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You didn't get the MeMO? Asus Pad 7 Android tab is ... not bad



Presumably some things have to be compiled especially for intel chips?

Is there a definitive list of what can be run and what can't be on Intel Android devices? Since the review didn't even mention it.

UK mulls ban on tiny mobiles to block prison smugglers


Actually looks like a useful phone

Does anyone have a link?

The Old Reader evicts Google Reader refugees


selfoss - the soloution I fell upon.

After trying all the Google Reader alternatives and not liking *any* I stumbled across selfoss, it's a ridicously easy-to-set-up RSS reader that you host yourself.

Stuck it on the Raspberry pi, got myself a free .tk domain name and that's it.

I seriously recommend you try it if you're still stuck for a Reader alternative.


Review: HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook


Re: Why?

It's simple to use, your grandma could work it out. No windows tax makes it cheap.

Sony investor wants to break up firm, re-invest in hardware biz


Makes Sense

Hardware is what they are good at...

Usually it's the software side of things that let their products down.

BitTorrent offers file sync tool for PCs and NAS


Re: Fascinating what people will go through to avoid IPv6

This is so true it hurts.

The solution to this particular problem has been with us for years.

Gigabyte bats Brix at Intel's tiny NUC PC


Re: How much !

... How much are we talking about? I can't see a price.

Google goes on the Blink in WebKit fork FURORE


Re: Opera


Pretty much every mention of browser and there's a smug Opera user who'll (correctly) point out that it was in their browser first.

Firefox: Use new stealth window to satisfy your wife, suggests Mozilla


Re: Why this is good

...or put facebook there and not have to worry about all sites recording where you've been and reporting back to the facebook hive-mind.

Review: Infiniti M35h hybrid sports saloon



Surely the car's specs and performance should speak for themselves regardless of brand.

I nearly made a comment about which fruity brand of computer you probably buy, but that would be immature.

'SHUT THE F**K UP!' The moment Linus Torvalds ruined a dev's year


Not *just* a screamer

What happens when you get shouted at for actually doing something objectively wrong?

Hard-up Brit bankers bag endless free Wi-Fi during cig breaks


Give wifi to those that need it least.

What's the point of having free wifi here of all places?

Apple confirms Amazon ebooks bendover, EU watchdog drops bone



This is the most objective piece of reporting I've seen from Andrew in a long time.

No opinions, no bias. Just reporting.


Review: Apple Mac Mini 2012


No percentage score?

How can we moan about Apple bias if there's no score?!

A valid use for Windows 8?


My parents...

My folks have got up and running with windows 8 in less time than they got to grips with all previous versions of Windows.

Maybe the tile thing is pretty good and us seasoned and bitter IT types just don't get it yet?

Acer CloudMobile S500 Android phone review


Re: Hmm

depends if expandable memory is a big deal for you or not.

The GPL self-destruct mechanism that is killing Linux


Closed source software can be as rubbish.

I don't think the argument holds water. Show me a bad open source program and I'll show you an equally bad closed source one. Fact is - if it's open source at the very least there's the chance that someone smarter than you can correct your mess.

"but - unfortunately - Linus doesn't scale. Very few projects get to have a Torvalds-like leader."

Yup - this holds true of all software, not just open source.

Mobile operators have another go at killing IM and Skype


whatsapp already does this.

doesn't whatsapp already do this? and it can do this over gsm internet (2g) - unless I've missed something?

Youngster backed by Yoko Ono and Stephen Fry launches 'Summly'


Just don't do it in France

...as google has just found out.

AMD to 'reset' goals: servers, embedded, ultra-low power


Re: Wrong again

I cannot find any ultrathins with a decent AMD chip in. Could you name a few?

the a6 chip isn't as good as a similar priced i5 with integrated gfx. The only thing that's decent is the a10 and I can't find any small thin laptop with it in.

Shame, I'd snap one up in a heartbeat.

Apple iPod Nano 7G review


£129 - 16Gb - lol

Sansa Clip is still the one to get.

No Chinese rescue for bankrupt battery-making golden child A123


Re: Shame@ Spencer

That sounds depressingly true Ledswinger.

My complaint here is as a consumer - wanting some A123 cells, not being able to find a single supplier and ending up getting it shipped from China.



It's quite depressing that their battery tech didn't even make it to the UK before the company went bust.

Sometimes I feel like the UK is a backward country when it comes to tech.

Warner Music daddy chucks €130m at Spotify rival Deezer


Re: And like Spotify, new sign-ups need a Facebook account.

Spotify works fine for me under Wine - but I have a pre-facebook account and I've kept it unlinked.


Facebook login


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


agree with 3ds version

I honestly think that the 3DS version is the best. All the content, better controls and gfx

Asus CEO sounds netbook death knell



But, (and I could be way off the mark here) isn't the ultrabook market not really selling that well either?

And also, with the Trinity APUs surely you'd be able to knock out some pretty cheap and half decent netbooks and still be able to turn a profit?

