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Ballmer clashes with Obama over US tax rules

Gene Strong

White House Chimp / MSN / US Taxes

All American companies with any common sense would move

their operations offshore to escape the greedy islamic socialist

clutches of our White House Chimp and his supporting cast

of monkeys in Congress. Between this new "Sheriff of Nottingham",

Crooked Politicians, Supportive liberial Media, Labor Unions and

the Contingency Fee Tort system in the USA, America is finished

as a world economic power.

Irish politicos try to cut off call girls' mobiles

Gene Strong

Irish Politocos seek to cut off Call Girls

Since when do Politicians get to cut off Call Girls ?

If anyone needs to be cut off it is the Politicos..

Fans decry tennis gal's breast-slash plan

Gene Strong

Keep the boobs

Keep the boobs, take up bowling..Take up anything, but keep the boobs.

Organised crime cops seek international hacking powers

Gene Strong

Licensed to steal.

And exactly why am I supposed to believe this government hacking

is a good thing and the govt. can be trusted ?


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