cover the most popular bases.

Dell flogs its 'zero client'

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We have the eVGA Portal model in the lab

I believe these Dell units are the same as the eVGA portal, still a Teradici product. It appears to run Linux with the 32bit MIPS chip and does have a 3 meg compressed firmware image. It is quite fast and draws 13 watts of power.

I used the unit plugged into a Dell Optiplex 755 PC and it was as fast as using the local keyboard and mouse. These will allow corporate america to use Virtual Desktops for 64 bit 3D engineering applications. Each engineering user gets 64 gig of ram, the physical box has 128 and you have 16 simultaneous users running similar and related ProE models. via the memory ballooning and page sharing they think they have 64 gigs of ram but really are sharing ram and not using all the ram. Even if we only get 8 users that is still 8 users on a $10k server as compared to 8 users on $15k workstations.

If we need more resources with VMware VDI we just add more hosts to the cluster and the users are distributed to the most available machine.

The days of uber expensive workstations may be ending soon...

Microsoft fluffs Feds with secure cloud

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Do you really trust MS

I don't and would not use this service.

Intel aims 30W Nehalem at 'microservers'

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Do you need shared storage for VMware???

No, you can have shared storage and just use it when you Svmotion from local SCSI/SAS to FC/iSCSI and then you can do your work on the physical host.

I think Intel is trying to steal some market from Dell. I thought it was Dell China or Dell India that is selling something like this already. Could it be that Dell is using AMD? Oh the horror!

Microsoft cuts down Chinese 'Tomato Garden'

Joe Greer

First we should get to the real point

Quit printing our US Currency. Who gives a rip about WIndows when they just print all the money they want...

Uncle Sam shells out $62m for 100GbE

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WTH 1500 byte packets?

You have to be kidding me. What a bunch of morons.

Microsoft rubs Web 2.0 noses in SharePoint cash pile

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Does anyone trust MS anymore? Trustworthy Computing...

Home users do not trust MS with their files and neither does corporate America. As soon as we can get out of ms jail we will.

Microsoft weighs next-phase in open-source support

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Microsoft and Open Source, Joke right?

This is insane.

MS just wants to be in the press. They have 100% focus on destroying any and all competitors.

I believe this as much as I believe that Elvis lives...

WhipTail promises no bull 6TB SSD

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Just run Solaris and ZFS

You take one dell PE905 server with 128 gig of ram and pack in two shelves of 2.5 drives and do RAID10, you have 4k in 64 gig intel SSD bare drives for cache and 4k in sata 500g drives, 10k in shelves and 12k in the dell server. That is 30k for 10TB and you can grow it for ever with ZFS.

You will just need a competent Unix/Linux guy and not a MCSE certified monkey.

Intel cozying up to Google Chrome OS

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Google is the ONE company...

Google is the one that can do Linux right, look at the number of servers they support in their data centers. With Windows they would need an entire army to keep the damn things running. Look at the density they have per container, over 1,000 per container.

It is possible to make a secure os, but users will have to give up the option of installing ANYTHING they want and have to have ALL apps approved, like the iPhone.

I also assume these secure computers will only work right when connected to the Internet in some way.

'Secure' Wyse thin clients vulnerable to remote exploit bugs

Joe Greer

Are you sure this is an issue???

Thin clients connect to a server via a broker to read email and surf the internet. This would mean on the inside you have soft cushy windows machines owned by outside hackers that are on the same L2 subnet as your thin clients.

Who wants to target thin clients on the inside, there are far more mac computers to poke at that are on the internet or surfing the web and reading email with Flash, Acrobat and Java.

We use a different vendor for thin clients and we never use the software out of the box. It takes 62 seconds to image the thin client with the software we use.

Hackintosh maker rises from the dead

Joe Greer

Microsoft is the backer of Paystar...

I bet that MS is the backer. With billions in cash and as ruthless as MS has been over the years I have no doubt that they are trying to kick apple in the jimmy.

MS has pissed me off more this week, trying to roll out 64 bit machines for our engineers:

*) Mortals cannot un-install outlook express

*) Mortals cannot un-install MSN Messenger

*) Mortals cannot delete any default microsoft screen saver

*) Mortals cannot disk clone a Windows computer with out a unique sid

*) Any version of .NET requires version 3.5 sp1 patch at 300 megabytes

*) Mortals(non-administrative users) still cannot defrag the disk

*) Home users cannot remove ie 6, 7 or 8(corporate america is the only group that should use ie)

*) Termianl server clients do not accelerate directx or OpenGL graphics

WTH is up with 32 bit windows? Hell the last current cpu that was 32 bit only was the P-III or some of the crappy P4 variants. AMD has been making 64 bit processors since April 2003 and htey announced it in 2000. Why keep allowing the developers to make only 32 bit drivers, force them to update to 64 bit so the users have no choice. If you have enough poop to run Vista or Vista 7 you already have a 64 bit cpu.

Microsoft to talk Sun-cloud interoperability

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Don't trust a ho, never trust a ho.


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