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'Alien' lifeform wakened from 120,000 year Arctic slumber

Alex Cooper

Oh good God no.......

"The purplish-brown, blobby entity was "coaxed back to life"

It's not Mr Blobby is it?? Thought we got rid of that thing ages ago, it's too horrible to even contemplate!

Wallet-stretching li-ion G-Wiz e-car goes on sale

Alex Cooper

Does it have a heater?

Never mind.........probably won't need one, only a matter of time before we hear of the first Lithium-Ion flaming G-Wiz going down the road at 40mph!

Council to crack down on Cracknuts Lane

Alex Cooper

Recession? What Recession?

The council must be drowning in money if it has nothing better to do than this and waste it's money on it. Hopefully a reduction of council tax will be on its way then.......

TVonics DTR-Z500 500GB Freeview+ DVR

Alex Cooper

Looks nice.....

Now if only i could actually pick up Freeview......*sigh* useless, back to Sky it is

Microsoft: Windows 7 ready for Christmas 2009

Alex Cooper

So far so good.....

Running Windows 7 PDC release at the moment and going by the fact that it is working really very well for something that isn't even in Beta, I can easily understand how it could be released by September.

At the moment it is running quickly, there are some features not yet there but I guess they didn't want to throw half working/half completed features at people but then neither would I.

Vista was junk though it has improved (only way was up though) by service pack 1.

Impressed so far with 7 and normally I am never impressed by Beta's let alone pre Beta, with what is there currently it seems to "just work" and do it quickly too. Let's hope they don't screw it up in time for RTM!

MP calls for Jezza Clarkson's head

Alex Cooper

And what is the betting that....

.....out of those 500, 499 didn't even see the show. Some people really do need to get a grip and a sense of humour.

Speed cams ditched in Wiltshire

Alex Cooper


Nice to see a rare dose of common sense, speed cameras can cause as many accidents as they prevent, even the law abiding folks, as they stare at the speedo trying to make sure they don't break 30mph. This will only get worse if the rollout of spec average speed cameras happens on motorways, great idea to have people looking at their speed at 70mph and not the road, absolutely brilliant.

Hands on with SanDisk's SlotMusic SD-not-CD player

Alex Cooper

Interesting idea....

Not sure it will work though. I do like some of the ideas behind it such as being able to plug it into a variety of devices and play straight from USB for example, although you could just do this yourself with a memory card and USB adaptor.

For mobile phones, I think this would have potential, with so many of the popular music buying age groups having mobiles now, except.......the different mobile phone companies use many different kinds of memory card which is a total pain. If there was some kind of standard then this would no doubt help.

It is better in one respect than downloading, in that you have a physical media if your PC hard drive dies, but......easier to just buy the CD and copy onto your PC anyway and still have media as a backup. Another issue is that most people now have an iPod or some kind of mp3 player already and those who don't tend to follow the crowd of what their friends have anyway. Also, who fancies carrying around several SD Cards in their pockets? I can see those getting lost very quickly.

Interesting little product, we will see if there is any market out there for it......

Mills and Boon thrusts into pr0n market

Alex Cooper

Nicely researched....

Hmm.....you certainly seem to have done your research on this well to provide the plot and a good healthy dose of innuendo bingo.

You did miss out on saying that if this idea fails it will be called Bonkers or they could go after the pr0n hungry geeks with a remade in print Tr0n Pr0n :)

Mine's the one with the dirty mac........iMac of course *ahem*

Alex Cooper


I can't believe you passed up on using this from the amazon editorial review....

"The FBI is dangling the ultimate carrot"

Well, I never knew being well endowed was a requirement these days.....


Ubuntu zoo preps for new arrival

Alex Cooper
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My vote goes to Kung-Fu Kitten :)

Columbia set to resurrect Ghostbusters

Alex Cooper


Well, film or game, whatever, bring it on I say, it's bound to be a bit of fun :)

Anyway, it's nearing pub o'clock so must be off, good weekend all!

Mine's the slime covered jacket.........

Reg server and chip hack molested by Gray Lady

Alex Cooper

Good luck!

Have a great time Ashlee i'll check out the new place for your ramblings now and then!

Coat? (big) Apple? IT Journo? Must be a Hackintosh........

George Orwell joins blogging fray

Alex Cooper

Where's the Big Brother angle?

"Readers expecting this piece to end on some zinger about Big Brother will be sorely disappointed and/or summarily dispatched to Room 101."

Ok so now I get to become a guest on a BBC2 program with Paul Merton? Do I get paid for this? When can i start demanding, in my new found TV celebrity status, to have Liqourice Allsorts in my dressing room arranged in the shape of Sarah Bee's face?

Questions, questions...............

Croydon devil dog execution: Exclusive photo

Alex Cooper

Now all we need now...

Is for Optimus Prime to get rid of Gordon Brown, then we can have Optmius Prime Minister and I for one welcome our mechanoid leader who will *transform* politics in the UK!

T5 Transformers t-shirt bust: Shock snap

Alex Cooper
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Utterly....Utterly........Priceless, I think you nicely summed it up, and in Lego no less, genius!!!

BOFH: Testing the obscenity filters

Alex Cooper

Pure class

One of the best in a while, very very funny!

