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Bates: Cops to defy courts over return of indecent material

graham elliott


This is an extract of the below report (link)

"The Bates Judicial Review (of his second arrest) produced an order, which we have on file, instructing the police to return his property. Firstly this was a 'consent order' - meaning that the Avon and Somerset police legal department agreed to it and signed their acceptance on the Chief Constable's behalf. Secondly it included a clause stipulating that 2,500 alleged hardcopy indecent images (yes - printed pictures) should be separated, resealed and retained pending agreement on further investigation. The Sun and other stories referred to these as 2,500 hard drives. The Sun and other sources quoting Chief Constable Colin Port’s reasons for not wanting to return this material in ‘the public interest’ ignore the fact that the clause stipulating this condition was included at Jim Bates’ suggestion. "

This link for a more truthful and uptodate evaluation of "What does Colin Port do now"



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