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Street View Terminator warps into Dublin

Mike T

But what about his undies?

Do they give his name as Calvin Klein?

Sony sues PlayStation 3 'hackers'

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Where do I donate to his defence fund?

Seriously, I takes me hat of to the guy. And don't get all hoity-toity "ethics" with me, we /are/ talking about the same Sony that once owned your CD drives through a rootkit.

Australian Senate censors print link to cartoon

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What's wrong with being homosexual? Or open about it? I'm neither, but I still think Brown's hot his head screwed on more than, say, Abbott, who gets his policy direction from an invisible friend.

Music industry website debut turns into a mosh pit

Mike T

Viva vevo

long live the king, and all that

Anti-filesharing laws are go

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@ bluest.one -

Now we have a meaningful definition for piracy:


Vote away to get it up there on the page!

T-shirt firm hijacks good ship Pirate Bay

Mike T

"firm had registered the log" ...

... and then they walked the plank. Arrr.

Bank snafu Gmail missive never opened

Mike T

" ... natural security letter" ?

I think you mean a nashn'l security letter? Or perhaps natural selection now requires pre-approval (this is the States after all).

Mine's the one with "on the Origin of Species" in the pocket.

Sites pulling sneaky Flash cookie-snoop

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Is that a word?

Shop risks legal action for posting 'shoplifter' CCTV online

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I thought that euphemism referred to light-fingered staff.

HSBC Trojan warning tracked down as false alarm

Mike T

Did they also apologise to the poor apostrophe?

That is all.

Jetpod 'flying taxi' inventor dies in prototype crash

Mike T

@Apocalypse Later

Perhaps the real problem could be the word "taxi"?

Shell issues 12% pay cut ultimatum to IT contractors

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Paris Hilton

@ AC 19:47

So how is "seniority to be used as the primary basis for advancement" any different from non-union shops? I've worked in union and non-union places, public and private sector, and IME complacency and (un)motivation are promoted as much within the confines of capitalist efficiency as without.

Yes this stagnation can - does - occur in unionised labour. Unionisation is not a requirement though.

/me gets back to the message boards

Paris - she labours for love.

Water utility auditor resigns, transfers $9m offshore

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"yet to explain how a former employer could gain access to some of its most sensitive"

shouldn't that be s/employer/employee/?