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Microsoft mobiles spied online?

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They sure got the name right on one of the model, HAHAHAHAAAAA

I tried WM on a few phones, wow, talk about slow....

M$ are yet again trying to dip their toes into something they have no idea what they are doing, simply because someone else are doing well, but saying that, now most manufactures are stop making handsets with WM, they cant simply just dump it can they ? so..the only way to go ,.. is to make their own handsets, after almost 10 years of WM, one would expect that its almost faultless and fast, yet.. or from history of other M$ crap, they just got bigger, slower ..and more difficult to use.

No third service pack for Windows Server 2003

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Another shit decision

When they are going to learn that they CAN'T force users to upgrade by cutting off support of existing ones, if the product are good, we will upgrade without them having to spent a cent on marketing, didnt they learn any lessons with Vista ? many of our home users moved to OSX simply because they can no longer (some didnt know where to look) find XP machines, and many moved AFTER they purchased a Vista machine, freaking idiots running M$ only think of $$$

Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

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Go for the 5800

Go for the 5800, get it from play.com for under £160, bigger screen, GPS, 3G.

I have to say, the 5800 is almost the perfect phone for me after trying the iPhone, LG Renoir, Samsung Toco, its small, light and good functions.

I got the 5800 after seeing the 5530, after reading reviews, I decided I will get one, then noticed that its big brother 5800 were on sale at play.com for under £160, with GPS, 3G and a bigger screen. so far I have to say it may not be perfect on functions (iPhone by far has the best interface and feel), but for that price, no one should complaint.

Microsoft opens up for Office SP2

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How fast ?

26% of shit slow is not really any improvement, I think their programming team really havent a fxcking clue how to make anything, almost everything is BIG and slow and slow, they shouldnt be banking on everyone will buy the latest and most powerful PC just to run their crap software, why dont MS make their programmers test their own software on a basic spec (min spec Vista) machine as advertised and see how fast it works before releasing them, this way, they can see how shit they are with their work.

MS punts stripped down Windows Server 2008 at tiny SMBs

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As usual, they withhold sales figures, this, even to someone with little or no experience, simply meant the figures is shite, or they are too shy to release lower than low numbers.

Hardly surprising, SBS2008 looks good on paper, may even be good working, but the fact that it needed 4GB as a minimum setup, have put off many of our customers, as most servers they have max out at 4GB, meaning a whole new server, as well as everything else that goes with it, correct me if I am wrong, shouldnt their programmers be clever enough to produce leaner and meaner code as technology moved on ? its totally opposit when comes to MS products, each release gets bigger and bloater, sure the OS has to cover a lot of ground, but surely not to such size ? The other issue is is it worth upgrading ? with Server 2003 and SBS2003 all doing a wonderful job, the extra features they put in 2008 are really no use to about half, if not more current users, yet required something big and huge to run it on, I think they just got lazy and lost vision of what a consumer really want.

Vista SP2 beta could land within next four weeks

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Its not totally Vista's fault

I am no Vista fan, and I have been doing more downgrades than upgrades on Vista, its not a great product, but it works..upto a point.

One reason I noticed that why users hated Vista so much is becuase manufactures or shops are NOT selling the right kit to run it on, good example this morning, a laptop came in, user said Vista sucks, it crashed after an online update, but overall, its slow as a dog, fixing the software werent too diffiuclt, our guy did it within 30 mins, but closer inspection revealed this laptop with a very fast dual-core pentium only had 512MB (with64MB taken already by video), 2 mins to add 1GB of memory and its speedy as it should, still no comparision to XP but its more than workable.

This is not the first one we got that were sold by PC World, if they simply add another £20 on top of the laptop price for teh extra memory, they would have had a lot more happy customers, not to mention Vista would be more acceptable, so in many ways, Microsoft are not totally to blame for the crap uptake of Vista, so many factors added to make it one of the most unpopular OS ever.

