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WWII HERO PIGEON crypto message STUMPS GCHQ boffins

Martyn Collis

why dont they just find the other copy of the message in the archives?

or am I the only one who spotted that there is a second copy of the message sent from the pictures of the message?

Space shuttle to slip surly bonds of Earth one last time over California

Martyn Collis

Why dont they just auto-pilot one of these into space and "park it" near to the ISS, that way if anything ever goes wrong on it the naughts can get home quickly instead of waiting for an emergency craft to be sent up, they could even rig a remote pilot system to it and use it for any type of space emergency.

Mine is the one with the patten application for an un-unique good idea

Production electric motorcycle breaks 100 mile range

Martyn Collis

Actually, the restriction for an L-Plate bike is 125CC or less.

My old 125 could do 80Mph and was perfectly legal on L plates.

This is certainly going to kill someone unless they have a megaphone on board playing a recording of a loud pipe all the time.

Tesco Internet Phone rings off the hook

Martyn Collis

TIP going?

Not that I use it much these days but it has been great when I have family travelling and wanting to speak to them for next to nothing especially given the fact that it only cost 2p per min to call anywhere in the world+dog.

I wonder if tesco or someone will release a firmware update for all the Tesco Internet Phones to jailbreak them to work on any network/service as I have one of the IPA Adaptors for a conventional handset and a wireless usb phone that I actually like and wish would work perfectly with skype.

oh well, tesco should give EVERYONE who has bought one of these a refund as they are pretty much useless now and i know of no-other way to use any other service with them other than tesco service.

Virgin Media pilots 200Mbit service

Martyn Collis

Upto speeds

If it's upto 20MB/s or 200MB/s then why not follow the example of penny arcade... linky to follow:


Pirate... cause VM are just a bunch of them really.


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