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'Death knell' for Eye-o-Sauron™ US border stare-towers

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one word - landmines

Facebook warns over password reset scam

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if you're dumb enough to open the file you deserve to get pwned

Google uncloaks the Nexus One

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Thumb Up

Stop moaning....

I've got the HTC hero and its pretty sweet. This has a better processor, looks a lot better and will keep you out of the douche "i've got an iPhone, I'm cool" category.

Geeks play Guitar Hero without guitars

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I'm fairly sure he's playing Guitar Hero - Virgin Edition

MoD pays quadruple in money + blood for Afghan helicopters

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What are they playing at? I am getting proper mad with these decision makers. Do they have steaks in the companys that are getting these insane deals or what? grrrrrrr

Intel crams four displays into one PC

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Great idea

I think its a good idea. I'd have system monitors, music playlist and El Reg RSS feeds on the small screens. (also maybe some mini PRAWN)!

NASA panel: Human spaceflight in 'unsustainable trajectory'

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Black Helicopters

better Idea...

Cant we just blast the ISS further out into space so it doesnt need to maintain orbit, cut the number of crew and then use it as a base for further exploration.?

Paris loses her BlackBerry in Cannes hotel

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her stupid little dog thing probably ate it.... the blackberry that is .....