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Fantasy Premier League falls over

Brian Witham

Getting ready for this season's banter....

Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

'Plastic surgeon' cuffed for in bar boob checks

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Paris Hilton

oh well

I guess I should've known someone would beat me to the TSA reference. At least if they were the pervotron operator they could get a near fix and be unseen doing it...

Paris because ... well I suspect she'll always need secondary screening when not in a private jet.

Virgin demands ISPs end broadband speed 'con'

Brian Witham

Whoah @AC 1039

Steady there lad... lest a crazy judge decide that is menacing and we see you prosecuted under s.127 Communications Act.

Crap! I was playing flight simulator and just blew up.. I'd better get my shit together.

Perhaps the reg better start auto "joke alert"ing posts?

Vodafone moves 360 goalposts

Brian Witham


I vaguely recall that Vodafone's contract has a clause that says the phone is separate from your contract. I believe they did this to try and weasel out of warranty issues...

If the phone is not part of the rental agreement, and is therefore YOURS, doesn't that mean they have no right to infect your phone with something irremovable.

I suspect that such logic would only apply to phones that didn't have the crapware to begin with though

US legalizes jailbroken iPhones

Brian Witham

Ah indeed

I often wonder if those who do this sort of spin actually start believing their own bullshit...

Autopsy on wacky Jacqui's ID astroturfing

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Oh dear

If we hadn't been spending this on websites, maybe we wouldn't have cut backs on loan guarantees of £80m for useful stuff like Forgemasters - projects that benefit British industry etc etc...

Steve Ballmer defaces fanboi MacBook

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I'd have asked him to do something else

I may just be me but I'd have asked if he could've brought back Flight Simulator...

Vodafone struggles to get iPhones out

Brian Witham

Hate not to complain bit

Got my phone on the day promised albeit an hour later than expected - toying with it right now in fact. Hmm no sideways thumb icon.

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala bares fangs at Windows 7

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Upgraded on my netbook and it is wonderful... using it right now, sadly too early for battery life testing and so forth but I'm one happy chappy. I may even get rid of the xp partition soon.

Guardian gagged over Commons question

Brian Witham

I forsee

I forsee another "Downfall" parody clip brewing...

O2 could impose out-of-contract iPhone lock-in

Brian Witham

Let us stroke the invisible hand

Or we could of course put our faith in the market place.

Now that we are seeing some competition - which should have been there from day one. All it will take is one network offering official unlocks and it will happen - o2 would suffer.

Of course this assumes rational people (not bloody likely) and non - cartel. So the usual economic assumptions with the usual pitfalls

Sim-free Palm Pré pre-orders tip up in UK

Brian Witham

It's a red herring

Sim Free is meaningless when it's not Network Restriction free

A pox on 02!

HTC readies radical Touch HD revamp

Brian Witham

I think I speak for everyone when

I ask the following cliche...

Will it have a normal headphone socket!?

Ah satisfying, roll on android, my time with you win mo will be over soon

O2 just can't keep it up

Brian Witham

Touching Wood

Hate to tempt fate here but Vodafone's data network has never given me anygrief - in fact only windows mobile has. No iphone for me until I can use it on ANY network I damn well please

Apple blogger legally unlocks iPhone

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Title? Gawkkk!

Well I'm glad to hear that I can pick one up in Aus when I head out. And I'm also glad to hear people have no trouble when they bring it home

iPhone makes eyes at T-Mobile and Orange

Brian Witham

Well it must be up to me

To point out the silly statement about oranges and apples - together at last

Ok ok I'm leaving now

Linux patch sidesteps Microsoft's TomTom patent

Brian Witham

Oh the joys

What makes me laugh is how Microsoft's Modus Operandi of getting behind someone to stab them in the back has always remained constant - and yet we still fall for it. One day government will force this company to commit to open standards so we don't have to play their games..

Sorry, just woke up

Pirate Bay sells out to Swedish software firm for $7.7m

Brian Witham

Well, they have seen the road ahead...

It could be a wild stab here but maybe since the appeal isn't going so well they realised the entire legal system and not just one corrupt judge in the initial trial doesn't understand their defence. When the road ahead is so clearly leading to destruction they've taken the sensible approach - find some sucker and bail out now.

I await the days when true freedom comes, when we don't need sites like TPB becasue the entertainment industry stops raping the consumer with region coding, price discrimination and price exploitation.

If they let go of old marketing, embrace the low marginal cost of digital media and give legitamate users the freedom to use the media they've bought - the freetards will be manageable. Acceptance that people will breach copyright - and adjusting to support the "right" way is the only long term strategy.

You strike this one down and another will grow back - must like the damn weeds in the garden - time to get the flamethrower out

US lawmakers call for AppleT&T probe

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Sound thoughts from Washington?

Someone tell me that I'm not dreaming but I do believe that they are suggesting something to protect the consumer? Would our european overlords look into this as well? I for one would like to have a camera in the room when an o2 exec is told the iphone must be allowed on any network without outrageous penalties...

Microsoft fans call for Opera boycott

Brian Witham
Gates Horns


But that's a major point - you CAN uninstall Opera without harming your system! Where's the irony button?

Conservative US shock-jock to sue Wacky Jacqui

Brian Witham

Not on the List

So why was Abu Hamza et al let in? This guy may be a right wing nut job but I don't think he's advocated blowing us up anytime soon...