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At historic Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google CEOs hearing, congressmen ramble, congresswomen home in on tech market abuse



Maybe using Facebook has affected his memory.

Linus Torvalds banishes masters, slaves and blacklists from the Linux kernel, starting now



What about Sir Bates son, Master Bates?

.NET Core: Still a Microsoft platform thing despite more than five years open source


Re: Always seemed an uphill task

Don't forget that Microsoft are bringing out MAUI (Multi-Platform Application User Interface) in .NET 5

Oracle tempts users to run its cloud in their own data centres – for a mere '$6 million' commitment


Oracle Cloud

Is anyone using Oracle's cloud offerings?

If so, why?

Forget tabs – the new war is commas versus spaces: Web heads urged by browser devs to embrace modern CSS


Broken Web

It's not like web browser developers follow the standards to the letter now is it?

Try the Acid3 test: http://acid3.acidtests.org/

On my machine the browsers scored:

Firefox 95/100

Chrome 95/100

Edge 98/100 <-- Yes, Edge performed better than Firefox and Chrome. Go figure...

Is this an ASP.NET Core I see before me? Where to next for Microsoft's confusing web framework...


Re: Web Forms needs to be moved forward onto .NET Core

"Isn't that what .NET 5.0 is?"

No it isn't. .NET 5 is .NET Core. It was going to be .NET Core 4. But, Microsoft decided to rename it so not to confuse it with .NET Framework 4.x.

But it will confuse the hell out of developers when their Framework project is moved to .NET 5 and there are a ton of breaking changes.

Captain Caveman rides to the rescue, solves a prickly PowerPoint problem with a magical solution


Re: Yesterday

Nope, a local company that does work for the council.



I got a call from my cousin that needed help with setting up a "home office" yesterday.

The company she works for have told all their staff to work from home due to the coronavirus.

Their IT Dept. just dropped off the equipment at her house and left her to set it up.

Got the computer up and running and connecting to their VPN but not the VOIP telephone. It required configuring and there were no instructions. At least she can email the IT Dept and vent at them.

Capita hops on UK's years-late, billions-over-budget Emergency Services Network to keep legacy system alive


Crapita are now getting their nose in the trough.

Might as well scrap the project and save billions...

BOFH: Here he comes, all wide-eyed with the boundless optimism of youth. He is me, 30 years ago... what to do?


if the business chooses not to act upon the information, I assume there is a good reason.

Yes, the beancounters.

IBM exec told that High Court evidence in Co-Op Insurance case wasn't 'truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth'


Re: The A-word

Frankly, the requirements docs were nonsensical and had little bearing on what the customer actually wanted

What they ask for and what they want are two different things. That's 99.9% of all requirement docs.

Just easier to bypass the Project Managers and talk directly to the people that will use the actual thing to get an idea of what is actually required.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save data from a computer that should have died aeons ago


Re: Hybrid children watch the sea

But there was one machine I could never think of a good name for. It was there to serve a LAN.

That made me chuckle...

Aw, look. The UK is still trying really hard to be the 'safest place to be online in the world'



What is OFCOM going to do? Fine the tech companies peanuts? Order ISPs to block them? Or be a toothless shark?

Who needs the A-Team or MacGyver when there's a techie with an SCSI cable?


The thing died. Naturally, "well ahead of the replacement schedule."

Machines do seem to know when their time is coming to an end and decide to accelerate their demise as a final F. you.

BOFH: Darn Windows 7. It's totally why we need a £1k graphics card for a business computer


Re: Virus 10

A virus:

"a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data."

Blizzard Entertainment has already done that with Warcraft 3 - Reforged...

Now retitled Warcraft 3 - Refunded

Day 4 of outage: UK's Manchester police deploy exciting new carbon-based method to record crime


Maybe they should have had a look at Black Marble's tuServ. Most likely cheaper than £27m.