US consumers flock to Mac laptops

Robert Lee

Not hard to fig out why

With Vista, any laptop/desktops are instantly turned into shit, little wonder why Mac market grew so fast, no thanks to the super Microsoft Vista, Steve Job must be laughing so hard now that for years hes been trying to break into the consumer market without success, but suddently Vista came, and without having to do too much, the Mac slice of pie just got bigger.

I am no Mac fan, nor Linux fan, but deep down I do hope they can gain enough market share to show MS how crap they are at making OS, as well as trying to force users to use whatever crpa they are given while trying to educate them how things 'should' work.

Nokia unveils N79 and N85 smartphones

Robert Lee

Never buy Nokia again

I had a N73 and N95, both slow as fxxk, even after updates after updates after updates, the OS is just pants, compare to my K800/K810 which I had to go back to, its like heaven and hell.

A third of Vista PCs downgraded to XP

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Only if you know best.

All new machines for our customers are either from Dell or PC World buisness, where you can still order them with XP, or with the XP downgrade path when its stuffed with VB.

I still cant believe how crap it is, reapiring them is a lot more painful, there are really no real tools to get the job done like XP, if the OS is really really stable and it doesnt crash, its fine, but its not, so for someone who has to repair the OS for a job, its a pain in the ass, not to mention the stupid long winded, time wasting interface, looking at the networking on Vista is like a maze, it may be stable (according to MS), but at the cost of the users, I dont use Vista even though we have licences coming out of our axxx.

That 30% may be under estimating, I personally downgraded almost all our customers from Vista to XP, either due to their software wont run, or run like a dog even on the latest hardware.

Intel says 'no' to Windows Vista

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May be Intel knows something that we dont ?

Could it be Intel dont have a fast enough CPU to run Vista yet ? or they tried and saw Vista on their latest quad-core actually ran slower that XP on a P3 ?

Whoever at Intel decided on no Vista should be credited for their vision.

Dell touts Windows XP to 2009 - and 'likely longer'

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Needed Dell to tell MS to piss off

Only the few larger OEM can do this, and congrats on Dell to stand up to the MS bullshit, at least they listen to what their customers wants, unlike MS, give customers what MS wants to give, shit or not.

I were hoping that if MS wouldnt back down, Dell may be forced to ship Linux instead, and with Dell's backing and providing proper suppoer for the OS, Linux may never be the same again, it will go main stream, like an unstoppable train... I guess MS saw this and .....

MS is lucky that Apple is not selling OSX CD , now that would be interesting, many of our customers whom dislike Vista keep asking if they should go Mac. Actually, I wonder why Apple is not doing it, except to keep the market for their own hardware sales.

Windows XP given additional resuscitation

Robert Lee

Are they really listening ?

"Or as Microsoft explains the story at the Computex expo in Taipei, customers were demanding Windows on the low-devices because it is familiar to them."

Everyone is demanding XP on their desktop too ? but is MS listening ? NO !!!!

They only put XP on the baby ones because the crap Vista wont even run on them, and not having XP just driving them to Linux, so its not they were listening, just to stop a Linux train from running on its tracks.

I wouldn't park there, mate - Honda adds sat nav warnings

Robert Lee

Nowhere to park here

In UK, car crimes are everywhere, so the warning system will beep no matter where you park !!!!

Microsoft's 'Vista Capable' appeal thrown out

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Microsoft is right.. up to a point

The label said 'Vista capable' and if it can run Vista Basic, then it 'is' running Vista, but an honest person or shop would be point that out to you before you buy so at least you know what you are buying.

Simply put, it is deception to a point, but the line are kinda faint here, anyway, who wants to use that Vista crap anyway ? If it aint good enough for senior Microsoft bosses, it aint good enough for me.

DoH IT projects overshoot budgets by £247,000

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When compare to the Olympic, these figures wont even show up as a percentage, whats the big deal ? If they really wanted to save, all they had to do is to control the Olympic and anything else overspend will be well covered

How to speed up Windows Vista: official and unofficial tips

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Hahahahaa !!!!

