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.UK overseer Nominet abandons its own charitable foundation – and why this matters

Hazel Pegg

Some of us saw this coming .....

Back in 2006 we had enough votes from members (10% + 1) to block proposals being put to the March EGM. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/02/21/nominet_egm/

In the event our votes weren't needed as a large company (or two) voted the proposals down by post prior to the meeting. But it's interesting to look back at what Nominet said then and what is happenning now. http://www.theregister.co.uk/Print/2006/02/22/nominet_response_egm/

Hazel Pegg

Re: This is no longer a Member's problem or a governance problem.

I said something similar back in 2006 and got a lot of flack for suggesting that it might be better all round if the govt took over the running of Nominet.

'Strong basis' to claims Nominet board breached duties - legal top gun

Hazel Pegg

Re: WTF is up at Nominet ?

There are at least two groups, and possibly more. One group (the 210) indicated that they would support the call for an EGM. Another group (of which I am not a member) is investigating using company funds to take legal action against one or more directors.

Hazel Pegg

Hazel Pegg

I am one of those who supported the call for an EGM but I did not (nor was I asked to) support using company funds to sue the registry's board of directors.

UK net registry battles coup d'etat

Hazel Pegg

Hazel Pegg

Take a look at www.NOTnominet.org.uk for a few reasons why members should support the Nominet Board this time around.

Nominet board vote passes off without cockups

Hazel Pegg

factual error

"Lahtinen and Hanton will replace incumbents Alex Bligh and Jonathan Robinson, who have sat on the board for the last four and 11 years respectively."

The above comment is incorrect. It should read "who have sat on the board for the last 11 and four years respectively."



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