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Microsoft silently fixes security holes in Windows 10 – dumps Win 7, 8 out in the cold


Broken Spell

Dont believe this anymore. Its not "our" security thats at stake. Getting on fine with Lubuntu thanks, still have 1 - win10 laptop and the clock is ticking..

Bye bye MP3: You sucked the life out of music. But vinyl is just as warped


Re: MP3

Haha, I miss Multiview..

Cyber crims smash through Windows into the great beyond


Re: XP

The thumbsdown must be the i7/ ssd crowd eh?




Just wanted to share my thoughts on XP. I know its dead and all, but win7/8 are in no way "upgrades" unless your new and have never used a computer before.

They seem to be trying to kill it off by not allowing hardware support in browsers, resulting in poor performance on sub 2ghz processors. I know you can enable it in chrome, but then netflix stops working, as silverlight complains..

Anyhows I digress,

If there is no longer support for XP and XP becomes a hotbed for malicious activity as a platform, then isnt it in everyones interest to demand an update for XP?? if you know what I mean?

Most stuff that affects home users is their PC`s being used for DOS attacks, otherwise, who cares?

Even 'Your computer has a virus' cold-call gits are migrating off XP


I often wonder if the person on the other end of the line has any idea they are part of a scam?

Faster, more private, easier to read: My 2014 browser wishlist


browser issues

My house is full of big tellies, theres one in every room and behind each one is an atom based machine which essentially is used to turn the tv`s into smart tv`s - kind of..

Browsers are really slow - especially netflix . chrome seems to be the fastest, but still painfull. the machines are only capable of running 3846Mips, so what gives?

What can i kill to speed things along? Java you say?

Bit annoying as my smart phone seems to breeze along with no issues, Maybe somebody is trying to kill off XP - I dunno ( I know what your thinking - and no - it sux cheese through a grannies gusset - seriously- i hate them both, this one has it installed and I cant wait for it to break so I can re-install XP, Chuffin,Feekin Wank!)

Thought your Android phone was locked? THINK AGAIN


bit random

yeah, bit random, how about an app that lets you track your bus?


how about a button on the bus stop - let bus driver know somebody is up ahead waiting?

eh? Huh?

Good eh? that`ll save them tearing up the roads with all those empty buses- tear up the road banisterds!

but i digress...

How's it going, Microsoft users? Patching your PCs? You SHOULD be



see "security" updates?

Who`s security they sposed to be updating?

You'll be on a list 3 hrs after you start downloading from pirates - study


1 or 2

1. Costs me around £50-£60 to take my family to pictures including mindless prices for a handfull or corn and some sugary water full of air.

2. Copyright notices on legitimate material is Damn annoying. Ever started a DVD for the kids and just wanted to get on with something else whilst they where kept entertained for an hour or so..

3. I often download movies I already have on DVD, Its faster than ripping.

4. I often download movies and buy them on DVD - If I like the movie.

5. They cant have it all their own way, If I buy a kids Wii game or DVD and they scratch the medium so as to make it unreadable - I should be able to march in somewhere and get a replacement. Its not the Media I bought, It was permission to view the content.


Behold: First look at Office 2013, with screenshots



Office 97 works a f+cking treat.....

Giant super-laser passes 500 TRILLION watts



Anyone know anything a Masers?

I was wonder if one could be used to power an engine cylinder full of water? How fast could it boil the water and so creating motion ?

O2 to serve up free Wi-Fi to coffee chain

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Re: Coffee bloody shops!

I think your right. Maybe coffees the new smoking.

Are there any movie stars doing it yet?

Pirate island attracts more than 100 startup tenants



this just a tax dodge? Will half or any ppl registered as living there actually live there? Is the $1200 a month invoice enough proof?

'Don't break the internet': How an idiot's slogan stole your privacy...


Sheesh Kebab!


Post office up for sale and no longer a good option to send and email??

Hello? "(Cow) This is grass!?, were eating grass!?(/Cow)"

did you know that "Sheesh Kebab" translates to "smelly pants" in english? Its True!

