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Gay-bashing cult plans picket of Steve Jobs funeral



God alone holds the ability to judge.

Calling themselves Christians, they need to use the New Testament as well as the Old. It is written very clearly in the New Testament that the Old Testament "rules" about tit-for-tat are no longer valid with the coming of Christ.

They are simply using whatever parts of the Bible they wish to further their "cause" and get in the news, not caring that they are giving those who are not Christian the wrong idea of what Christianity is about.

I have been busy and away from the computer for several days so this is my first chance to respond.


True Christianity is about Love not Hate

If these people were truly Bible practicing Christians, they would not be doing this. They need to go back and read the Bible and then practice what it really says... especially in the New Testament about loving your fellow man. You do not have to support the sin, but you are still NOT to do things like WBC is doing.

It is people like these members of Westboro Baptist Church which give those who do not know what Christianity is really about a bad name.

If they do this in "God's Name" the Bible clearly states that they will be held accountable for those who turn their backs on Christianity as a result of their action. They will not like what God has in store for people misleading others in His name.

Jesus NEVER said to do anything in hate, and that God loves even those who sin even though he holds final judgment on them for their actions.

Ofcom slaps down ham botherer


@Alan Lewis 1

Ever hear of generators? I can operate for extended times on both battery backup and a generator in case the power goes out. Oh, I can also keep the food cool, place heated/cooled, and the well pump running.

You have (possibly inadvertently) brought up another point. Many disasters do affect our antenna farms, but we have the knowledge and usually the resources to put a serviceable antenna back in the air (to get back on the air) in short order. This cannot always be said about municipalities (not knocking them as many have their radio systems serviced by an outside service vendor and do not have a staff of knowledgeable technicians as a result. They also may not have the budget to keep spare antennas, etc.).

@ other posters:

As has been mentioned, ham radio will be able to communicate no matter what happens to the Internet or phone systems (landline and cellular).

Many large public evens would not be possible if not for the volunteer communications help from radio amateurs.

During and after major events/disasters, municipal radio systems will be overloaded at best and destroyed at worst. At best, ham operations will take a lot of the load off the municipal system with both low priority and life saving communications, and at worst, will be the sole communications resource.

73 de N3MTJ

Nominet forgets what the first .uk domain name was


Well, duh!




As I sit here slurp...um...drinking my coffee on this windy sunny Sunday morning, I find myself wondering this:

Who cares who cares?

Now back to my irregularly scheduled programming, coat and all. And, no. my coat pockets never contained any ISO guides to read and get anally pedantic about.

419ers threaten terrorism charges


Ohe Reeley??

@ Matt21: "You have to keep in mind that this purports to come from the US, so normal standards of grammar and spelling don't apply ;-)"

Wuja meen normel standerdz dont applie? Uv korse they duu.....

Mine's thee won with thEe elektronik speel chucker inn the frunt poket. Ore maybee tHe reere poket, I fergit.

Jailbreak hole found in Apple TV firmware

Thumb Up

Not bad at all

It was rather late last night when I saw the article and my brain had already turned to mush so I couldn't think of any lyrics....


Cue the Rolling Stones, please!

Sorry, I just had a flashback.....

Mine's the one with the 45's and a couple spindle adapters in the oversized pockets.

Moms stand firm against antenna madness


Photoshop disaster

Looking at that photo makes me think "Photoshop disaster"!!

It reminds me of a Tennessee town that wanted to remove fluoride from their water supply be voting to ban all chemicals. The town engineer stated willingness to do so as long as they were required to boil their water (the vote would have removed chlorine as well). IOW: "clueless is as clueless does".

I also think they hate guinea pigs from their expressions.

Twitter airport bomb joker loses second job


I wonder.....

"...as it is a contraction of two words - mine and is - which always requires the use of an apostrophe."

Would that be an apostrophe catastrophe?

Die-hard bug bytes Linux kernel for second time


[Imagine catchy title here]

Being closed source hasn't kept Windows vulnerabilities from being made public..... Malware developers don't let a simple license clause making it illegal to disassemble code slow them down.

No matter what the OS, there will be vulnerabilities; even the old VIC-20 and C64 had their weak spots that would render them useless permanently.

I prefer using Linux over any other OS, but don't operate under a delusion that it is 100% safe. Among the reasons I am such a fan of Linux and other open source software is that I love to play around with the code under the hood.

