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Samsung, not Nokia, fans' most favoured WinPho brand

Nathan Hague

I want a Galaxy Note screen with WP8

I had a HTC Pro 7 and it was truly a brilliant piece of kit. At the time, it had no Skype baked in though, which was a pain in the arse, and no SIP abilities. Has that been sorted with WP8 now - the SIP inclusion?

The terror beyond the firewall

Nathan Hague

Easy panacea to all these sort of shit problems!

Use terminal server. Easy. There really is no excuse NOT to these days. Follow me printing, encrypted connectivity, only data going up n down is encrypted screen updates, mouse movement and key presses. No data theft. No updates. No worries. Why the fuck do IT peeps make it overly complex for worker peeps to work remotely? We even have the capacity for video now and full motion graphics, so voila!! Viva RDP I say!

Google versus Facebook: stop your photocopiers

Nathan Hague

Too many design constraints

Sorry, but for all this blow on how the web is THE platform for developing apps; No. No, it's not. I spent 3 years developing an application for the fitness industry that is web-based. From the initial photoshop gorgeous screen designs, we ended up with a working product sure, but the aesthetics and menus systems and just overall look and feel was shiite when compared to how it would have looked as a developed standard application. For my v2.0 and beyond, I'm having my developers move back to an app, then deploy out using an RDP distribution model that has a plugin requirement on the browser, but will then be a TRUE reflection on what I actually envisaged, with no shitty browser security issues OR, more importantly, constraints on what it looks like and it's usability because someone has installed 8 billion browser bars giving me like, 1 inch of usable screen real estate. Web=FAIL for complex, rich applications (and no, Facebook can't be described as that!). Meh.

Microsoft loses NZ Windows government deal

Nathan Hague
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Linux on the desktop bro'?

yaaaawn. So some smug spotty graduate is now in charge of the ICT Dpt. Well done. That blue sky thinking will come in REAL handy when they all work out that the acounting program they've all invested heavily in, doesn't ACTUALLY integrate all that well with Openoffice for mail merges, or any non-windows platform. Terminal server + linux dumb terminals = PASS. Linux on the dektop + spotty oik graduate with "blue sky thinking" with no experience of the real world and user workflow systems = FAAAAAAAAAAAIL.


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