Things I learned from Y2K (pt 87): How to swap a mainframe for Microsoft Access


We had a rule in IT, if someone not in IT created an Access database, it wasn't our problem.

It’s not true no one wants .uk domains – just look at all these Bulgarians who signed up to nab expired addresses


Re: But the real question

So can the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland lose UK if it loses N.I.?

If Northern Ireland separated from the UK, the UK would become Kingdom of Great Britain.

If Scotland got their indepedence, KGB would become Kingdom of England (England and Wales)

If Wales then got independence, we will still be Kingdom of England.


Question is would we get the tld for .kgb or .ke?

If Scotland has independence, would we also lose .gb?

Caltech takes billion-dollar bite out of Apple, Broadcom for using its patented Wi-Fi tech without paying a penny



Infringing on patents for a decade?

Why didn't Caltech do something back then? Did they delibrately wait until they could get a big pay day?

Take DOS, stir in some Netware, add a bit of Windows and... it's ALIIIIVE!


Miffy worked out that it was an HP driver causing grief

And to this day HP drivers still cause grief...

Rockstar dev debate reopens: Hero programmers do exist, do all the work, do chat a lot – and do need love and attention from project leaders


Re: "you need to become a manager to get that noticeable rise in pay"

So in other words "Those that don't know I.T, manage it..."

Big Falcon explosion as SpaceX successfully demos Crew Dragon abort systems


Another Test

Will there be another test where there is an Unexpected Rapid Expansion of the Fuel Tanks to see if the capsule can escape that?

Hate speech row: Fine or jail anyone who calls people boffins, geeks or eggheads, psychology nerd demands


Re: Speaking as a guy ...

So it's you that's taking Acme to court over faulty gadgets?


Irish eyes aren't smiling after govt blows €1m on mega-printer too big for parliament's doors


So no one during the procurement process/signing off the purchase order shouted "WTF?!?!?!!" and asked why someone wanted this?

The bean counters should have at least had an heart attack seeing the cost of the order...

WinUI and WinRT: Official modern Windows API now universal thanks to WebAssembly



However, it is still a confusing picture, especially for .NET developers who bought into XAML and WPF or perhaps Silverlight, a cross-platform version of WPF which a decade ago looked like it might be the future. One of the annoyances is that WinUI XAML is different from WPF XAML, and Xamarin Forms XAML different again, with no easy porting between the three

Micosoft needs to unify XAML so it's the same across WPF, WinUI and Xamarin. Converting WPF to .NET Core and the development of Xamarin Forms 4 would have been the perfect time. Maybe rethink it in Xamarain Forms 5 when .NET 5 comes out next year.

As for XAML Island, when it was introduced it just felt like a stop gap that would last a couple of years.

'Big Bang': Great for creating the universe, but not as an approach to IT migration, TSB told


Re: Congratulations TSB Another waste of Money

As far as I've got with it I'm left wondering why the board showed such lack of inquisitiveness

Anything more than PowerPoint bullet points would have gone over their heads.

Just Docker room talk: Container upstart's enterprise wing sold to Mirantis, CEO out, Swarm support faces ax


Re: Argh! What now?

Maybe this will help with your decision.


Guess who the Co-op Bank chose for £141m outsourcing deal? Can't be. Yes, it's Capita


Crapita must have some good snake oil salespeople working for them...

It's a wonder why companies still use them when they always years late with a project, over budget and/or in litigation for violation of service contract.

Windows 10 update slips past Aussie border force and borks access to its Integrated Cargo System


If Integrated Cargo System isn't going to be updated to use modern browsers, Aussie Border Force needs to dump it ASAP.

The safest place to save your files is somewhere nobody will ever look


Editing Docs from Email

Many many moons ago, once had one where the user could not understand that when they edited and saved a document from an email attachment, that all their changes have "gone" when they reopen the email attachement. I had to train them to save the attachement in My Documents first, then edit the document and if they needed to edit the document again to use the one in My Documents, not resave the attachment then edit it...

