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Docker: Sorry, you're just going to have to learn about it. Today we begin

Geoff Stevens

Re: MainFrame

I Am Spartacus wrote:

[...]When can I get VM-CMS on my pc and relive the glory days in the 80's?[...]

You can do it right now:


Firm moves to trademark 'Python' name out from under the language

Geoff Stevens

These guys are clearly humourists

A quick scan of their "100% Service Level Agreement" reveals they've got the company's registered office address wrong, plus a few other mysteries like:

7.3 The Company shall not be obliged to pay compensation in accordance with this Paragraph 7 where the client has been attached by a third party or has not correctly configured the equipment to

And there it ends, after the "to"...

"We recommend that you download copies of our Policy Documents for your records." In case you need a good laugh sometime?

Fujitsu has phone fraudsters in its sights

Geoff Stevens

A Dangerous Tool

I predict an implementation of this would be popular in scammers' boiler rooms. If the call hasn't established overtrust in 60 seconds, click... next!

Still, no need to set them up for smartass "My computer's running OpenBSD, is that different?" replies any more, just groan "I... want... to... drink... the... koolade..." every few seconds and the overtrust indicator at their end will keep them on the line all day.

LOHAN to suck mighty thruster as it goes off, in a shed

Geoff Stevens

One thing I haven't seen...

...what's the plan if the motor doesn't fire? If it works, the thing blows itself apart, job done. If it doesn't, someone who's possibly feeling a little crestfallen has to take some delicate decisions.

Sorry to be a pessimist, but I don't want to hear of anyone getting their face melted off in this venture. Not even A Orlowski.

I'd like to see a risk assessment and hazard mitigation plan for disassembly on failure.

Praying for meltdown: The media and the nukes

Geoff Stevens
Paris Hilton

six sigma != negligible

"Now, it's easy *now* to smugly sit there and say, well, those silly buggers should have built 15m walls, had water tight generators, additional backups to the backup for the backups, put generators on the roof of some building somewhere and been prepared for a 9.0 quake. But before all of this, most people would have scoffed at the chances of a 9.0 earthquake and 10+ meter Tsunami since they go way beyond the 100 year event magnitudes."

Recently, some people may have noticed the world financial system blowing up because of inappropriate application of Gaussian models.

I suggest saying "model shows a six sigma probability of event in 100 years" is the wrong thinking, given the high cost consequences. More severe events are well documented in Japan. Whether it's likely in the 100 year span of your model seems academic the day after it's happened.


Paris, because she's got an eye for the main chance.

Philips SPC1330NC

Geoff Stevens

Great to see GNU/Linux testing...

...but if the reviewer could be encouraged to open a terminal shell, type 'lsusb' and report the chip in the device? Then non Ubuntu users would know whether or not the device is likely yot work with other distros.


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