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Greece grounds Google's Street View fleet

CItizen Kaned


a guy here lives in scunthorpe, they were recently on streetview. a week later and 4 or 5 burglaries have been committed in that street. no burlaries there for over 16 years before.

he tells me that you can see down the side of his house (no gate) and that you can see he has patio doors at the back. so, it is almost a burglary tool!

Playboy to take on World of Warcraft with Bunny-themed MMORG

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@"They already headed this move by Playboy off by issuing wearable bunny ears as a quest item from this year's online WoW Easter event." - i seriously hope you are joking.... totty or orks in bunny ears, its a hard choice for me....

@"Why wasn't this an NSFW article?" - why is it NSFW? a cartoon of a bloke and some woman in a bikini.... are you working in the middle east?

doesnt anyone else think this owuld be a great way of tossing off a few hours of work? pardon the pun. :)

and btw - not all of us want to sit and lose our lives in sadville, i mean WoW. this looks like a bit of fun.


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