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BBC dumps Gulf oil spill on Middlesbrough

Nicholas Smith

One out of two

The air quality in Middlesbrough surprisingly isn't that bad. The streets you're right about mind.

Apple iPad – the 'Tickle Me Elmo' of 2010

Nicholas Smith


Well done, this is one of the most coherent and well written comments I've seen on one of these articles.

Apple MacBook mid-2010

Nicholas Smith

2GB is just not enough?

Really? As I've ran an older model Macbook for about 18 months with 2GB, and that's been with a code environment, Terminal, two Safari windows loaded with multiple tabs, Mail.app, iTunes, Launchbar, TextEdit, TextWrangler and so on, and so on. Never got slow down, everything was snappy.

Revealed: Government blows thousands on iPhone apps

Nicholas Smith

iPhones & Unemployment

a) you can pick up a second hand iPhone for not a lot now, and Apps don't just run on iPhones there is the cheaper option of an iPod Touch, b) they may have bought it when they were in happy, steady employment, c) the jobcentre isn't *just* for people who are unemployed.

At least they're trying new ideas of engagement out, and at least they also made sure it was Android compatible.

(Also should be made clear, it was developed at the start of this year in the heady days prior to the election)

Apple lifts iPhone code ban (for chosen few)

Nicholas Smith
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A Shorter Reply

Ain't that the truth.

iPhone manufacturer to shutter China factories

Nicholas Smith

Yeah thank god!

Damn right! Because thats a drop in the ocean in China!

It's still 800k people, who'll probably end in crappier jobs.

Orange re-bundles broadband

Nicholas Smith

Took them long enough

Back about 4 years ago I was working front line tech for Orange and the LLU was the biggest debacle I've ever come across. They should have scrapped it there and then, but persisted and carried on despite the fact that it was clearly not working *anywhere*.

Common sense but a little too late.

BT takes axe to Local Business

Nicholas Smith

All of BT

All of BT Business is a shambles, and over the last year they've gotten significantly worse.

I can accept a fuck up as long as someone holds their hands up and goes "Sorry guv, this is what's gone wrong, we're sorry", rather than playing the blame game.

Dell chalks up tablet PC

Nicholas Smith

Colour me interested

I'm actually quite interested in this, I want an ebook reader but I'm loathe to pay £200 for one (more if I get the one I want, the Nook). This could fit a nice niche for me, between the on the go usability of my iPhone and the 'work' environment of my Macbook. Something for me to read eBooks on, use for browsing the internet whilst in the kitchen,

Yeah I'm impressed, lets hope Dell don't screw it up with a ridiculous price or hardware that feels like it's going to disintegrate in my hands.

Barnes & Noble mulls Android SDK for Nook reader

Nicholas Smith

So no titles then?

"Publishers will decide which titles are lendable".

Uh. Yeah that'll work well. If it's a book I've bought *I'll* decide who I lend it to, thanks.

Barnes & Noble's ebook reader takes its bow

Nicholas Smith
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I want one, so badly I'm probably going to just pay to import it if they don't seem to be launching a UK model.

Doesn't really matter to me about being able to use their eBook store, or the 3g, it's got WiFi and a USB connection so it's perfect. Plus if it's based on Android there'll no doubt some clever hackers building in functionality straight off.

Fresh effects for Cocoa apps

Nicholas Smith

RE:Re: Face Palm

Could of course put it on github and try and get people to collaborate on it, but of course it might just turn the world inside out if more people start using undocumented features.

Schneier says he was 'probably wrong' on masked passwords

Nicholas Smith


If you're daft enough to use your own email account during a presentation, and not a test one you don't care about, then you deserve to have your password compromised.

Britain leads world in police state survey

Nicholas Smith

@Eddie Edwards

Scotland isn't classed as with England/Wales as they have their own parliament and do it their way when it comes to the justice system, which I'm guessing covers the points they're marking the report on so would make sense for it to be split


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