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US parents proclaim 811 'Messiahs'

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Re: These young whipper-snappers...


there just arent enough Engelbert Humperdincks around

(and yes, im aware he changed his name but still makes me laugh)

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Re: Oh what I would have paid

do they take the name windsor? if so surely a missed opportunity to hold up the kid, wearing a tie, and call him 'full windsor'?

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i feel sorry for the poor kids.

im 38 and grew up in rural lincolnshire. my first name is Liam and for so many years i was just called Leon or Ian as if people thought i had a speech impediment. it also didnt help i always have to spell my surname too as its very rare in the UK

odd names are just the bain of a kid's life.

hence my son is called Alexander. nice and simple and can be abbreviated in a number of ways.

Cannabis can CURE CANCER - cheaply and without getting you high

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Re: Bloody adulterators...

i have never understood religious nutjobs in this respect.

herb grows in the ground... now, if you are religious you have to accept god planted it and created it for a reason.

so you are then saying god is wrong if you ban it. hypocrites.

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<upon re-reading your post i cant tell if you are being sarcastic or serious>


alcholol is....

in fact... through a thorough trial of friends i can deduce that in fact crisps are the most deadly gateway experience. almost everyone who has died in the UK for the last 50 years has eaten crisps. they must be a killer drug.

in seriousness, after booze i guess its the most common way in but all it teaches you is the BS the gov spoon feed you cannot be relied on.

alcohol does far more damage to society and the user (and im speaking as someone who's wife is an ex-alcoholic).

after decades of trying to prove its the most evil thing on the planet there is still not a single scientist who can prove any links to mental illnesses. schizophrenia is often linked to but no definite link can be found even after massive expense from the tobacco industries and big pharma.

prohibition is actually damaging the public. it would be very easy to do some work on creating a strain with low THC that can be used as a tobacco alternative. this would stop kids bulking out joints with tobacco (the actual dangerous bit), low THC strains like FLO have been around for ages but since its all illegal most people have no choice in what strains are available to purchase.

just let us grow our own and you will see tobacco intake reduced.

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Re: Cost effective .....


thats right, we need to be so scared of these pot junkies. i mean they cause havoc.... my local co-op is always running out of chocolate and crisps.

you seem to be mixing up heroin and weed. thats like comparing a bugatti veron and a 3 wheeler.

its such basic misunderstandings that stop this relatively harmless drug from being decriminalised and leaving us only alcohol to unwind, which is a horrible drug for society.

also, as said before. pot isnt hallucinogenic unless you eat shitloads. ive been smoking since i was 16 and im 38 now and an IT manager and have suffered zero issues over the years. the closest to acid i even had from pot was some that won the cannabis cup around 1995 which was bloody strong.

Webcam stripper strikes back at vicious 4Chan trolls after year of bullying

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ironic they are having a go at a stripper when its likely thats as close as many of them will get to a real woman. im sure most of them are just angry, spotty little virgins.

Fines 4 U: Mobe insurer cops £3m penalty for grumble dumping

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Re: Not the olny issue with mobile phones

if that is the case why are they not being done like the banks for forcing PPI?

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what happens with the fine money? shouldnt that go to the customers rather than some faceless quango that will just use the money on moats for MPs?

Windows 8.1 start button appears as Microsoft's Blue wave breaks

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Re: The missing start button isn't really the problem

doesnt this article highlight how they are working on metro for bigger screens and better support for multi monitor?

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i use my tablet daily. not much power user stuff more general browsing and games.

still, every time you use it it does something to annoy you. but then again i can find faults with iOS and android, which both annoy me too. at least with windows8 hp i can do much more.

its all swings and roundabouts really.

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plenty of other sources too. puts me off. what a ball ache!

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Re: Where is it?

i think we have to trawl for us as its not public will autumn (when i guess it will be in windows update)

i have read somewhere that if you install the preview you need to then reinstall the apps but i cant remember where i saw that. seems stupid to me if true.

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Re: Can I have windows where I want now?

you can use multiple windows in desktop mode. or am i not understanding your post?

i tend to use TIFKAM when i want touch and desktop when i want proper windows access.

i wonder if i can use black title bars with white text? oddly i hate having light title bars and all the hacks ive used just fuck windows up.