Powerful, wallet-sized Raspberry Pi computer sells out in SECONDS

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Re: Earth to Grinch.....

I`ll but one if it runs quakelive...


The Commodore 64 is 30

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Shouldnt be long now til we get the "Amiga is 30" story.

Pressure will be on to get that story/babble right, or they`ll never hear the end of it.


Iran spy drone GPS hijack boasts: Rubbish, say experts



any reason the drone can`t compare current position with magnetic north, thus giving a little added extra feedback? Or am I missing the point? Did the drone "if compromised" think it was somewhere it wasnt?

Err, I seem to remember back when Iraq-USA were buddys, that Iraq protected the Gulf state from the Iranians. Someone like to forward a history lesson as to why they were a problem back then, and possibly a problem now. Not sure I`m up to date as to why Iran is seen as a problem. I`m guessing they are a little hard on their female population, buts thats just a guess, any other reason not to like them? Do they not conform to some form of imposed market model or something?

Results in on why life, the universe and everything exists



Stories like this are always fascinating, but I cant help but think there is something fundamental missing in our corner of the grand scheme. I cant seem to get my head around time, We are told it is not constant in the universe and this I think is a bit of a sticking point. As Douglas Adams pointed out, we are not talking about a trip to the local post office here, its mind boggling the incredible expanse we are trying to deal with here.

Could it be the case that the + & - annihilation thing is still going on and doesn't always happen in an instant, maybe its the fluctuations in time that's giving rise to matter?

Does this make sense? Anyone know what Peter Griffin would think?

On another note, I notice my sister likes balls of glass filled with fancy swirling patterns, dolphins and such, and if you look closely, there are lots of little bubbles in the glass. If you look from a 1/2 metre distance at the glass, the inclusions are pretty easy to map out, but if you put your eye up close and look through the glass, everything seems distorted in a way that makes it difficult to visualise via the curve of the glass and a little light refraction, everything can seem to be 3x out of position when trying to perceive their position and relation to one another. Isn't it the same for us looking out from within the ball and trying to cypher distance`s and relativity of other Stars?

Common brain parasite 'can affect host's actions'

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The German Shepherd

Just a quick note,

If you can get yourself a German Shepherd/FlatCoat Retriever mognrel.

You are onto a serious winner( So long as you have the retriever back end)

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here, here

I`m not a fan of cats either. I thinks it strange that ppl that own cats also put up birds tables. Maybe its the parasite at work...

22,000 'freetards' escape Hurt Locker piracy suit


Dunno? I got it a couple of years back for a chrimbo pressy. if I like it - I will probably download from somewhere as I can`t be arsed to rip it onto the media player.


Man sentenced to 14 years for mass credit card theft



Cant seem to get my head round how gov`s and agencies support private enterprise. How about the banks hire their own "detectives" to combat this sort of thing and leave public funded agencies free to tackle more public issues.

Its a bit like,,, the UK gov says they are skint (and they aint, 20% av tax, 20%VAT, council tax, car tax, fuel tax and a few hidden for good measure, like, when you buy the tv from Carrys and your using money you have already payed tax on, to get taxed again at the point of sale, then, how much of the sale price of the tv actually goes towards the shop owners overinflated rates to local gov?? so how much does the av person in this country actually get taxed?)

They used to own gas and telecomms companies, but they sold them off to private enterprise (cousins, neighbours etc). Now, the gas and telecom companies announce huge profits running into billions, money that the gov could have had in the "Bank" (chortle, bless em) and being used to pull themselves out of whatever shitstorm they claim to be experiencing? Whilst this goes on, the goverments announce funds, running into millions, to encourage things like fast broadband for rural areas?

Money for Private enterprise, thats the way forward, where the feek do I sign up? They never taught us this stuff at school eh? I run a small business, I ahem cough, wanna start making feeking windmills....

Samsung's lovely illegal tablet: Why no one wants to know


re. stupid

The way I see it, apple have always been about marketing, and nothing else. If you want to beat apple, its the marketing, not the hardware.

