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Joyent rakes in $85m to build out SmartOS clouds



Second that.

Lazily turning abstract nouns into verbs with the -ent suffix is more dated than hammer pants. If you have a marketing department to piss off, just be upfront about it.

"Joyent SmartOS"...why not "Nipplesplosively Spunkstack"? It has the same emotional heft, and people don't wince as much while saying it...

Supercomputer innovator preps for asset sale


Too awesome to succeed....

"There is no pure-play supercomputer maker that is sufficiently well run or well capitalized such that doing business with US national laboratories & universities cannot bankrupt it."

This, or something like it, was attributed to either S. Cray or Danny Hillis (if anyone remembers, please tell me...)

As Francis points out, some SiCortex priniciples worked at both Thinking Machines and Symbolics. Perhaps they should know by now that no good idea ever goes unpunished.

The Cray MTA series of machines is not gone. If you have the money, they will build you an XMT system with up to a million simultaneous hardware contexts w/ SSI memory addressing. Few people need that sort of capability, and nowhere near enough to make it commercially viable. Fortunately, the customer at Fort Mead will pay whatever it takes to get them, and perhaps someday, some sufficiently motivated Priniciple Investigator will write one into a grant proposal.

Until then, it's Piles-of-PCs everywhere!! Yayyy! (snore)


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