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Re: Poor Poor Windows 8

isnt there a desktop shortcut by default? i have one and i dont recall making it. my acer tablet did come with a handy power down button but in fairness i hardly ever use it bar for when i need to reboot for updates.

its instant on from sleep and battery doesnt seem to go down when in sleep mode (it obviously must use some juice but it must be a miniscule amount)

with a few tweaks it could be a great OS. nice for touch, desktop for power stuff and i can have steam, origin and play old games on my tablet. i still dont know why they didnt include a start button, stupid for me and the photo and video viewers need some love as they are crap as stands.

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Re: Windows 8.1 start button appears

i wouldnt say its even designed for media consumption. you cant even open an image and then see the next one in win8 and i have to use old media player to create a movie playlist.

for a home device win8 on a touch screen isnt bad. but it needs loads of work. using the desktop at 1080p on a 11.6" screen is a bit of a ball ache and i tend to use a mouse for that. also, you can increase dpi to increase the size of desktop items but then some apps fall in a heap and render off screen. (i have since found that this might be fixable in the shortcut options)

Pirates scoff at games dev sim's in-game piracy lesson

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from what i read it is ironic as his game is a carbon copy of another game dev sim.

Ten Windows tablets

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i was looking but all the cheaper laptops are smaller resolutions.

one of the reasons we went for the acer iconia was due to it being 1080p which i will use for remote play on PS4 when i get one. most laptops are much lower resolution

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Re: Iconia

IMO the new case and keyboard is better than the dock too. oddly the case and dock are almost as heavy as the tablet though


me and the mrs certainly love ours.

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Re: Not sure what these are pitched at.

i was going to get a nexus 10 but after 3 weeks waiting for the larger HDD one i starting looking elsewhere.

my issues with android is that its a clat to use NAS in the way i like. i also tried a samsung android tablet and it couldnt even handle my HD video without stuttering.

of course any windows AD etc will work as long as you get windows Pro. i use NAS all the time at home and i just find it much nicer to use than ios or android. plus i much prefer to drag and drop music from NAS and IMO this is far superior to android or ios in this respect.

in fairness each touch enabled OS has its annoyances and kwerks. its just picking the one that will allow you to work how you want.

remember, a windows 8 (not RT) tablet isnt just a method to consume. you can have any normal windows software on it. i can even run mine as a webserver if i like. the mrs uses ours for her coursework too.

for my parents i would say android or ios as its more basic and user friendly. for anyone wanting the most from a tablet i would say go win8. i find ios annoyingly locked down and i hate itunes with a passion. its just garbage. i know there are alternatives but i shouldnt have to fudge around to do the basics.

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Re: 12 months ago

i dont agree. 12 months ago little or no tablets were available that compared to an ipad. these days there are loads that pee all over ipads from a great height.

my tablet maybe cost £150 more than a cheap laptop and its much more flexible. i can game on it. mrs does her H&S assignments on it. i can use photoshop, steam, office etc.

the thing is, does business really need touch? i know all the execs want ipads but how many actually use them for anything other than email and web? they are also a pain to admin at times too.

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Re: The way I see it

do you mean surface pro as my tablet is home premium and its fine for what i need. the only thing pro has that i would like is ability to backup to NAS. not sure why that is a PRO feature annoyingly.

i do agree that RT seems a total waste of space.

i guess RT devices will be more stable as less likelihood of 3rd parts apps buggering up your system as RT is a walled garden isnt it? (correct me if im wrong).

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agreed. for general stuff touch is adequate and brilliant at certain things (there is a good cheap/free game called Armed! that is quite fun if a little basic compared to C&C AOE etc)

i have tried to use a stylus but its not that great on my tablet. no digitiser? but i have a wacom tablet that i never use anyway :)

the keyboard is useful but annoyingly with it being BT you cannot use it until windows boots meaning no safe mode or bios stuff. you need a USB/wireless keyboard for that.

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i have a Acer Iconia W700 and be aware that they now come with a case & keyboard rather than the dock. oddly the case doesnt have a hole for the camera?!?!

win8 really does need a keyboard in certain circumstances. with this being 1080p, desktop is a little fiddly unless you upscale it. i just wish windows could better handle when you set desktop items to be larger as it knackers some apps. i do use a wireless mouse for playing games (older games that arent touch enabled) and any more precise work but most of the time i just use touch.

i would rather have this device than an ipad or android device. win8 is actually quite nice with touch. plus i can install steam on it and play some older games (currently playing C&C3) and even install photoshop on it. also works much better with NAS than android or iOS. considering its spec it is a nippy machine too.

win8 needs some tweaks:

metro picture viewer cannot scroll through photos (stupid decision)

windows doesnt handle upscaling of desktop too well with all programs (metro apps are fine)

and of course a small power brick isnt as user friendly as an apple charger or android one. but its much more powerful. i didnt want a useless little processor i wanted a laptop spec

i wish i had the cash for the razer edge tablets. now they do look decent.