I cant believe they released this statement, must be a joke somewhere..

Restart regularly ???

Run fewer programs at the same time ??? HAHHAHAA

Turn off Visual ?? So whats the point of Vista without Aero ?

Defrag your HDD ? meant what ? Vista creates/delete files all the time ?

Disable services you dont use ??? This statement were aiming for the average home users, you think they have a clue how to ??

All I can say is nothing because I am too busy LMAO

Autothrottle problems suspected in Heathrow 777 crash

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Trouble with these cases... its a very complex piece of machinary, to get everything 100% working all the time is almost impossible, so crashes are bound to happen.

Each time an aircraft lands, they have less than a few hrs to do simple maintenence checks, so if one of the hidden fuel pipe were leaking, or a throttle cable are almost to the point of breaking, theres no way they could check, regular maintenence is always there, but like your cars, after an MOT and service, you think your car will work faultless for teh next 12 months until the next maintenence call ?

The other danger is poor maintenence by companies cutting corners, take a look at gov computers, they have the tasks of safe guarding people's private info just like a plane have to safe guard their passengers safety, same thing will happen, just a matter of time for someone somwhere along the foodchain to miss/skip a few steps.

Join the army, get your ID pinched - MoD laptop goes AWOL

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Its either stolen..or sold

The gov seriously think we can trust an ID card system ? when they cany even protect departmental ones ? is this gov mad ? after all the data thief last yesr, earlier this year, one would imagine that all laptops will have the latest and best encryption, not to mention that anyone not authorized to have the data, should NOT be taking them outside secured area, nevermind parking it outside their house or a car park.

Telcos yank FBI wiretaps

Robert Lee

16 Whats ?

They just need one recommendation only...


Dont tell me they will spent $10m to form a committe to work out where the problem is coming from ? such as the EU spend 2 weeks debating if tomato should be class as fruit or veg ?

Microsoft surprises itself with six-month late Hyper-V beta

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It may ship, but will it work ?

I think MS should stick to what it does best, which is ..... never mind..

This thing may ship early, but I doubt if any IT manager would chance their production servers on this, if you think Kaspersky crash is bad, may be this H-V can do even better.

Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites

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BBC Now reporting


Counterfeit Vista rate half that of XP

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Their priority is where ?

Should they not spent all their resources on how to make a better OS ? rather than think of every trick under the sun to steal user info in secret/WGA/ Locking out genuine users by accident ?

Like the rest said, the uptake of pirated Vista is low, as normally pirates will be the first to use it, now the pirates worked out its better to stick to XP, hence the low figures.

I think Vista is doom to failed, I am suspecting Microsoft is actually working on a new version based on XP but still call it Vista .

Microsoft fires CIO for 'violation' of policy

Robert Lee

Violate what ?

Bill : We MUST sell more Vista even though no one like to use it, its slow, buggy and most difficult to use

CIO : I disagree, if Vista is crap, we should extend XP for another 10 years and keep updating it until Vista is ready

Bill : You are fired !!!!

ps, I installed Office 2007 on a new workstation yesterday, and boy, it took me a while just to find where the PRINT icon or File/Print is, is this progress ? the bars were full of colorful icons, but all I really wanted is the print option.

Seagate says storage demand better than expected

Robert Lee

Whos to credit ?

All these sales figues has Microsoft to thank for, with their giant overloaded, bloated software, everyone needs more space..imagine in 10 years time when Windows BlackRain ships on 4 BlueRay discs, and Internet Explorer takes another BR Disc all by itself.

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'

Robert Lee

Simply buying time

I suspect that MS is buying time for the launch of SP1 which most claimed to solve most of the major problems of Vista, so when SP1 is launched, the punters wont have any excuse of not using Vista anymore.

419er needs $2k to buy portrait of Queen

Robert Lee

Kids ?

"this is a dream come true for me 'cos' i know i am going to make history out of it,"

Cant make out if this is from 419'er or just a kid from MSN by the use of the word 'cos'.

