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Freeview kit to require retune tomorrow

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Re: HD Channels moving or not moving?

I meant of course "if this is the case" - oops!

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HD Channels moving or not moving?

Confusingly contradicting "The Register" this site says the HD channels won't be moving as originally planned. If shit is the case then I'm not inclined to retune and have the hassle of deleting all the crud off my EPG and reprogramming all the series links.


UN defends human right to WikiLeaked info

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League of Nations

No, it was set up in 1919 in the aftermath of the First World War in an attempt to avoid a rematch. It had some sucesses in its early years, but failed in the end with the rise of Nazi Germany (who left the League in 1933 if I remember rightly).

Before the iPad, there was the Newton

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I'm fairly certain the Z8503008 is a Z85C3008 two-channel serial controller. In Zilog coding this is an 8MHz Z85C30; there is also a 16MHz part Z85C3016.

Apple to reveal hallowed iPhone 4.0 on Thursday

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No, Wrong

"Because you don't need to copy that stuff from Excel into that e-mail you're sending. Or use the calculator while sending an SMS. Or having some app open, take a pic and return to the app."

I can do all those things on my iPhone - none of them need multi-tasking. Perhaps use that Blackberry to look up exactly what multi-tasking means?

Hubble back in form with stunning new images

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Stephan's Quintet

@Gene Cash ... there are five; that 'one' in the middle is two close together.

RIP Personal Computer World

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Sad to see it go ...

... especially as I renewed my subscription only one month ago. Do I get my money back?

Boffins: Ordinary lightbulbs can be made efficient, cheaply

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I'll get me coating

"Can anyone explain why they don't put coatings on the inside of tungsten bulbs to react to the IR radiation, the way that they do with fluorescent tubes?"

Flourescent tubes generate UV light which the coating absorbs and reemits as lower energy visible light. Tungsten bulbs generate lots of IR which cannot be so easily converted to visible light as it is a lower energy radiation than visible light.


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