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Google Chrome extension bars domains from search results

Scott Harman

Finally I get to block experts-exchange!

Anyone else get tired of their results popping up in search results, or is it just me?

Car-prang secretary bites off boss's todger

Scott Harman
Paris Hilton

News of the Weird

Love the picture in the metro story... subtitled "What a couple having an affair in a car might look like "


I wonder if that was shot in their carpark or if the range of images on stock photo websites is much more top-shelf than I gave them credit for?

Code generator card fights fraud

Scott Harman

Solutions already in place?

ASB in NZ has been making RSA secureid tokens available for nominal cost for quite a while now, but have enhanced their challenge/response system for large value xfers to all cellphone support.

I would imagine that if successful (and it does work very well from my experience) they'd be able to deploy similar systems elsewhere.

What are the odds of you not noticing that your cellphone had been stolen?

It's a cheap and easy fix and works around the more obvious problems in CNP fraud - but still can't deal with the more expensive aspects (which the banks can't afford to worry about)

Aaaagh, there's a thumb in my USB port!

Scott Harman
Dead Vulture

various digits?

Looking at indestructables.com - there are lots of instructions there

was considering making the full suite :D

but then I found the mouse mouse - taxidermy and diy in one!

Alleged Kiwi botnet mastermind in court

Scott Harman

Botmaster in Whitianga?

Crikey - I was there a week ago - I had enough trouble getting a cellphone signal let alone access to the net!

Boffins to UK.gov: Don't muck around with science teaching

Scott Harman

Mmmm things that make you go ...b0oom..m

ah science - those were the days, lithium, sodium, gunpowder - can't really remember much else!