What the heck, lets just sent the money, as it sound quite urgent and important..

Microsoft finds good facts to sell Windows Vista

Robert Lee

We have the facts, right here...

Do we really need Microsoft to give us the facts ? When we have them right in front of our eyes ? kinda like telling us a hamburger is not really meat when its beef ?

I had a lot of customers whom got tired of trying to get Vista to work for them, and after a few weeks, rather spent money buying XP and then pay someone to 'downgrade' from Vista for them.

Some fine examples :

One who purchased a Vista laptop with Dual core and 2GB of memory find it run much slower (or feels slower than his old PC with P4/512MB), then his blackberry didnt install, wiped out all info on it during the process, his high-end digital camera has no Vista drivers, his 6 months old printer didnt have Vista drivers, his new digital microphone didnt have Vista drivers, little wonder why he went backward.

One who purchased a Dell printer 6 months prior to Vista while running 98, Dell told him it wont work with 98, so I adviced him to upgrade to XP, due to heavy work, he waited until Jan, and new PC came with Vista, surprise surprise, now his 'old' printer wont work because Vista doesnt have any drivers.

Its not totally Microsoft's fault that there are no drivers, but as the OS maker, they sure have the responsbility to ensure manufactures comes up with the goods, unless I am mistaken that hardware manufactures must all think this is a great time to sell more kits by not making Vista drivers for old hardware, forcing users to buy new kits, hence more income for them.

Either way, its not good, if Vista really have something special to show for it, great, but deep down, for the average Joe, they simply want to be able to turn on PC, surf the web, type some letter, calculate a few spreadsheets, listen to MP3, and XP does the job beautifully, Vista do have the additional security features (with additional annoying security popups), better networking, question is, how many average Joe really sees and feels and needs that difference ? Not to mention the 'over doing it' interface, its like looking at a badly designed Mac screen, and the other and most annoying bit for me is what they have to change the names of icons ?

'Add or Remove Software' , the name to me is right to the point, guess what they renamed it to now ? This is really a pointless exercise.

Oh, have I missed the drop dead slow file copying ?

Give huge credit to Dell UK, they allow us and our customers to specify XP when ordering new PC, this is a relief...until Jan 2008.

Bottom line is :

Microsoft is forcing us to 'upgrade' from something that works really well to a new system (to grab more cash I guess), during this exercise, also try to force us to re-learn what we have been using for over 10 years, moving icons to new position, give them different names etc. What users really wanted is simple, something that will work, works fast, and stable, with good hardware support, if they only spent that $5-6b on making XP more secure and more stable than what is a good product already, we will all be happy.

Orange rapped for 'unlimited' broadband

Robert Lee

What a joke !!!

What is the point of having a body to monitor/control a sector when clearly they have not a clue how to do their jobs ?

ASA should be here to protect the consumers, so in the case of Orange, they should fine them for misleading consumers, plus clearly and plainly stating that they (and other ISP) should NEVER use the word UNLIMITED if there are small prints of fair usage, anyway ? what are fair usage ? no one seems to know, so the ASA now think that by combining the words 'Unlimited' and 'Fair usage' is now acceptable ?

Why do we even have ASA when clearly they cant even do their jobs right ? isn't it just a waste of public monies to open and run a whole department that, in the end, yields no results ?

Fancy an earful? Click here for tech support

Robert Lee

Whats new ??

Simple case of profits before everything else.

They pay peanuts, and what do they have ? monkeies on the other side of the phone.

I have to deal with so many different companies daily, and the stories I have can be written into a hardback.

Virgin Media still claiming no usage limits

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Another case of the right hand doesn't what the left hand is doing.

2 weeks ago, one of my customer rang and said his broadband speed went really slow, so I explained to them that theres a new throttling limit on Virgin broadband, he were so angry at this as he joined on the recommendation from me that there were no download limit (back in Jan 2007), so he called Virgin support, Virgin sales didnt know anything and insisted on no limit, no problem, next the technical support people, same thing, no limit, no problem, until the customer asked them to view their own website where the new limits were clearly posted.

