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Firefox users flip out over sneak MS add-on

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MMMMMMMMMM, you know what to do.....

Also @ Eddie Edwards:

Having the so-called dominating web browser in the market.....Microsoft should not have to resort to this. Eddie is right. Updates should be just that....updates, not some method to screw with other companies' stuff.

I have used Microsoft products since DOS 3 something or other. I moved over to Ubuntu after being mucked about at work far too many times to remember ( and that was in one week!!!). If you don't want Microsoft ruling your life, don't complain! Do something about it!

Irish politicos try to cut off call girls' mobiles


And how does he know this?

How does he know that mobile phones are the lifeblood of erm...ahem.....old professionals????

Was he privy to this information first hand? Maybe it was part of his (Irish) 'legal' ministerial expenses!!!

Storage world asks: Is a copy a backup?



Why must data be in a different format? Why must it be in a different place? Geez, are these guys out to convolute any/all existing practices just because it is going to make them sound 'smarter' because they (in their own little worlds) found three quasi-arguments to substantiate their place in the computing cosmos?

Get real!!!!!!!!!!

Any method the user chooses to preserve their data, despite the 'expert opinions' of how good or bad, will still be a backup to that user.

Mine is the one with the holographic disk in the pocket


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