Sheesh Kebab!

MPs slam government's 'obscene' IT spend



mate of mine, a machinist, not much to look at neither`s Sister works in local council. apparently the law states the local council must provide homes for homeless?? anyhows, that what he does now and apparently he`s a million pounds to the good...

same gig here methinks?

have to be the childcatcher, he homes the homeless eh?

Fedora 15: More than just a pretty interface


Safety Glasses

"so while Linux isn't likely to take over the computer games market anytime soon"

This kinda stuck out for me and is interesting.

I`ve been enjoying ID`s Q3A @ quakelive.com

Re-living the good old days and the entertainment value is phenomenal. I noticed some of the older maps have been spruced up a little and quite frankly, this game is every bit as good if not better that your COD`s and MOH`s. Quakelive has killed my xbox dead for some 6mnths now. I`m developing a 7th sense with the rail, with a good chance of hitting something that catches the corner of my eye briefly...

Amazes me that flash player can be used in this way. When Adobe first came on the scene and everyone/most ppl where still on dialup. I couldnt believe they where coming away with such crap! I wasn't one for turning off images when browsing, lynx style or whatever, but I couldn't fathom any possible use for this Sh*te

kinda makes you wonder if ID isnt showing a clear path here? A lifeline if you will?

Love KDE btw, always found windows ok to use. Miss WB and saw someone using a mac the otherday, first time in years. Got a bit of a shock at how good it looked, is this the market force messing with the GUI`s? (Answer plz)

I`ll use the man with the safety glasses, I like safety Glasses, Safety Glasses are good....

Hubble celebrates 21st with gorgeous galactic 'rose' snap

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braw photys

I like these pics, does any one know ( and I have always wondered) Does somebody add the colours in to make it more pleasing, or is this raw nature we are seeing?

Eurofighter Typhoon: It's EVEN WORSE than we thought

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I fondly remember sitting in Biology class, thoroughly bored and often glancing out the window to see a buccaneer skimming the horizon near Culloden to the south of Inverness. I seem to remember everybody moaning when they where replaced by Tornadoes, even the Pilots thought they were crap.

I could be wrong, but in the First gulf war, weren't the Buccaneers used to get in close and light up targets for the tornadoes who would attack from a very safe distance?

anyhows, same old same old, never heard anyone complaining about harriers tho` have you?

If it will shoot down a hijacked plane, then it will probably do alright. I see more copters and drones in the future TBH.

~ Biology class? - Paris? Geddit?

26,000km 'leccy joy ride crosses finish line


get it back in the landfill


When the north sea runs out of oil, turn those platforms into nuclear power stations. Use existing pipework to land produced energy, and all the nasty stuff nobody wants, just stick it back in the hole where the oil came from.

Booyah! Leccy car city!

Was watching an interesting program about the hydroboard last week on the telly. Turns out they just sit tight and only help out with peak demand, whilst my nearest power station runs on coal? Seems kinda daft!, specially since its been raining non-stop for last 4 days.

anyhows, ppl get upset about cars, what about central heating systems in all the houses, that must be a nuts amount of gas burned every day. Thought nuclear was going to be free? ( just about, I wasn't around in the fifty's btw). sooner we get back to leccy the better I think :)

Stresses me out, all that co2 from past times, before we existed making its way back out into the air, spells trouble if you ask me, sooner we get all those plastic bags into landfill (at faultlines!)the better!

Mozilla millions still 86% Google cash



I actually had a nightmare about Thunderbird the other night. They had added something else I didnt want/thought sucked, and I couldnt work out how to make it back in something that looks like TB2. Even sposing I did check the forums and such, there were no answers.

It was horrible man.

Wonder how many programs come up with "security" updates that arent actually anything to do with security, not ours anyway..

hmmm, times are changing, wonder what they are playing at.

Heh, "weve made some updates that were very proud of"

maybe google are using mozilla as a way to hide some cash, much in the same way a local goverment do? ( Round here anyway)

Blighty's stealth robojet rolls out a year late



Heh, just realised what you guys mean by Merkins.