Toshiba warns of fiery laptops


"Worldwide recall of ball burners"

Oh, nuts......

Mine has the fireproof pockets.

Drunken employee pops cap in server


:Insert title of your choice:

Must have been bad alcohol making him think he could play a first-person-shooter with a server....

Goldmember: "Let the shoosting begin!" (Lisa Douglas said that on Green Acres, too, loooooong before Goldmember)

Mine's the pockmarked bullet resistant one.

The Reg guide to Linux, part 1: Picking a distro


Fully agree, sisk

The only reason I'm using Windows at the moment is that I cannot tether my Omnia (the original one) cellphone to any of my Linux boxes (we moved and that is currently the only option including satellite at the moment - getting electricity took the power company a few days to get a line down here). I'll play MS Flight Simulator, work with RAW photo (mainly because I am so used to the program I use for RAW files) files in Windows and that is about it. Most all other photo work gets done in Linux by the GIMP.

As an aside; I use Open Office for a lot of my spreadsheet needs because as of MS Office 2003, you could not do conditional formatting with data from another sheet (it returns errors stating you can't) for a large spreadsheet I use for budgeting, billing, and bill paying. Pulling data for conditional formatting makes the summary sheet a lot easier to view at a glance.

I know of more than one person who took a trashed and non-restorable Windows installation, replaced it with a Linux distro for lack of funds for a friend or family member and the only comment was that it booted and ran faster and the icons looked different, but they never complained about not being able to do anything they used to do.

As a result, it seems most of people's issues with Linux and open source stems from being locked-in by proprietary formats nowadays (I know that there are exceptions to this sentence).

Canadian mobe firm sued over disappearing husband


Sorry, can't think of a title

I dunno....sounds like she was the loose one.

Viagra spam shop live on Twitter for a month


Trusting unlicensed sources?

I don't think I would want to trust the quality and safety of such drugs from an unlicensed and obviously non-quality controlled source. (Not that "approved" sources have been absolutely 100% without problems-not a knock, just an observation)



Did anybody involved wonder just how long they could keep it up?

Boobquake fails to destroy planet

Paris Hilton

No earthquake....

...but the temperature just went up a few degrees. Yep, she triggered localized global worming.

We already know Paris can affect temperatures, etc.

Loud sex ASBO woman back on the job


Reminds me of a neighbor of mine

I don't want to get off topic to stereos, but being a ham radio operator, while living in an apartment, a neighbor next to us liked to turn the volume up...whump, booom, whump, boooom, etc., I decided to try an experiment.

I got on the air and held a nice conversation with a friend. After the cheap CD player went into laser lock, I watched her take the stereo to her car. About a week later, I saw it return, and the loud music started again.

Once again, after laser lock during a conversation with a friend, the music stopped, and looking out the window a couple minutes later I saw the stereo go into the dumpster!

I normally operated when things were quiet, but with the (US) FCC Part 15 on my side, I wanted to have some fun - and revenge for sleepless nights. No, I never told her what was going on as I was never asked.......

BOOTNOTE: She got a better stereo with better speakers that didn't resonate so badly.

Google's reCAPTCHA busted by new attack


The Lone Tone

"Also diluting its effectiveness, the system accepts 'off-by-one' errors such as 'lone' instead of 'tone.'"

If only my teachers 35 years ago would have been so forgiving.... Heck, even if my spill chucker were that forgiving.

Atlantis glides home with choked pee nozzle


Sounds familiar........

.....Maybe NASA uses the same contractors Airbus uses.

Hotmail phish exposes most common passwords


Now I know......

....why my luggage keeps getting broken into.....

My combo is all lower case........

Ofcom fails to sweep away power-line networking


@Michael C

As a ham radio operator, I can assure you that those on the helping end usually have power. We have a mess near where I live and the effects can be heard many miles from the city (in the US) where the system is located. In fact, the noise level is high enough that weaker signals cannot be heard. Those with directional antennas that can be rotated can confirm the direction of the interference.

Ham radio has been instrumental in high seas rescues when the ham receiving the distress call has been in the correct location to receive it. Due to the nature of radio, you cannot count on "official" maritime stations hearing the calls for help, it may hinge on an inland station hearing it. BPL (Broadband on Power Line) here in the US and elsewhere can interfere with weak signals like this. Many of the vessels are simply pleasure yachts with barely adequate antennas and medium power radios, so the receiving end MUST be interference free. They may even be limited on how much power they can run due to a mostly depleted battery as their engine(s) will not run.

