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We're almost into the third decade of the 21st century and we're still grading security bugs out of 10 like kids. Why?


Re: Y2K?

Yes. To be pedantic (I am very OCD), our calendar system begins with year 1, not year 0. In the B.C./AD dating system it went from 1 B.C. to AD 1. So, we are coming up on the end of the second decade in 2020. Third decade will begin 2021. Did I beat that to death? :-)

Oh cool, the Bluetooth 5.1 specification is out. Nice. *control-F* master-slave... 2,000 results


Overlord / Minion

SCO vs. IBM case over who owns Linux comes back to life. Again


I think someone forgot to cut off the head, burn all the parts and bury them at a crossroads.

Microsoft admits to disabling third-party antivirus code if Win 10 doesn't like it


Re: '34 years of development - Windows 10 is the result'

There are areas where you truly have no choice. Industrial control is a prime example. While there may be some alternative control systems and PLC platforms that do not require Windows, the big players all run Windows-based development, control and HMI programs.

Finally, that tech fad's over: Smartwatch sales tank more than 50%


Who needs a smartphone on their wrist?

I have an original Pebble SmartWatch which is all the functionality I need in a wearable. With a week of battery life, it is handy and unobtrusive. I never have a tone or vibrate on my smartphone because the Pebble will notify me. A quick glance at my wrist tells me if I need to bother with the phone right away, without having to push any buttons. And yeah, I have a big digital watch/date on the front, so mostly it functions as a watch :)

Woz says wearables – even Apple Watch – aren't 'compelling'


Re: I'd go further than that personally

werdsmith, I use my Pebble exactly the same way and I love it. I never have my phone on ring or even vibrate, because the Pebble provides the notifications in a much less intrusive way, and a quick glance at my wrist tells me what I need to know.

I have no interest whatsoever in a hulking overpriced smart watch which tries to be an on-wrist smartphone.

Pebble axes quarter of its workers after fitness pivot


Re: "resource hogging Health app that can't be deleted"

I KNEW there was a reason I liked my classic plastic Pebble. If I wanted a health band, I would have bought one.

No escape: Microsoft injects 'Get Windows 10' nagware into biz PCs


Re: Microsoft claims it's doing this...

Production machines like that should be on a network that's deliberately several, preferably physical, steps removed from any automated update cycle.

Unfortunately, some of us administer systems covered by governmental regulations requiring we stay up-to-date on patches on the production machines. We are behind multiple firewalls, but still need to have the updates. WSUS is your friend here.

Creationist: The Flintstones was an accurate portrayal of Dino-human coexistence


Re: Derr.....

It is not accurate to say the canon was established "circa 1500's". Historical evidence indicates the modern canon was accepted pretty much universally in the Western church in the 400's, and in the Eastern church by the 500's (they held out against the Revelation of John).

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – Thin plot, great CGI effects


Now, to be honest, most of the LotR characters WERE in the backstory of The Hobbit. From Bilbo's limited point-of-view, they didn't exist. But, Jackson had already established from LotR that he was using the backstory bits to "flesh out" (puff up?) the story line. So, it was not unreasonable to find them in his Hobbit.

On the other hand, there was NO excuse for a 6 hour trilogy to cover a 2 hour story. <sighs>

Feminist Software Foundation gets grumpy with GitHub … or does it?


I personally prefer "overlord" and "minion', but that won't work for a feminist language. "Overlady?"

Miniature woolly mammoths once roamed Crete


Re: Minimammoths? Minmoths?

That was my first thought when I saw this article! OMG, now we know where the sparks got the breeding material for minmoths.

Los Alamos fires BLOODY BIG MAGNET


Can we test the Heim Theory now?

So, is this magnet powerful enough to generate the field needed to test the validity of the Heim "hyperdrive" theory?

Ubuntu's high-risk Linux Narwhal beta floats


re: Unity on netbook..

I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 from 10.04 Netbook Remix a few months ago and was absolutely aghast. Unity on a netbook is one of the stupidest ideas I have ever seen. On a display with only 1024x600 resolution and limited horsepower, it makes no sense whatsoever. I promptly loaded Lubuntu 10.10, and have no intention of going back to the standard releases. I would prefer to use my netbook's horesepower for my applications, not the damned window manager "experience".

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re: Not LO 3.3, or OO3.3 for that matter !!

Is there a major difference between OO 3.3 and OO 3.2 on a netbook? I have no trouble whatsoever with OO 3.2 on my 1024x600 netbook.

Ubuntu demotes Gnome for Unity netbook look

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Here's hoping they polish Unity

I have tried to used Unity on my netbook, and it is not ready for prime time. It is slow, clunky, and buggy on a machine that lacks the horsepower for such a cutesy interface. And, the sidebar cannot be overlaid, which really messes up most of the netbook applications that are already pressed for space on a 1024 x 600 screen. I sincerely hope they make Unity a whole lot more configurable by the time Ubuntu 11.04 comes out.

Ladies put off tech careers by sci-fi posters, Coke cans

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That would be me, you insensitive clod!

My office has Sci Fi / Fantasy posters, toys, and so forth ... I guess I must be the source of the stereotype, since you have never seen or heard of such a place :)

Minister attacks drunken topless lovelies with tangler-bazooka


Uh huh, ...

and what good is this on a water jet speedboat?

Catholic social club ousts coven of witches


By the way, they did not burn witches ...

It is a common misconception that witches were burned. Mostly, witches were hanged, while heretics were burned.

Also, before someone starts down this path ... the "burning times", as commonly conceived, is an urban legend. Most of the people hung as witches in the late middle ages were Christian, and about half were men. Mostly, it was a Protestant, not a Catholic phenomena. There was no "wicca' in Europe at that time; they are a 20th Century movement.

IT Angle

Get over it

Well, it IS their building. I don't know about the U.K., but in the U.S. the diocese would be free to bar anyone they feel is imcompatible with their religious viewpoint.

Could Sadville break the internet with nakedness?

Black Helicopters

Why not Second Life?

Here is one explanation for "hanging" in Second Life ... I live in a small town two hours from any major entertainment / shopping / interaction with a larger group of people. For little more than the cost of an Internet connection, I can (and routinely do) spend time with people from all over the world. I can engage in role play in fantasy / medieval / futuristic settings, attend live concerts, and generally have a whole lot more fun than if I plopped down in front of the TV for the evening. We cannot all live in large metropolitan areas with the world at our real-life fingertips.