I thought you`se where on about skergifnet`s LOL!

Linux game-time refined with latest Wine



I love KDE, can You guys make that the standard x-whatever thingy? :)

Gnome looks like its been up somebody's arse



CAD bores the tits out of me, I much prefer games :)

Seriously tho` Wine is a miraculous thing IMHO, be thankful of its existence.

Try and worry less about the platform and more about the best tool for the job.

There is a saying if it don't work for you

"You got it for free, you should thank them for wasting your time"

I use XP here BTW, not much wrong with it I reckon, Nothing wrong with Linux either. Between you and me, I`ve given more Money to Linux distro ppl than microsoft ;oP

Lightning bolt smites 60ft Jesus statue



Maybe its a sign that America isn't hitting anyone hard enough these days?

C`mon America BOOYAH!

(Cue banjo music..)

Stephen Fry's truly terrible mistake


Noddy holder

Noddy Holders turn now surely?



I like to hook up my ridiculously small DAB radio to my 200 Watt bass combo amp and blast out a popular rock station on sunny days. FM has a hiss and so is crap.

There, stop being a bunch of girls, Mr fry played a first world war general or whatever in blackadder goes forth, and thus makes him frightfully groovy ( and funny)

Go find something, somebody else to pick on.


What if you had a launch party and nobody came?



"oh wait, no - that doesn't work. i've just got another window. Maybe if I click this....no that didn't work either...maybe this file? that looks like an exec file....hmmmm no. Oh wait - this one's opened up an application...which I can barely read or use because I'm stuck at 640x480.

<repeat until frustration invokes a XP disc insertion and full re-install>"

Been here many a time, first time was with Debian68k on an A4000, Very painfull (wvdial, heh, no resolv.config??). Each time it does get easier tho`. Last time for me was Knoppix (HD installed), surprisingly good, however you can imagine how much fun I had discovering the latest ATI 3D drivers(of the day) dont work with the default journalling file system. Q3A ran fine as did ET, so there was a little reward for my efforts :)

I conclude Linux users enjoy all those shell enviro`s, thats the bottom line. Makes em feel somehow better than everyone esle, Social elite if you will. Hat off to all who see this and try to make changes within the platform.

Tried ubuntu (k?KDE). didnt survive a power cut so it was quickly binned. (Love KDE :o) )

Not in anyway sticking up for Mac`s BTW :o/

not sure which icon to pick, hmm, that game where you race down the icy slopes with the penguin was pretty darn good. Good to see it on those little asus netbook thingys..

Anti-trust bomb falls on LCD market



Dont our energy companies price fix? How come the far east should get it in the pinhole? Are they worried they`re economy is leaking off to the far east as it has done since trading began :o)

"Not for all the Opium in India"

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7




The Migster you say, mines in the Garrett, Was up there last month, placed it on its side so the battery dont leak everywhere it shouldnt. A4k, CS060, PIV, Ariandne.

for me, lack of proper web browser kind a killed it? something to do with non standard web pages. Loved V3 although it crashed all the time. Aweb was ok but gui kinda sucked, couldnt work ibrowse LOL.

good on you Chris Wiles..

Man! those were the days...

strangely, I use my pc mostly for games AND its plugged into the telly.


Zaphod Beeblebrox home sun 'shrinking', may have blown up


Who is this God person anyway?

I always wondered,

What would happen to us if sol was to disappear suddenly say?

what would happen to our orbit? How long would it take for changes to take affect?

i.e. the for of gravity that keeps us in order was to disappear, how long before we would lose orbit and considering nothing travels faster than light, how come?

E-cars are a dangerous myth, says top boffin

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Nuclear? ( Have I spelt it right?)

Anyhows, seems to me we have the north sea littered with very deep holes and platforms. How come we can "renovate" these platforms into nuclear power stations. And all the nasty stuff we dont like can simply be flushed down tthe hole? (Dont they pump down concrete to fill any viods?)

There are even pipelines to bring in the electricity produced?


adios amigas..