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Microsoft uses Windows Update to force Windows 10 ads onto older PCs



Seriously nowhere has MS ever said anything about payments other than if you want v10 you get it free in the first year yet so many idiots still say OMG MS will cut me of if I don't pay yearly, where the F*** do you get off on this crap? Where have MS ever said they are intent on a rental only scheme. The Tin foil hatters are really going to town here.



So MS are making a way of telling users that an upgrade will be available. That's it. Are they forcing it, no, they will say get it if you want it.

But making it more obvious than just putting a note in the trade press. Whoopy bloody do, that they dare to waste a few of your blessed bytes creating a notification of the new version, give you the option of it for nowt.

At least they aren't forcing a new U2 album on us all.

Slovenian jailed for creating code behind 12 MILLION strong 'Mariposa' botnet army


And 99% of mobile malware is Linux/android based, give it a rest, all malware now is really the fault of the wetware.

Bing is the most heavily poisoned search engine, study says


Funny I've never seen this, I know one data point etc, what were they using a machine that was already compromised? still this article smells a bit somehow.

New vicious UEFI bootkit vuln found for Windows 8

Black Helicopters

So switched off mechanisms don't work? this isn't a windows 8 problem beyond people turning off secure boot against all the warnings, why would someone running a Win8 box do this, only folks running other OSes would do this and then how exactly is it microsoft's fault if you get stung? Distros that don't get a way of preventing the bootloader being changed are surely opening their users to unacceptable risk., if the hardware supports it it's almost criminal not to do so too, even if MS proposed parts of it.

Blackhole 2: Crimeware kit gets stealthier, Windows 8 support


Win 8 support??

Errm not really, it reports back to say what? nope, I can't get in here. This report hardly claims that win8 is susceptible to this. El Reg at it's best getting click through cash...

Apple lawyer: 'I promise I am not smoking crack'


"I'm not smoking crack", lawyer speak for I'm sucking on LSD tabs... that "crack" by the judge does mean many many more years work for the lawyers if not this judge however and higher prices for the punters.

Microsoft tightens grip on OEM Windows 8 licensing


Re: Rather than

Certainly for upgrades I thought they had done that, Haven't seen any retail prices yet, but Shirley((c) Zucker) no-one wants win8 so shouldn't they make it easier to pirate to increase their marketshare (for nothing), after all according to the mindthink it increases their profits somehow.


Windows 8 & piracy

Since all the commentators have been saying what a failure Win8 is going to be, shouldn't they be happy that fewer people will be able to pirate it, surely it means that folks and or pirates will move to their prefered OS for free, rather than Windows 8? Or just stick with XP (ugh time's running ouy folks) or 7.

Do the Linux crowd really want all the ex windows users running as root (they will), bombarding their support sites and making various popular distros look like Windows ME on a bad day on forums everywhere?

As for problems with motherboard replacements I've never had an issue that calling MS on a freephone number didn't resolve quickly, do you really think they haven't got a way to fix the issue?

Microsoft: Gmail rival Outlook.com will 'look good on your iPad' 



Seems the ABMers and fanbois are out in force.

Sorry folks MS introduce a new thing, immediately the ABM/Linux/Fanbois have to post "well it's crap" posts regardless of what it is, it comes from Microsh1t type comments.

I tried it and it seemed like my outlook in a web page maybe I'm missing something. Maybe there is an advantage in moving to outlook.com but can't yet see it, I've had a hotmail account for donkeys years and don't suffer a spam problem, maybe one a week, perhaps not using your email account for sex sites has an advantage.

IT support bod? Whatever you earn, it's not enough


Re: In my humble experience...

So you drank in the Fat Cat, cycled a lot and promoted Linux all the time (Mandrake).

It was terrible/unusable by the way but this was 2001 - couldn't cope with the bog standard VGA and locked up hard if I tried to log on as root, but other than that it was perfect Tony.

Is the Cat still any good been away for a few years?


Re: helpdesk staff

Working for a company with 150,000 employees, got a support ticket at my 3rd line job, "User has requested an application and it hasn't arrived." OK no user name, no machine ID, phone number, country, department, application name or whether it was a standard application, needs to be ordered, installed over the network or by actual visit, yet, it went through 1st and 2nd line without a neuron flickering somewhere along the line.

