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Pr0n baron challenges Google and Yahoo! to build better child locks

Paris Hilton

Even Simpler Solution...

I heard a while back that the US Government had the rights to all those p2p file sharing networks and they managed to kill five of them (sadly) in one day.

What it means to me is that if they US Govt wants to they could kill the On-Line Porn industry in one fell swoop, thus negating the majority of any searches for a porn related image, video or story, whatever form they appear as, by any teenager or sad, lonely, adult without a real girlfriend/wife etc.

If the liberalists out there want to go looking for porn, let them find it on dodgy vid sellers in the centre of town where they should be.

Paris?...because she's a person and not a sex object

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic


Police Drones and other machines make mistakes...

Things like this happening is half the reason that I left the UK, (hopefully for good), not that I would want return there once the restrictive laws that seems to be enacted by way of the backdoor politics going on there continue to be instituted by the paranoid politicians and acted upon by the drones in the police force.

I'm not slating the Police Force, just stating that they accept their restrictions without question, but when it comes to innocent MP3 players then someone has to have a braincell and stop being so damned programmed and let the poor lad go.

I think that if the lad had an ID card he'd have his details on there, including his permit to carry a loaded MP3 player too. Ok, ID cards exist in my country of residence, they work to a point yet they don't actually ensure integrity of data, anyone with the right equipment can clone them, as has been reported of late.

Who's going to go and fingerprint the Afghanis sat in the mountains just to prove they're not terrorists planning attacks on Western targets when they try and enter legally into Europe. I doubt that their AK47s would be playing anything other than Heavy Metal "tunes" then...

Playing with fire if you ask me...

Suicide bomb swoop bags Musharraf's merry men


just a minute...

I'm not a Muslim but even I think the world has gone crazy. Everyone blames the Muslims for being "fundamentalist" and it smacks of the small Austrian-German bloke with the big paranoia prior to WWII. Ok, we're in a war at the minute, but we picked two countries, one that everyone has tried to conquer since Alexander the great: and FAILED!, and the other is just an oil grab.

I think that all this screwed-up news reporting and Intelligence Service manoeuvring is just to keep the whole country on its toes to remain skeptical about Mid-east Asian cultures because they just don't conform to the "Brit" stereotype.

I think we'll find out in a couple of years that its all about money in the end.

Creationists open biblical history museum


Creationism doesn't make any sense...

Science and creationism don't match. Simple and easy reckoning means that if the universe was no more than 40,000 years old, then the most distant stars wouldn't be seen yet, let alone anything half the distance of the known visible stars and galaxies in the Universe.

ok, at 40,000 light years its a loooong way, and a lot of stars and galaxies exist within this boundary, but beyond that we wouldn't see anything, let alone galaxies such as Andromeda which is 2 million light years away, and that's one of the closer ones that I know of.

Creationism needs a kick up the pants because it doesn't make sense.

Satnav driver's car totalled by train


Getting too many crashes on Level-crossings for my liking

I´m shocked that there are still so many level crossings out there that mean that so many people are led into danger by badly signed crossings like the one mentioned here. I think that the Government should step in and kick the backside of Network Rail in the trouble areas where crossings aren't signed properly.

Either that, or as one ex-colleague once joked "it would be better if the whole rail network was tarmacked and allowed cars to run on the old routes instead.

Admittedly that would mean that so many more cars would fill the newly created roads, but if it meant that "rail mentality" could be stamped out then it would make a lot of sense.

It would get rid of the cost of maintenance of the powered sections of track, exhaustive engineer inspection carried out every week on 99% of all track on the public network.

might mean that there would be less cars on the roads for a while though, due to more space used.

Government should give it a thought...

MoD to publish secret UFO files


You're all being tricked...

Ok, we've had the highly intelligent aliens, the delinquent aliens, the downright irresponsible aliens, conspiracy people, military black projects, but no one has mentioned anything about demons playing tricks with your mind.

to my mind, aliens are rubbish, they don't exist without some form of concrete proof and if you count blurry spacecraft images and attention-seekers' unbelieveable stories that other weak minded people find all too easy to want to believe despite the obvious failures of these so-called aliens' willingness to land themselves on the White House lawn and make it plainly obvious to all that they really do exist, then its not worth giving these stories any credence at all.

Anyone worth their Holy Water knows that aliens don't exist and that God doesn't need to prove that he exists, hence the word "faith". Aliens don't have this stipulation in the main, they just don't have the strength of believeablility

I´m sure some mindcontrolling alien made me say all that, but that's another theory...