Even if a hurricane or other natural (or man-made) disaster occurs, the equipment used in the disaster area may be limited by how much emergency power is available (a small camping generator vs. larger ones) and a quickly raised antenna until more effective equipment can be put into service. If power line noise as produced by BPL is prevalent throughout the country, then those weaker signals may not be heard by those who know what aid is required.

Other services besides ham radio operators are also affected by these systems.

On the other hand, there are implementations of BPL that are not harmful to licensed radio operations that should be explored. The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) has actually installed such equipment right at their high frequency (AKA "shortwave") antennas with no interference.

Firefox 4.0 flashes lusty leg at Windows lovers

Paris Hilton


That will push me over to Seamonkey full time instead of experimenting with it. Mozilla is forgetting that it is good to be different in many ways. Imitating IE is NOT helping Firefox maintain whatever unique image they have developed.

Paris: Knows better than to change her interfaces......

ISP redesign unites the web in nausea


A bit of advice to BE:

Do your own site design; letting your competition do it isn't doing your image much good...

Apple sued over shrink-wrapped Mafia death threats


My other concern

First; @aelfheld

> More like he's missing not only some sandwiches, but condiments, napkins, and the picnic basket.

I think he's also missing the obligatory ants and yellow jackets that accompany picnics.

OK, seriously, what if he reaches his limit and we next hear of him doing something like taking out a school full of grade school "mafia trainees"? I'm hoping that this is fairly old news and he is already getting the psychiatric care he needs before innocents suffer from his illness.

Fancy dropping into Pitetsbkrrh?


That is pretty observant!!

I've caught a few boo boos similar; mostly in movies (then again, most special effects people are clueless about using anything halfway technical in a realistic fashion).

The US also no longer requires CW (Morse Code) to be part of testing for any ham licenses. I'm glad because of being unable to copy code due to the dits and dahs sounding the same after a dozen or so characters. I messed up on a First Class Radiotelephone Operator's license in the early 80s as a result; I had everything but CW. Aced the written, but hosed the code......

I am wondering if they are using the original mechanical stepper or upgraded to a mis-programmed electronic keyer.

Staten Island manhole swallows texting teen


Darwin/Murphy Reunion

Just think...if they had cones there already, the story would be about a teen scraping her nose on the pavement after tripping over the cone while texting............

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

Paris Hilton

Anybody in the EC technically inclined?

It seems that the EC thinks that ALL computers MUST use Windows. If they really wanted to curb the perceived monopoly M$ has, they should look at why Windows shows up on such a large number of computers and why there are so few drivers written for use with Open Source software.

I use Linux every chance I can, and prefer it, but Windows is Microsoft's operating system, and should not be forced to keep certain applications off just to satisfy some whining. I also remember the days that you had to pay to get the non-adware version of Opera. Anybody else curious about this? I do have to say that Opera on my cell phone blows IE out of the water and into orbit.

Those who jump on the fact that most Linux distro developers put Firefox on as default probably don't realize that Firefox is not embedded in the system and can be removed quickly and painlessly with the package manager (where you can also find - and install - replacement browsers). There is a decent assortment of browsers available, but Firefox (in my opinion) is the tops, with Seamonkey coming in a close second - but it has roots attached to Firefox.... For those who like to live life on the edge, there is Dillo, and even further out on the edge is Lynx!!! Try surfing eBay with Lynx!!!! LOL

Paris: She knows better than the EC!!

Google prepping Web2.0rhea search?


Pepto-Bismol anybody?

For some reason, I feel the need to check the stock in my medicine cabinet.......

Firefox users flip out over sneak MS add-on


Might explain something.....

The other day I found a bunch of .net EULA and installation files lurking on an external drive on one of the Windows boxes. I wonder if each time I was unknowingly installing some MS .net app it was dumping that junk there (I know the article leads to say that you had to click to accept it, but that might not be true in every case - I have noticed some sites behaving differently starting a couple months ago and put it off to them making a change on the site).

I also do wonder about the legality of that. Granted when I installed Norton on the Windows machines, it installed an add-on to scan incoming add-ons, but this is different.

@ statement above about "weaknesses" in Firefox: At least it shows up in the add-on bar; Who knows what they put under the hood of IE that we never know about....

At least I don't see that mess in Firefox on my Linux machines and this confirms why I feel constrained when I use Windows!