Having said that 1st line really do have to deal with some real muppets and 2nd line spend all their time deflecting the crud the article talks about and I salute most of them.

Beer cos it's driving me even more to drink.

BOFH: Shove your project managementry up your mailbox!


Hmm met a few quite reasonable project manages - had Simon said Change Managers then no amount of violence is enough.

Bill Gates: iPad is OK, but what Apple really needs is a SURFACE


Re: They might do OK

you hate w8 which hasn't been released? Hmm. I don't have hardware to try the latest release but most of the cries on the internet seem to be from folks who've heard it's crap not actually sat down and used it for more than a minute.

Like the unity rage most of the noise is from people who haven't tried it.

Fusion-io shoves OS aside, lets apps drill straight into flash


Recipe for disaster

Hmm an app that can write to memory that the OS has no control over? What possible harm could malware writers cause with this. What's going to stop a rogue app writing over any memory it likes if the OS can't stop it. This is why the win 9x line was killed off, is the OS overhead really that bad? It's not worth the speed against the damage done.

Penguin pulls its e-books off library shelves


As a former employee of Pearson's IT dept, sorry what's the problem they need the money, thousands of employees and authors, they own the Financial Times would you steal that from the newsagent too? They're one of the biggest educational publishers in the world or do you think University students should only read old works and researchers should starve? Freetards of the world need to understand their actions.

Acid3 browser test drops DOM tripper-upper


Umm 100% pass = fail?

Head explode on that one, perhaps Daily Fail needs to suggest this to correct the rise in clearly false exam results in the UK.

Microsoft swings axe at 'hundreds' of jobs globally


Lay Offs?

Odd they phoned me up this week with a view to head hunt me. I'm committed to another job for a while. MS is a big company (but not as big as us!) so the idea that some bits close and others expand shouldn't be a shock.

Laid-off public sector techies better get flexible to survive


Agree completely

I worked for the post office for 12 years in the computing dept, OK there were some duffers that the system couldn't get rid of but there was also some of the best, cleverest minds I've come across and I went to Cambridge Uni to do Mathematics. Is the PO unique I doubt it. Do you think that they'll stay with Osbourne's public sector cuts?

Not likely, so we get a smaller state that actually can't run the place if it wanted to. I got poached by a large company and I'm merely good, not like some of the very pissed off gods I'm talking about...

England versus Germany: Quaff real ale


Shock, not really

Pubs with predominately real ale drinkers rarely if ever have trouble, the only time I've seen it at my local was when a large stag party invaded, all drinking lager and of course it all kicked off between them.

Perhaps it's not so much what's in real ales as to the chemicals they put in the fizzy yellow stuff. Seen a similar thing with darts against pool players, but it's probably just a yoof thing.

Beer Icon for a reason my alcohol raddled brain can't remember.

Tory £12bn public sector cuts proposal would claim IT scalps


Let's see

Which would I rather lose one per cent or 100 per cent of my wages? Tricky that.

Aren't contractors/consultants meant to be cheaper as they don't get all the company "benefits" ?

Having said that there were some non technical consultants on £2500 a day on my last job. WTF! Despite them the project saved 40 million a year.

Need a drink now, too depressing.

BOFH: The PFY Chronicles Part The Third



If I was the BOFH i'd be worried about the cash et al appearing at a local police station with his fingerprints miraculously back on them... and the cameras showing him put the cash there. Especially if he didn't. The PFY is well trained.

Said the talll guy who'se older than Moses....



What money or computer in the bin?? It's all waste paper look. But if I was a head beancounter I'd be worried about what's in my locker. PFY fall for this? Nah. Very funny though, thanks Simon.

It's official: Adobe Reader is world's most-exploited app


No sh*t sherlock

As an IT pro who looks after hundreds of thousands of machines, MS make it easy for us, Adobe is a f'ing nightmare, not getting rid of old versions stupid installers that insist on running in the logged on user context they really are nearly as bad as apple at windows software and that's saying something

Bada Bing tickles UK fancies



Wow search for sex on a search engine, turn off the child locks and it finds some, who'd have thunk it? Wouldn't it have been a bit more of a story if it didn't return your expected results?

MS Bing, so pi*s poor it can't even find pr0n on the internet?

I know MS can never ever do anything right but really guys, this really has the sound of bottom of barrels being scraped.