@Eadon... awww. couldnt you afford a proper tablet? why the hate? my tablet can do anything an iOS or android tablet can do and much more. the number of apps in the app store isnt that great but i can just install any legacy app or write my own

Microsoft's summer update will be called Windows 8.1

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Re: Surely a more appropriate name would be

i can have as many windows open as i like. in desktop mode.

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Re: 8.1?

i guess. oddly i can plug in the keyboard to the tablet's USB port to charge but it doesnt make it a USB keyboard. crazy eh?

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Re: Will "Windows"™ brand OS offers Windows again

i have a touch screen tablet (not RT) and its pretty decent for that.

there are some really poor decisions though and i have had to wipe it and restore after only 3 weeks. i think that might have been all the hacking just to change the bloody window titles to white as i prefer a dark menu bar.

i would also like them to fix the issue when you display all desktop items at 150% etc. a few apps totally screw up with this setting on but using 1080p on an 11.6" screen is a bit small for touch.

you do have to wonder why they made some of the decisions that they did. some are good and some are just plain mental.

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Re: 8.1?

and can we please enable BT keyboards at boot. i have an acer iconia and the keyboard isnt usable until windows loads. very useful

iPads in education: Not actually evil, but pretty close

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Re: erm laptops?

you can get an i3 laptop for around £300. so im guessing with mass rates that would be the same as ipads for all.

That Osbo bloke - he's on your Twitters. 'What a c**k'

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i guess he is honest on twitter :)

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Re: Bar Steward

what would these wankers know about that? their parents couldnt wait to ship them off to a posh boarding school, all paid for by inherited wealth.

i wonder how many of them have ever done a hard day's work in their lives

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Re: helping those who want to work hard

and why they are in government.

Paying a TV tax makes you happy - BBC

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especially when locally 2 paedophiles were spared jail. both were for distributing pornographic images of kids.

in the same paper a man got 5 years for having some weed plants in his house.

our laws need a massive rethink. suddenly weed is more harmful than child porn??

Microsoft unveils even more tempting Kinect offering: Open source

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Re: Plenty of hardware available.

im not sure motion gaming is the way forward myself either. i am more interested with the other stuff like facial recognition and speech recognition in gaming.

i play a fair bit of fifa offline yet with mates in the house it is always more interesting, why? because with 2 people v the cpu you can actually form an attack. so, why not have things like shouting 'left wing' or 'far post' etc will make players listen to your commands.

even stuff like changing ammo types in guns - like judge dredd - would be cool.

i say all this as someone who owns PS Move and rarely used it, apart from killzone3 which was kinda fun with the rifle attachment.

Ten ten-inch tablets

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Re: no acer iconia w700?

haha. yeah, possibly fanboys.

i have played with ipads. too limited and locked down for me (i have an iphone though). i was going to buy a nexus10 but after 2 weeks no 32gb was still available so i started looking elsewhere and found these for a bit more. i was also unable to find out if i could do a few specific things on android that i knew i could do in windows. plus i can install photoshop on it :)

IIRC you can use a basic stylus on ipads, or any capacitive touch screens. i got my dad one for his galaxy tab 2 and its ok for basic stuff. sure, it cant compete with a wacom digitizer tablet but then again, its much cheaper!

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Re: no acer iconia w700?

i guess price? the acer is a fair bit cheaper than the asus ones with a digitiser.

i have tried mine with a cheapo stylus and it worked ok but obviously not as precise as my old wacom drawing tablet thingy.

i have ordered one of the weird styluses with a clear rubber tip but its not here yet so i cant give you a review.


im sure this will be good enough for what i need to do. just messing around sketching really.