US games company Blizzard kowtows to Beijing by banning gamer who dared to bring up Hong Kong



What are the odds that someone at Blizzcon in November will do a protest speech during open mike sessions?

Will there be "Red Shirt Guy 2.0" ?

Female-free speaker list causes PHP show to collapse when diversity-oriented devs jump ship


Couple of questions:

1. Were any women approached and asked to give a talk at the conference?

2. Did any women request to be a speaker at the conference?

3. People still use PHP?

No REST for the wicked: Ruby gem hacked to siphon passwords, secrets from web devs


Re: Review changes to 3rd party code

Don't forget that it's dependant on is-odd to work which in turn is dependant on is-number.

So your Google Play Publisher account has been terminated – of course you would want to know why exactly


Malicious Behaviour

suspended for what the Play team said is "malicious behaviour"

99.999999% of Google Play Apps should be removed for "malicious behaviour" for wanting access to stuff that has nothing to do with the app's function.

Alexa, can you tell me how many Chinese kids were forced into working nights to build this unit?


Next week, it's Apple's turn again on the child/slave labor in China building iThings.

Virgin Media's Project Lightning now at 1.8m connections. Just 2.2m to go before year's end, right?



They already upgrading the bill next month by £3.50. Nearly 9% increase.

Nothing about a "free" speed upgrade yet.

Backdoors won't weaken your encryption, wails FBI boss. And he's right. They won't – they'll fscking torpedo it


The US might get their way and end up getting the popular apps to weaken their encryption one day, but there is nothing stopping the bad guys from using apps not made in the US or even create their own for their little group.

We need citizen devs, cries Microsoft – but pricey new licensing plans for PowerApps might put paid to that


Re: Excel

Oh yes....

Oh good. This'll go well. Amazon's Alexa will offer NHS advice


Move over Dr. Google...

...there's a new doctor in the house.

Code crash? Russian hackers? Nope. Good ol' broken fiber cables borked Google Cloud's networking today


Joys of Cloud

Cloudflare and now Google Cloud...

Coin toss on AWS or Azure being next...

Summer's here, where's Windows 10 19H2? For Microsoft, spring ends whenever the heck it says so stop asking


Re: Obligatory Pedant

"IF" and "WHILE" should be lowercase.

Go fourth and multi-Pi: Raspberry Pi 4 lands today with quad 1.5GHz Arm Cortex-A72 CPU cores, up to 4GB RAM...


Re: Upton reckons that the 2GB version will be the most popular

I would just go for the 4GB model.

*Spits out coffee* £4m for a database of drone fliers, UK.gov? Defra did game shooters for £300k


Place your bets

What are the odds that it will go over budget and be 5-10 years late or even scrapped?


Sql Express could handle that

Or even Excel spreadsheet for that many users.

Alexa, are you profiting from the illegal storage and analysis of kids' voice commands?


Will someone think of the children

Did they think of the children when they bought the device?

Or was it a case of "lets buy 1 then we can sue Amazon"?

I'll just clear down the database before break. What's the worst that could happen? It's a trial


Re: I'll be borrowing this!

Me too

Dedicated techie risks life and limb to locate office conference phone hiding under newspaper


I was in Barcelona in 2008 for Microsoft TechEd Europe. Someone high up was demanding I fly back to the UK to run an "urgent must have it now" report...

I didn't and it wasn't...

Japan's mission to mine Mars' moon is cleared – now they've filled out the right paperwork on alien world contamination


The panel is made up of an international team of scientists to uphold the United Nations’ Outer Space Treaty of 1967. One of the basic principles says that “states shall avoid harmful contamination of space and celestial bodies.”

Pre-cursor to the Prime Directive?

Blame Canada! Zuckerberg subpoenaed to face Cambridge Anal. probe from Canucks


Zuckerberg will most likely decline the "offer", so Canada could always threaten to block Facebook until he does show up.



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