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Amazon UK pulls Scientology exposé for 'legal reasons'

David Reynolds

Where to buy the book the scientologists don't want you to read

It's available from Eason Internet books with a max shipping cost of 9 Euros (book is 12.99 Euros). Ships internationally and mine is being shipped today to UK.

Sucks book scientology.


US teen admits to 'Anonymous' DDoS attack on Scientology

David Reynolds

More scientology shenanigans

From what I understand the dodgy cult used the DDOS attack as an opportunity to solicit more donations from its members; "we're under attack and need your money now!" I gather Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson) donated $10m alone to "handle anonymous". This clearly makes the cult quids in from the DDOS and they have a much more secure server.

I am gobsmacked at the amount of effort that's gone in to this, including work done by the US Secret Service cyber crimes squad, given the facts. The cult of scientology's statistically low traffic volume websites come under attack from a DDOS orchestrated by some kids use to fighting their own Internet wars between each other. They thought this was cool and the right thing to do. Then a long time protestor of the cult, Mark Bunker, posted a message on YouTube saying that the DDOS was wrong and explaining why. The DDOS stopped almost overnight. The length of the attack was around 3 days back in January and it has never been repeated. It should be noted that a prominent protest forum came under a DDOS attack for 2 weeks before it was finally pulled. The Secret Service didn't even blink.

So, a kid makes a mistake and does something dumb. The cult of scientology is inconvenienced but manage to exploit the situation for their gain; they even said all the publicity from the attack had resulted in more interest in the cult. The kid then sees a video on YouTube from an adult saying the DDOS is dumb and wrong and explaining why, the kid sees the light and stops doing it. Yet the Government wastes thousands of tax dollars tracking down the kid so he can face a 10-year sentence for being a kid and making a mistake. Why, because they keep caving in to the whining cult.

In related news, a kid in Spain is facing 3 years in jail and a 15,000 Euro fine for an email he sent in 2005. The email was in response to a scientology email that had been forwarded to him that he thought was just part of some roll playing game. He responded to the scientologist originator with an email to the effect that he was a member of a secret organisation in the Vatican and that the scientologist's time had come and that 3 men in black were going to come and kill them; sparing only the children. The scientologists past the message on to the FBI, who past it to the Spanish police; when they did this is uncertain but he is only now being charged with a crime. The prosecution wanted the case ditched, the whole Vatican angle makes it preposterous, but the country's leading scientologist is baying for the max sentence. Why do the authorities listen to them any more?

Scientology critics fight YouTube takedown notices

David Reynolds
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Scientology using DMCA notices.

The fraudulent DMCA notices, allegedly made by Scientology supporter and porn barron Oliver Schapper were made using false details; no surprise. That Anonymous doesn't stoop to such tactics with respect to suppressing freedom of speech any more is to their creditl; I am sure that those whose weapons use to be DoS attacks and hacking thought of it.

The DMCA takedowns were a pretty obvious ruse to detract from the Hamburg Symposium, where some very interesting and unnerving speeches were made and the breaking news that a French judge has had the balls to force bringing the cult of scientology to court on fraud charges against the more weasily French prosecution services best wishes.

Still, where as the Hamburg lectures are not news in The Register this is, giving me the opportunity to recommend to anyone sitting on the fence that they go and watch them on YouTube and then decide if being apathetic about the cult of scientology is wise. Search for Graham E Barry. Hamburg.

Can anyone say foot bullet?

Anonymous fights Scientology in schools

David Reynolds

Reply to ABigSmurf

"The previous protests were poorly organised, tiny and ***disperced*** quickly. These protests will fare no better.

I also have to wonder about a bunch of guys with the mascot 'pedobear' hanging around schools..."

"disperced" - Scientology study tech in action. ABigSmurf, you spelt this word incorrectly because you had misunderstoods; you need to word clear "poorly", "organised" and "tiny" because you have applied them inappropriately, resulting in your failure to spell dispersed correctly.

Your failure to understand the protests, how they work and what their goals are suggests your on too steep a gradient. You have also failed to understand the symbolism of pedobear.

Go back to basics and get some mass to help you get a cognition before involving yourself in matters you fail to understand.

Google murders second Anonymous AdSense account

David Reynolds

AdWords / Google are hypocrits

So their own rules prohibit advertising religion, and rightly so, that would make them hypocrits.

Most companies have some kind of ethical basis of doing business, it may not be up to the standard of most people's idea of ethics but generally they have rules that govern how they run.

It is obvious that Adwords are so unethical that they ignore their own rules for the sake of a profit; they must have received a lot of blood money from the cult to do this.

Minister defends National ID Register security

David Reynolds
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It was never the card that bothered me

"This could indicate a postponement of ID cards for UK nationals, as the government changes the direction of the scheme away from providing a card to facilitate access to services and towards collecting information about citizens."

It was never the card that bothered me so much as the database behind it. I think most people are not confident in the "Passport database" because most people have simply never considered the existance of such a thing.

'al-Qaeda' puts on big shoes, red nose, takes custard pie

David Reynolds

Proof of evolution.

The fact suicide bombers are becoming less competent is a clear demonstration of evolution in action, the competent ones all die.

Keep up the good work, this is the sort of story that would get me buying a newspaper again.

MP proposes stronger FoI

David Reynolds


At least some one is trying, sadly I suspect this will get buried and while it may actually attract more interest from MP's, worried of loosing some protection, than David Maclean's bill I suspect it will be voted out.

ID card will be needed to vote, says UK election watchdog

David Reynolds

Not the only one...

Apparently I am not the only one to think the National ID card should herald the evolution of democracy, that this is only real benefit the card can really afford the citizen. I think our voice should be heard. Perhaps someone should raise one of those electronic petitions on the Government web site. (Who me?)


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