Talk about a mess, for a communication company, they sure do no flavour to themself, not even knowing what their own company is doing.

Now Sky is taking their TV away, with the new throttling limit, I can only see one direction for Virgin, all downhill.

Customers hates having to work with or work around a limit, its like buying car, you try to sell a car to a customer and tell them the car can do 150mph, no limit to how fast or how long you can drive it for...BUT !!!! once you drove 100 miles, your car will be throttled to only do 75mph MAX!!! I doubt even the best salesman on the planet wont to selling any of these.

BT swallows a third of new broadband punters

Robert Lee

They may have the quantity, shame about their quality

Yes, they are now spending a fortune on advertising, and watching the latest advert with Ramsey trying to fix a PC with a knife while his chefs playing cards just makes me laugh so much.

Few weeks ago you posted an article on a mortgage firm who is now sueing BT, I were the IT advisor to that company, and from day one I told the BT engineer over the phone where the fault came from, still I had to drive there and tell him face to face, then on the phone to his broadband support department just to confirm what I said the first time.

We deal with a lot of business customers, heres a small list of what I have seen in the past year :

Company moved across the road to new office, BT accounts manager didnt put the order through for new broadband as requested, so they went without broadband for 2 weeks, large compensation paid out.

Company moved, and BT screwed up the phones and broadband order, then add salt to injuiry, they delivered the new phones to the old office.

Customer moved house, BT did a remote diag and determined that the best way to install broadband is to put it on the same line as the switchboard number (its a huge house), pointless to say, it didnt work, after 2 weeks of farting around, we managed to get the BT crisise management team to sort the problem out, boy, you should see how fast things move once you got hold of the right people.

Company moving office, since the move, the broadband been down for weeks, then fixed, then off again, its a line fault ? but does it take months to fix ?

Bottom line is, BT is now selling the idea of 'You should be using your time running you own business, do what you good at, and let BT handle the your IT and communication' when they are the one who causes most of the comunication problems.

Have to run, need to call BT to find out why after they fixed my broadband line that my speed dropped by 50%, this is after their senior investigator came out and spend a whole morning here trying to find out why out telephone lines keeps dying every few months.

Thanks BT, you are really helping me and my business !!

No end in sight for Vista's Long Goodbye

Robert Lee

Something hidden inside ?

As Simon said about the DRM, I am just wondering, during the process of copying/deleting/moving, could Vista be actually monitoring the content of the files, ie, checking for sensitive information or some type of US goverment hidden agenda of forcing Vista to check each byte being copy/move ?

Just in case these files were used by terroists, so before they get a chance to delete, Vista would check each file and its content, and if any are found, either flag them or secretly copying the content to a hidden location or even wire them online to some secret service HQ ?

How else could one explain that something as simple as copying/moving and even deleting could take so long ? when Windows since 95 had been working perfectly on these everyday functions. This is not MS's first OS, if anything, the operation should be even faster than XP/2000.

But as we are no Bill Gates, we are simply guessing.

AMD Phenom X2, X4, FX processor specs leak

Robert Lee

Its a paradox

Its great to see between Intel and AMD driving down the cost of processors, but more importantly, driving down the power consumption, the sad thing is while these new processors are using less and less energy and run faster, graphics card manufactures are using more and more power to drive their so called FX GX whatever range in order to play games, problem is, most average home users whom will never touch games, will also be sold with one of these energy chewing cards simply because manufactures told them to, making the whole idea of energy saving a pointless exercise.

So now tehy will have a AMD or Core2 sitting inside the box, where the owner can sleep easy at night knowing they are doing their bits to save the planet, little do they know whats saved from the CPU is now transfered to the graphics card that they will never really use, in the case of Vista, where every movement involved the use of full power from the graphics card.