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ElReg40™ seeks the world's worst web 2.0 ideas



Utilising the latest in cutting-edge high voltage gadget technology, Kibosh allows the rich virtual community to share their innovative lifestyle ideas and vote for the most popular, resulting in peer-generated long-distance democratic elimination based on group social standing (and who is sleeping with whose boyfriend). Consider it MySpace meets Sing-Sing.



Think of it as Facebook and YouTube meets a mental correctional facility : Cackbox is an innovative Web 2.0 social networking society combining toilet activity, webcams and fashion discussions in one convenient hole on the web.

Sony shakes up PS3 controller market


The Rumble

...useless nine times out of ten, definitely, but I think that's the fault of developers and not the Rumble. A couple of games, like Silent Hill, really managed to take advantage of it by using it in a more intelligent way - when you feel your heartbeat pulsing in the controller, check your health - but mostly, it just shakes and thumps because it can, and makes your hands go numb if it does it too much.

Turn it off for most games, leave it on for Silent Hill, and let that be that.

Maddy: TV torture for the ADD generation


Lucky me!

I seem to have missed the whole of this sorry episode. I gave up on the news actually trying to report newsworthy things years ago. It spends most of its time trying to annoy me, anger me or depress me in one way or another, and I have plenty of things wasting my time without wasting more of it on such redundant crap.

Hooray for no TV!

Kung fu monks battle Colombian karate assassins


The biggest omission...

...is Godzilla, who would stomp all over all of these without even realizing they're there. Though Chuck Norris may survive and climb up his back, Godzilla is known to be Norrisproof, so at best it's a stand-off.

Jesus appears in Samsung Flash memory chip


Back from the dead?

Surely it's not Jesus, but Rasputin?


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