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Re: 10 inch Ainol Hero (snigger)

"enjoy life, enjoy ainol" lol

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Re: £399 for full Win8

depends on how you look at it.

my mrs uses our win8hp tablet all the time and never sees the desktop. yet i can use 'metro' for some apps and go into desktop for any power user stuff i want to do.

win8 with touch does need some tweaking though and there are some glaringly obvious things that needed to be included.

i can do far more on my win8 tablet than is possible on android or ios so im happy.

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Re: no acer iconia w700?

why the thumbs down?

apple are ok (my iphone is decent) but i wanted something a fair bit more usable than an ipad. and i hate itunes its such a ball ache to use.

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no acer iconia w700?

i picked myself up one of these recently as i didnt want to be tied in crapple and itunes and i wanted to use the machine as proper windows machine too.

its a great little thing (not so little at 11.6") and a bit heavy but the bigger screen is great.

windows still needs to work a bit better in touch mode as things like increasing the size of desktop items can screw up certain legacy programs as windows open off screen (for example zonealarm in unusable)

Here's the $4.99 utility that might just have saved Windows 8

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to be honest i bought a new win8 home premium tablet recently (the acer iconia w700) and with touch win8 is actually pretty good. no worse than ios or android IMO.

i did try a stardock app that allowed me to control my menu page's colours but it caused some conflicts so its gone now.

you do wonder why MS dropped the ball on a few things. why cant we natively have white text on windows? i prefer black/dark window headings with white text, you need to hack the themes to do this.

why cant i choose which colours i want on the start menu? most of the options are utter cack.

why does the touch screen media player (xbox music/video) have a progress bar that is only 20% of the screen width? surely you want it bigger for touch?!

still, i hope that MS can sort these issues out without hacks and they can and do cause issues elsewhere

Review: Livin' in the cloud with Google's new Chromebook Pixel

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this does seem bonkers to me.

i bought an Acer Iconia W700 64gb last week. i3 4gb ram

a tablet i can use in full windows mode if i like.

it boots up in similar time and runs a full OS that i have all kinds of flexibility on. instant on too from sleep.

and all this for £550 with a case that includes a keyboard. so much better than android or ios and with the screen being 11.6" and 1080p is really good for 2 people to use.

Naked Scarlett Johansson pic snatch bloke gets 10 YEARS

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10 years

over here you could have abused several children for that sentence. bit harsh IMO.

The best e-readers for Christmas

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Re: @I ain't Spartacus

cheers again. from what i have read surface RT still lets you access windows desktop too. am i wrong here?

ive tried win8 pro on a laptop (non touchscreen) and it wasnt to my liking but im thinking for basic web, music, office, email etc it will be fine for him.

cheers for your help mate! merry christmas!

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Re: @I ain't Spartacus

cheers again I ain't Spartacus

talked to dad last night and he wants office on the tablet. after looking it seems surface RT comes with basic office, which will do him.

also talked stylus as his right side is knackered now i think a stylus isnt going to be of any use.

also said a physical keyboard might be better for him. plus at least he knows how to use windows so looking like surface RT with the better keyboard might be the best option.

thanks for your help guys!

Citizen Kaned

Re: @I ain't Spartacus

I ain't Spartacus - cheers bud.

yeah, i need to look into surface. is it just the metro or is the desktop available? i was thinking about that earlier.

stylus might or might not be good. i just dont know. he used to be a draughtsman and decent artist until this bloody terrible disease.

does anyone know of any shops that have all these tablets to look at? is surface RT available to buy offline (i.e. shops?)

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Re: @I ain't Spartacus

cheers Jason Hall

i think sound quality is the least of his worries!

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Re: any recommendations for a 70 year old with parkinsons?

good call Michael Sauerbrey

might let him try my iphone, see how he does with a touch screen.

he has asymmetrical parkinson's so his left side isnt as badly affected as the right. pity for him he was right handed!

Citizen Kaned

any recommendations for a 70 year old with parkinsons?

i want to get my dad a tablet for xmas.

he loves music and has loads of audio books.

any recommendations?

im thinking of the nexus 7, nexus 10 or ipad. not sure how easy the buttons will be to use on the 7" tablets. the ipad mini needs a new version from what i read, not that anyone can buy them at present.

Six of the best Nintendo Wii U games

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quite a few people on AVF are looking into them and most of those guys have a decent 5.1-7.1 setup.

you would be surprised how many people have HC these days. dont forget that for the time being the Wii-u is the most powerful console so a few people are getting one. i must admit after buying a wii a few years ago i wont be making that mistake again.