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Netflix vs Lovefilm

David Licence

"Could the film industry PLEASE STOP SIGNING EXCLUSIVE DEALS WITH DISTRIBUTION SERVICES. You're limiting your audience for a quick initial profit."

Exactly this. It's clear that the studios have learnt absolutely nothing from the last decade of watching what has happened to the music industry. A service that gives me only half of the content I am interested in is pointless and is the reason I haven't signed up for either Lovefilm or Netflix yet. A service that gives me most (maybe not all - Spotify-ish) is much more enticing.

Amazon Kindle 3 e-book reader

David Licence

3G vs. Wifi

"Of the two devices it's the cheaper Wi-Fi only version on review here and, in my opinion, it's clearly the one to get. Surely, even the most avid reader doesn't get consumed by the burning urge to buy literature so suddenly that they need a cellular link"

That's true, but it's the fact that the 3G connection, and any data usage, is free once you've paid the £40 premium for the 3G Kindle that swung it for me.

I was using it on the train last night to check up on my email and RSS feeds.

OK so I could have done that on my phone, but, when I'm travelling through Europe or any other country with a data connection available I can still use my Kindle there and the data is still free - no massive roaming charges. Brilliant.

HTC posts Android 2.1 update for Hero phone

David Licence


Yes it does.

Google sync for contacts and mail, WaveSecure for SMSs and Titanium Backup (requires root though) for apps and associated data

Crusty fireball space mango wrecks US doctor's office

David Licence
IT Angle


The IT angle?

Right here: the rock went right "through the fire wall"

Slovakian police chief quits over Dublin explosives run

David Licence

Next time

He'd have been picked up the next time he tried to fly out of Ireland though wouldn't he? Not a nice prospect - can anyone have explosives planted in their suitcase without them knowing as a 'test'?

Google uncloaks the Nexus One

David Licence


Orange have the Hero

Beeb gets grief for Humpty Dumpty rewrite

David Licence

"Let them see colourful and violent cartoons"

I sat down with my two year old yesterday and decided to try a bit of Tom and Jerry - in one episode:

- Jerry purposely leave a skate on the floor for Tom to trip over

- Tom being hit by a tram (twice)

- Tom being shut in the freezer

- Tom being shut in the oven

- Tom eating all the pills available in the medicine cabinet

After each of these events Tom was of course fine, but I sat there cringing about letting my son witness this stuff ... but then, I used to watch these cartoons when I was young and I'm OK ...

Palm Pre re-re-introduces iTunes synchronization

David Licence


The last Hero update did require a wipe of the phone data true - but smaller updates would not, depending on what was being updated. Hopefully if there is another update from HTC it won't require a wipe this time.

Open sourcers strike back at Google cease-and-desist

David Licence

@Tony Hoyle

"rewrite Maps, Mail, GTalk and YouTube? And setup a viable alternative Android Market?"

No need - most of these can be replaced with other alternatives that already exist.

Maps can be replaced by AndNav (or just downloaded to be installed separately), mail by any one of may applications, GTalk by Nimbuzz (which also supports Skype, MSN ...) and Market by SlideMe

Barclays online banking takes a dive

David Licence


I logged on fine just before 9am, so the outage is either quite recent or limited to certain customers

OnLive game beta enters public stream

David Licence

Only for US

Live Beta is only for US customers

Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off

David Licence

Quiet launch

The 'launch' seemed quite quiet from MS's partners as well.

This morning Amazon seemed to be the only one where you could actually find the products by running a search for 'Windows 7' on their site - ebuyer, Currys, and PCWorld showed nothing, whereas Play only showed the Premium version.

Clicking through to the partners sites from the MS site worked, but trying to add Windows 7 to your ebuyer basket to actually buy the thing resulted in a 'Sorry this product is not in stock' error.

Ovi still bouncing on and offline

David Licence

No Ovi

No idea if the Ovi store itself is up or down - I can't even download the Ovi app from the Nokia Download! app in order to try connecting to the Ovi App Store. Every time I try I get an 'Item Download Failed' message.


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