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It's CLOUD WAR says Larry Ellison: parachute in the sales team


Oregon proves the quality of Oracle

http://www.oregonlive.com/health/index.ssf/2013/12/oregon_health_exchange_technol.html shows how teriffic a job Oracle does for its clients. How could anyone trust them now?

Google switches on Christchurch earthquake service


Why duplicate the existing Red Cross 'Safe and Well' site?

The multilingual site https://safeandwell.communityos.org/cms/index.php was created in 2006. Why reinvent the wheel four years later and create a divisive reporting mechanism? Why make loved ones search in two different places, why expect disaster survivors to sign up at Google's site as well as the Red Cross site?

Google gives Voice to your mobile number


Bummer deal

Ex-landline numbers don't port, sez GV.

Packing heat gets you shot, say profs


Survey fallacious: Preselects for people dumb enough to get shot

The survey, I will wager, is disproportionately weighted to men and underrepresents women who carry weapons, for, by definition, it only counts people dumb/arrogant enough to get shot.

A proper survey takes people with weapons and determines how many were shot.

A proper survey also doesn't focus on one urban area, but looks at the entire population.

This is bad science.


A gun is a tool; no more, no less.

It's an equalizer; it removes the advantage of strength that large men have.

British troops snapping up e-book viewers?

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Free e-books

http://baen.com/library/ offers over six dozen free e-books, as well as reasonably priced titles (5-6 books with no DRM in multiple formats for US$15) of military science fiction and hard fantasy.

Call recording on the iPhone... or other mobiles

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Nokia 9300 / 9300i have a Recorder app...

Call recorder v 0.3 works just dandy and records calls to Nokia-native AMR format (readily converted to MP3/ OGG/ whatever).


Securo-prof claims to invent new, much deadlier dirty bomb


Heinlein wrote about this in the Fourties.

Go read SOLUTION UNSATISFACTORY for a description of 'dust,' i.e., artificially-created lethal radioisotopes optimized for dispersal, by means so simple as dropping paper bags of the stuff out of airplanes.

Robert A. Heinlein described this in 1940. Yeah, 1940, right after that narsty Mister Hilter had Hermann visit Coventry.


Yahoo! and MSN up the mobile browsing stakes


No Symbian Series 80 for Yahoo Go: M$mobile AOK w/ Nokia Smartphones

A review of Yahoo's site found no Symbian Series 80 phone, so I had Yahoo text me with the web link... no joy. "No plans to support" sayeth their web page.

However, the MSN Mobile page loaded OK, and navigates OK. So, I guess I have to jump from Y-messenger to MSN-Messenger. Oh, bother.

Army tells soldiers they can blog after all


Now, we can get some milblog gamers back on line?

Ziggurat Con has been suffering due to this "Don't Tell" policy, and I'm glad the Big Green Machine came to their senses. For more details on the first gaming con in a combat zone, visit http://operationdicedrop.blogspot.com which is 100% commercial free, BTW.

Ziggurat Con: Where RPG isn't just a Rocket Propelled Grenade!