Seems a bit short-sighted to me...

Drilling into Amazon's tape-killing Glacier cloud archive


Hmm, where do I put all my sensitive data?

Of course! The cloud!!

Sony PlayStation Vita sales crawl


Re: Have smartphone; DS gathering dust

Smartphone (for me) is used to waste time on bus journeys, trains, waiting in a line.

3DS used as Console at home, holiday, etc

Xbox/Wii gathering dust.

TSMC doles out $1.4bn to buy Moore's Law breathing space


Now we need good design.

It looks like the shrinking process is getting a bit pricey these days. So why not channel some resources to making more efficient designs.

Things like:


Better compilers to take advantage of GPUs

More instructions per cycle

etc etc...

There are still massive bottlenecks happening in even normal day to day computer operations, so why not tackle them next?

Sony slides expose saucy Xperia slate


Re: New Meaningful Register Units of Battery Capacity Needed

They probably just relayed what was in the press release.

@Thad - not sure if you're joking or not, but mAh is a decent indicator of battery life.

Sony Xperia Go waterproof Android phone review


Re: Well

You get more control as default, like you can choose your keyboard software, the browser you want, the sms app, email client etc. You can store stuff on SD cards like movies, music etc without specialist software also which is always nice. And then if you want more control you can root the phone for superuser access fairly easily because all Sony Phones come with an unlocked bootloader, but that's more if you want to start using your phone for non-phone stuff.

( all of this written off the top of my head, happy to be corrected. )


Re: burnt by the Xperia Play fiasco

ICS update on my Mini Pro 512Mb device is fine.

Took forever to get the update though.


Quite tempted...

Quite tempted by this - the screen resolution sounds a bit rubbish, but the idea of a rugged and *small* phone with smartphone features is pretty compelling.

I'm using a phone with a HW keyboard at the moment, but honestly swiftkey has got to the point where it's pretty usable as the main input device!

If there's a way to get it for <£200 then I'm on it!

Google snaps bird's eye view of Olympic Village


Re: 45 degree views

Agree, this article might have made some sort comment about how this stuff is already available on rival maps services.

I know theReg isn't the BBC, but still....

Google makes Opera bloggers an offer they can't refuse: Use Chrome


Web standards

If this is being done deliberately, this won't end well. Users won't have it, and it'll inevitably create a load of ill will and bad press.

Orange San Diego Intel-based Android phone


Glad to see a competitor to ARM

...this will make them raise their game. Think how fast mobile chips (MIPS,ARM) have come on without serious competition already!

Blighty's new anti-bribe law will do more HARM than good



In some places things just get done differently.

But yes - sod the Olympics.

AMD crashes Windows 8 tablet party with ultrathin hybrid


Dates and Products please!

An affordable small laptop with decent battery life, screen and price point seems like an obvious winner to me.

This is what happened with the original Brazos, but once the laptops finally started coming out no one in the media seemed to care or even bother reviewing them.

Would be nice to hear some solid dates and products soon pls

Ultrabooks: objects of desire but just too darn expensive


Re: Stating the obvious

I just hope there's not a painfully long wait like with the Brazos netbook chippery.

...and then once they arrived no one took any notice of them, despite most of them being of a decent spec for not much monies.

Hands on with the Intel-powered Orange San Diego


Re: ARM emulator

I think you're broadly right. I've used android on x86 before and most apps work (because they're written in Java and interpreted).

I think the article could have explained that part a bit better.

Anyway - seems like a good phone for the money. And android on x86 is pretty nippy so I'll be watching this space with great interest - If the battery is half decent then you have a phone that can also be plugged into an HDMI and used as a proper x86 with a proper OS.

...that's the dream anyway!




If there was an article over 5 pages - and you wanted to get the whole thing for reading later. Could this app do it?

VIA outs $49 Raspberry Pi-alike



does it have one?



Re: Forgot to mention.....

My point was that the review does not mention that you *have* to register. Surely that's something worth knowing?

Fair point on the exporting.


Forgot to mention.....

that you have to register for an evernote account. Which is why I won't use it.

Also I hear it's non trivial to export notes into something useful - you know, keep and store the data you've created

AMD: New Trinity laptop chips out-juice Intel graphics


Re: @spencer

My mistake - I was looking at 11" screens - please disregard!


Re: @spencer

I can't find anything with a 13" screen with >=900 vertical pixels. Could you link me?


Re: What is the point?

What would you call a toys-r-us screen? The previous mobile chips AMD released for netbooks (brazos) usually had screens that are the same resolution as ultrabooks.


Re: upto

I'm sure the claims are overstated, they always are, regardless of which manufacturer makes them.

....But also it's pretty daft to make these sort of comments when you haven't even tried the hardware yourself, which I'm guessing you haven't because it's not been released yet.

Google Drive Issues on Mac


Re: Trolling is the new form of reporting and reviewing!

Joke is on him then, I can't see any ads on the forum pages...