Virgin Media distances itself from Phorm 'adoption' claims

Alex Cooper


Well, I am glad they have at least, eventually, said something about this whole debacle. So, sure, I am cautious but grateful they got around to speaking out.

However, as a Virgin Customer on cable, if they do decide to adopt Phorm, I will be leaving and moving to ADSL even though that means a 1MB, possibly 2MB at best connection due to the distance from the exchange. I would rather have a crap connection than have this.

Hoping for the best.

Ubuntu man Shuttleworth dissects Hardy Heron's arrival

Alex Cooper

@ Matty B

"And for the record, GNOME really sucks. The whole "brown" Ubuntu thing really sucks. KDE for the win. (and before you say it, fanboys, I'm very aware you can swap if you want. But last time I checked, you didn't get the option when installing.)"

Ubuntu = Gnome

Kubuntu = KDE

It's quite clearly stated on the front page of the Ubuntu website, Ubuntu Editions on the right hand side if you're having difficulty seeing it. It's not hard, don't like one Ubuntu version because it has Gnome? Download the other instead. Keeps everything to a single CD not a big bloated DVD full of stuff you might not need like some distros and if you want something that's not preinstalled, the very simple package manager will download just those items you're interested in quickly.

El Reg celebrates 10th birthday

Alex Cooper

Happy Birthday!

Congratulations to the guys and fine looking ladies @ The Register :) Thanks for some very entertaining and informative articles over the years.....

Keep up the hard (drunken?) work and have a great weekend celebrating, i'll expect even more hungover typos than usual in the articles ;)

Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

Alex Cooper

"We deal with cases on an individual basis"

And then promptly lose them.........

Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS

Alex Cooper


Thought everyone knew about the SMS service in the afterlife, Spooky Messaging Service.

Just try replying to one though, you don't have a ghost of a chance.

Arthur C. Clarke dead at 90

Alex Cooper


Hearing this news really came as a shock, he has always been around and been such a great contributer to science fiction and making people think. Sad to see he has passed away. Best wishes to his family and my thoughts are with them. Arthur, thanks for everything!

MS axes Xbox 360 HD DVD drive

Alex Cooper

BluRay on Xbox 360

If they can produce an add on BR drive for a reasonable price then it would make business sense to do so. If BR becomes very popular then they will wish to try and stop people from getting a PS3 instead to watch movies on and sticking to the 360. If it's cheap, around the £100 mark it makes more sense to do this than get another console, or, a dedicated standalone player.

Sarko calls for global Mars exploration gig

Alex Cooper


Maybe they could get Ryanair to help fund a spacecraft to take them there, you know, patch up their differences. I can see the advertising now, grown women dressed as schoolgirls eating Mars bars as a rocket ship goes into the sky in the background.....

Terry Pratchett has Alzheimer's

Alex Cooper

Top Bloke

Just met him the once in a book signing in Liverpool, incredibly nice guy, took time for his fans, and looks cool in his trademark hat ;)

Here's to you Terry, raising a glass of 'Dibbler's Genuine Soggy Mountain Dew' to you, Cheers!

Putin tightens his grip on Russia's internet

Alex Cooper

Internet penetration in Russia grows exponentially

‘Putin tightens his grip on Russia's internet’

So he's tightening his grip and enjoying internet penetration huh? ;)

Chinese lunar orbiter on its way

Alex Cooper

Re: Any answers for conspiracy theorists?

Of course the US flag isn't there, aliens dropped by and took it and sold it on the Alien equivalent of Ebay to some spoilt rich alien kid to have in his bedroom.

I thought everyone knew that?

Chris Pine steps into Kirk's shoes

Alex Cooper

Eric Bana as villain Nero

So......sometime in the future, popular burning software Nero becomes sentient and tries to kill us.

Maybe we need a Rise Of The Software section to go with the Rise Of The Machines, we should be told!!!

Fire service may charge for shifting fat people

Alex Cooper

@Tim Croydon

She has a tiny skirt and you're wondering why she gets special treatment??? ;o)

Porn-star cop's job not saved by First Amendment

Alex Cooper

Changing his ways?

Maybe if he promised to change his ways by reading the Holy Dible everyday and becoming a Porn Again Christian, could it be his second coming?

No? Right.....i'll be off then....

Discovery of musician on YouTube triggers loss of faith in American Dream and interests

Alex Cooper

Lies.....Damn Lies.....

......then there's Marketing.........

Second Life will dwarf the web in ten years

Alex Cooper

"hundreds of millions" of servers

SL has enough problems with it's servers now, better move it out of California then, home of power cuts/shortages and not to mention earthquakes.........

Fans left guessing over Samsung 'designer' phone

Alex Cooper

Re: Blimey!

"The Samsung representative was unable to confirm any of the SGH-P520’s technical specifications to us"

Who said it does or doesn't have 3G? The specs are not confirmed one way or the other in this article. Are you assuming it doesn't? Based on what?

Why would anybody complain by saying it is not being bashed for not having 3G when you haven't got a clue if it has or not? That's just plain stupidity.

Try reading the article before saying ridiculous comments.

Space shuttle crashes in Alabama

Alex Cooper


Interesting story, sure the headline was a bit misleading but get over it, made me look at it!