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First MeeGo Linux needs love and scrub up

Mike Demler


Nice review of the first release of MeeGo for netbooks. If readers are interested to know more about the differences between MeeGo and Android, I have an article posted here: http://bit.ly/cu6RAw

Google's Android market needs Jobsian strongman

Mike Demler

Google's Android Market

I agree with the point that the Android Market may be better run by a more consumer-facing company/organization than Google. But I don't think that the availability of apps from places other than the market is an issue. It is definitely not an issue with AT&T here in the U.S., since they don't even allow apps to be installed from other locations. The Android Market is very much positioned as the central place, and no doubt the only place that most consumers go to for Android apps.

You also should be aware of what Google has shown recently at their developer's conference, for the future of the Android Market. A desktop interface, and the ability to browse the market, was shown. In addition, the Android Market will have a feature that iTunes lacks - over the air download of apps and content. So, the Android Market that you see today is not the one you will be seeing in a few months.

The remaining issue is how to address the growing number of non-smartphone applications. For that, I hope to see a 3rd party come on the scene as the aggregator for all types of Android devices.

LTE set to spank WiMAX

Mike Demler

The "battle" is nothing but media sensationalism

Wow. I've seen plenty of articles that continue to perpetrate this silly notion of a 4G war between WiMax and LTE, but I have to congratulate you on being the 1st to turn it into an act of S&M. Spanking? Geez!

These type of sensational headlines do nothing but detract from any objective discussion of the changing wireless landscape, and how it will enhance consumer experiences. The facts are that WiMax is becoming available now, and LTE will be here a year or two later. Great! I can't wait to break the restraints of my sluggish, sub-Mbps DSL... and I'm in the heart of silicon valley! (Thought you might appreciate some more S&M).

WiMax will be Sprint/Clearwire's 4G platform, and LTE will be ATT, Verizon et al. WiMax moves to 802.16m, LTE moves to LTE-advanced. What's the problem? Anyone with any inkling of the history of the wireless industry knows better than to expect a single global standard. Competition is always good, and there's no need to characterize it as "make or break".


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