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Millions opted into UK mobile phone directory


Re: Anomalous Cowherd

Actually putting a company name did make a difference for me.

I put my real house number and got nothing, I put in a fake company name instead and hey presto it finds me. Something tells me if the info was legit that wouldn't happen.


Re: Colin

"Like others say it says there are multiple matches, and asks for more info, so I type in "Bullshit" into the company box and low and behold it says it found me!!!"

Wow I did the same thing with the word Crap and it found me too

That is very very very shady indeed. I now regard this site to be nothing more than either a) an elaborate phishing scheme. Or b) an outright scam designed to get the gullible paying for information that doesn't exist.

Probably both.

Aren't there certain rules that need to be followed to get a 118 number? Or can any old crook get their hands on one?

A complaint to ofcom is in order.



Anyone who knows my name, where I live and has a genuine reason to contact me would either have my number already or be able to get it without paying £1

And if the people who don't have a genuine reason to contact me want to pay £1 to be rejected, be my guest.

German hacker-tool law snares...no-one



Since when did black hat hackers obey the law anyway?

"oh no now there's a law that says I can't distribute my warez, I guess I'll just have to stop doing it now, as it's so likely that I'll be caught"

And as ever who does this law penalise the most? The decent law abiding citizens who have to stop what they're doing in the name of fighting the peadophiles/terrorists/hackers/[insert bogey man here]

The government should know you can't stop the hackers and you can't beat them either. You can only hope to stay 1 step ahead. And is that really so very hard?

Brown to Sugar: 'You're hired'


re: vegister

"brown must be believing everything he sees on TV"

Well he does seem to watch a lot of TV. Every time there's a scandal (ross/brand) or some woman off Britain's Got Talent loses her marbles Gordo is first on the scene to spout off about how terrible it is.

A pity he doesn't spend that time doing something worthwhile like learning how to smile properly.

The return of the diskless PC


Can't wait

for these to become affordable. And by affordable I mean down to a price less than that of all the other components in the PC put together (whatever those components may cost several years from now)

It'll take a few years, maybe even as long as a decade, but it'll surely be worth it to finally ditch spinning disks for good.

Microsoft takes hard line on Win 7 hardware



will it's mice and keyboards be any different to those sold by other manufacturers?

Ctrl+Alt+Delete will all be on the same key now?

All jokes aside, they still have to compete with the hundreds of other hardware manufacturers who are still going to be supplying Windows drivers with their products. And Microsoft will surely carry on including drivers for the vast majority of generic input devices with WIndows.

So basically Microsoft is punting it's hardware, not massive news.

Wake me up when you get the first reports of computers going tits up despite using MS software + hardware.

How will sir pay? Facebook credits, that'll do nicely



that is all.

Xandros - the Linux company that isn't


Re: The Fuzzy Wotnot

"but at the moment nothing beats the slick user interface of Quartz or Aero, sadly until Linux looks like Windows and plays exactly like Windows, it will not cut it with more than small number of people."

Is that a joke?

Aero is the reason I switched to Linux. It's complete rubbish, both in terms of visual appearance and usability.

If Gnome + Compiz does a better job using a fraction of the resources, what's not to like? Oh I get it, all the icons and menus are in different places.

Kind of like what Microsoft did with Vista and Office 2007, no?

Virtualization moves to centre of mobile agenda


Sounds like the solution to a problem

nobody has.

Wouldn't the time be better invested in making the phone's OS better? I fail to see how any of the stuff mentioned in this article can't be done just as well without virtualization.

And storing a complete image of everything on your phone in the cloud? Google must be salivating.

PC-pwning infection hits 30,000 legit websites


Re: Chris

"NoScript only provides safety in the same way that turning your computer off provides safety"

I agree. I've used NoScript several times in the past and I found it a pain in the ass.

Maybe you NoScripters visit the same selection of sites all the time but I visit new sites on a daily basis. Configuring NoScript every time in an attempt to make each new site half usable turned surfing the web into an ordeal. Did NoScript even stop me getting infected? I doubt it as I never got infected via my web browser before using NoScript. It was, therefore, a massive waste of time.

Now I've switched to Linux and all I need to be secure is my common sense. You NoScripters really need to give it a try sometime if you actually care about security but I suspect many of you only use NoScript because you want the illusion of security.

Microsoft, Asus launch anti-Linuxbook campaign

Gates Horns


That site is so naff it actually brought a smile to my face.

Why are Asus doing this? AFAIK they sell Linux and Windows versions of their netbooks (or used to), so everyone is happy, right? Why do they need to alienate everyone who bought the Linux version?

If the Linux version wasn't selling well then they could phase it out, sure, but why put up a smarmy website implying it sucks?

Why not listen to what the users want and tweak their Linux distro accordingly?

Microsoft must be twisting their arm on this one.


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